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13-10-2011 - Who uses LH Test Strips? EmbarassedMy mood while writing this blog:

I've been using the LH test strips for a couple weeks now, and I barely see my control line, and never any other line. I was starting to think I will never ovulate and I have always been so concerned about going over the "max" line. It only ever gives me like 1/4 inch for dipping. It just occured to me today that I may actually be using these things UPSIDE down. Do you dip the LH blue strip in the pee? I have been holding that side and dipping the other side upto the max line. It seems that it would make sense to have a small thumb part for holding and dip the rest. The reason I am thinking I may have been doing it wrong is I saw some people showing their LH test strip photos and I saw obvious yellow urine on the part that I have never dipped. I am so embarassed. Please someone fill me in so I don't keep wasting these strips. They came with no instructions.

HA same question on Early Preg Test Strips. Do you dip the blue strip or hold that part? I may be using these wrong, too... ?????

5 Comments on Who uses LH Test Strips?

Lorimac75 - Wednesday, 26 Oct
Just reading this now, so response is a bit late...When I was ttc my 1st I bought tons of those cheap .99 opks strips from Early Pregnancy Tests.com. I never, not even once got a positive on them. After 1 year of ttc I went to a Fertility Specialist who confirmed I was ovulating & not to pay attention to the strips. He suggested just temping & charting. But that never really worked for me either. I would bring him my charts and he would confirm I o'd right around the 15th day of my cycle based on my charts. Fast forward 6 more months, I got sick of the temping & decided to splurge on the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. The first month I used it it said I o'd on like the 17th day of my cycle. I thought that sounded too late and was ready to chuck the monitor too but gave it another try & lo & behold got my first BFP! I've used it since then, but to prevent pregnancy (as soon as the strips start getting darker, we used protection) & it's always spot on. I am now pregnant with my 4th & I swear by it. Best investment ever. Also want to mention that the month before I got my 1st BFP I did 7 days of the Master Cleanser Detox Fast. Not usre if that had anything to do with my getting preggo, but thought I'd mention it. You don't seem to have trouble getting pg, but I had read somewhere that your body spends so much of it's energy digesting the crappy food you eat that it will "ignore" problems in your body's 'non-essential to living' problems ie reproduction system. Does that make any sense? So I thought that if I fast, I am giving my body a chance to repair anything that might be wrong with my reproductive system. At that point I was willing to try anything!

kathy24 - Friday, 14 Oct
I have gotten a postive reading every month I used them but I don't get much of a reading or nothing shows up till the day before ovulation and then its just barley blue the next day its always dark blue. I didn't get good results with the dollar tree or dollar store brands I had to pay extra and get a good name brand for them to work and it did work I'm 32 weeks pregnant now.

HappyMama (Jen) - Thursday, 13 Oct
You asked about what IC strips were good. I used the Wondfo brand from Amazon. I got 40 OPK's and 10 HPT's for just under $10. If you sign up for Amazon Mom, you can get free shipping. This past cycle I splurged and bought the Clearblue digital OPK's. I used one in the morning, then the IC in the early evening. As I was getting closer to ovulation, I used more of the cheapies (and didn't feel bad about it since they were so cheap!). Good luck!

katiejl - Thursday, 13 Oct
You're doing it right! you hold the blue strip and just like LukeMommy said... just a little dip. Fx for a positive for you!!

LukesMommy08 - Thursday, 13 Oct
Hold the blue part. :) You don't dip much of the strip at all. I feel your pain though Hun..I've never gotten a pos one either. GL ans FX that you'll soon get a positive one!!
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