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03-3-2009 - Doctor\'s appt :( a little scaredMy mood while writing this blog:
a little scared

I went to my doctor's appt today for my yearly physical. I asked her about my mid cycle bleeding this month and she is sending me for an ultrasound to see what is going on. I have never felt the same since the birth of my DD 18 months ago. My lower stomach ache's quite frequently and can get really painful when I ovulate. Today when she did the internal and pressed on my uterus it was very sore as I am sure I ovulated yesterday. She said I am way too sore for this to normal and wants to check it out. She is also going to send me for a lot of blood work as I am still producing milk and I haven't breastfed in 8 months. She said it sounds like my hormones are all out of wack and they could make it really difficult to get pregnant again! She is checking my Prolactin, LH, Testosterone, FSH, and much more! Glad to have this done! I ovulated yesterday and i am hoping baby two was concieved! I don't have my ultrasound appt yet, the receptionist said she would call and let me know when it is. I will keep you all posted!

5 Comments on Doctor\'s appt :(

mommy22girls - Wednesday, 4 Mar
Thank god you had your annual. Hopefully those hormones aren't too our of wack and you'll get a bfp this month. Let me know how everything goes. I have similar symptoms as you since having my little girl and I'd like to hear what your doc says.

mybitty7307 - Tuesday, 3 Mar
Think yourself lucky you had your annual when you did! Now if there is a problem you'll be well on the way to taking care of it. You may have waited overlooking the mid cycle bleeding, and not went to the doc at all- or for a while. On the other hand maybe your next appt. will be for a lucky bfp! Either way- wish ya the best!

~ I luv my boyz ~ - Tuesday, 3 Mar
Yeah hormones blow hun im having lots of problems too heres to a bfp this month!!!

roosa - Tuesday, 3 Mar
I know it is scary, but I am glad you seem to be in good hands and that your doctor is getting lots of testing done. We seem to be at the same stage - getting the tests done. I just got my 21 day results back and I do ovulate. Now I need to wait for day 3 of my next cycle and have all the rest tested. Like you my cycles have never returned to normal. Hopefully we will both get our answers and that BFP soon.


mommie-2-2 - Tuesday, 3 Mar
I have my fingers crossed for you!! I'm hoping your hormones are fine and maybe your just sore from ovulating.... or your bowels!!! Lots of baby glitter this month!
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