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14-4-2011 - Update and painful news DissapointedMy mood while writing this blog:

Hello ladies, I went to see the OB doctor today, when i got there i sign and and sat in the waiting room, i was call to give an urine sample and I once i did it i went back to the waiting room I sat there for a couple of minutes and then my name was call, I was taken into the room where the Nurse gave me and gown to put on, I got undressed and I put my gown on and waited for the doctor 5 minutes later he came in into the Room, He sat down and ask me a couple of questions, about previous pregnancies and health problems and all the good stuff.

Then I proceed to ask him the question I have been trying to search in the Internet, I ask him what were my chances of having an ectopic pregnancy He sadly reply like %80 percent..I was speechless and my heart sank cuz i though my chances were a lot of less, but he said with the kind of tubal ligation I have that its the percentage so yes ladies Just a 20% of a normal and successful pregnancy even tho I felt sure that i was ready to have no more kids 5 months ago and i didn't have no regrets, once i found out I was expecting again I felt in love with the Idea of bringing another baby into this world, My world was crush and even tho i remain hopeful and I have faith, I'm getting ready for the worst. I know God made miracles my pregnancy itself its one, But i have to be realistic I can't sugar coat this situation anymore and it breaks my heart cuz i know there's a part of me and my husband growing somewhere in my body and probably in a few days or weeks he/she will be gone! I will be left probably with less chances of ever getting pregnant, if the ectopic advanced far enough i may lose my tubes and even face an hysterectomy. even when i have my tubes tied I always wonder the possibility of having a tubal reversal if i ever change my mind in the future and I don't know how this will turn out! I believe God will either give me the chance to bring another life into this world or he will take the possibility of bringing someone into this world ever again, tomorrow I will have the numbers of my beta HCG and I'm not looking forward to it ,this may be a short and painful journey, keep me in ur prayers!!

I need to go back on monday for more blood drawn and tuesday for ultrasound

I FOUND THIS ONLINE AND IT GAVE ME MORE HOPE THE DOCTOR DESTROYED OR MY HOPES UGH Conception after previous tubal ligation increases a women's risk of developing ectopic pregnancies. Thirty-five to 50% of patients who conceive after a tubal ligation are reported to experience an ectopic pregnancy. Failure after bipolar tubal cautery is more likely to result in ectopic pregnancy than occlusion using suture, rings, or clips. Failure is attributed to fistula formation that allows sperm passage. Ectopic pregnancies following tubal sterilizations usually occur 2 or more years after sterilization, rather than immediately after. In the first year, only about 6% of sterilization failures result in ectopic pregnancy.

5 Comments on Update and painful news

Pocahontas - Monday, 18 Apr
Wow 6 kids and at your age. You are one brave young lady. I hope there won't be bad news and that an ectopic will be ruled out. If it is an ectopic you may lose a tube depending on how far the pregnancy is. However, ectopic pregnancy is VERY painful from what I understand and you are not mentioning any severe pain..... Look after yourself and as you say, if you were meant to have another baby then God will let it be so. - L

liz82 - Friday, 15 Apr
god can work mirclaes dont lose faith i will keep you and your unborn baby in my prayers

SuperHeroMom - Thursday, 14 Apr
CONGRATS ON THE PREGNANCY! I will keep you and the baby in my prayers! I pray that you have happy and healthy 9 months!!

mum to twins x2 - Thursday, 14 Apr
so sorry to hear that but there is still a chance. when will they know if its eptopic or not? is there not something they can do to find out now? thinking of you and keeping faith x

bananikka - Thursday, 14 Apr
*a ray of hope*
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