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14-4-2009 - Doctor's appointment okMy mood while writing this blog:

I had my doctor's appointment today and it went as I expected, but good. I am having another ultrasound on Thursday to make sure that absolutely everything is out of my system, and she said they will check my lining to make sure that it is getting thicker again. She also wants to make sure that there is absolutely nothing as far as cysts, polyps, etc to have caused my mid cycle bleeding in Feb before I ovulated and the pain I feel when she pushed during my internal. She is very thorough and I am greatful.

My beta's the monday before I m/c was 682. The next week on wednesday I found out today they were done to 15. So today just about a week later again I am thinking they are probably very close to 0. This makes me happy because I am hoping to 0 somewhat close to my regular time or within a week late, and if I don't get PG then hopefully it will allow my AF to come not much later.

She gave us the go ahead to start trying again, She said that we could wait a month, but there was no physical reason to not get PG again right away. The only problem is that she forgot that I am RH - and I need aWhinRo shot. Her face looked shocked when I asked about it because she said she completely forgot that I was neg. She is going to call and get the shot sent to her clinic ASAP so I can get it done. I need to wait to try until after this is done or the antibodies could attack the next baby and cause another miscarriage. Hopefully we will get it ASAP.

So far that is the update on my situation. I will update again after my ultrasound on thursday. Hope everyone is having a great day! Baby dust!!!

3 Comments on Doctor's appointment

mommie-2-2 - Tuesday, 14 Apr
Sounds like everything is right on track...... Now start baby dancing!!!!! So many women on here get pregnant right away after a miscarriage!! Got my fingers crossed for ya. Go spermies go...... :)

~ I luv my boyz ~ - Tuesday, 14 Apr
That is great news I hope the hcg is five or under and you can ttc asap and join me!!!

erose - Tuesday, 14 Apr
i am rh - to, when i try agen will i need to be awhere of n e thin as the 1st ones are ok aint they.. its wen u have ur 2nd etc xxx
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