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12-5-2009 - Rough day sadMy mood while writing this blog:

My grandmother passed away today at 4:00. I will miss her so very much. She was a very caring and wonderful person and I enjoyed spending so much time with her. She was my side kick when I would go shopping at Wal-mart! I am saddened by the pain she has had to endure over the past month as she had liver cancer and it was a tough battle at the end, however I know that she has looked forward to meeting Jesus and seeing what he looks like and now she is also reunited with my Grandfather who passed away five years ago. What a beautiful reunion it must have been in heaven today. My grandmother also had two miscarriages and I think how wonderful it must have been for her to hold her babies. We never told her I was pregnant before she passed as it would have made her sad to know she would not be here to see this baby born. Now she knows, and she can also see the baby I have in Heaven.

Love you Grandma and miss you forever! Give Grandpa a kiss for me!

6 Comments on Rough day

roosa - Wednesday, 13 May
Sending you love and strength during this time. Hugs, Karin

mommie-2-2 - Wednesday, 13 May
I'm so sorry! I'm sending you comfort!

RubyLove - Wednesday, 13 May
I'm so sorry to hear this, my condolences. ur right though, be comforted knowing that she is with her soulmate now and also looking out for your baby up there. stay strong God bless.

mommy22girls - Wednesday, 13 May
Oh Hun, I am so sorry for your loss. ((hugs))

DiandClover - Wednesday, 13 May
Hun, I am so sorry to hear this... it is a beautiful thought to think of our loved ones reuniting in heaven, very comforting. Now you have another sweet guardian angel to watch over you and the baby. ((hug))

MommyOf3But4ToBe (*PINK*) - Tuesday, 12 May
I am so so sorry to hear that your gramma passed away... We call my gramma Sugar, maybe when you say a prayer tonight before bed, you can have her look up my gramma... she passed away last september 2 days after my moms birthday.... this mothers day was very hard for me, and i often find myself wanting to ask her questions only to remember that she is no longer with me in body, but now in spirit. My grandma got to see all of my kids, and my older cousins two boys, but never got to see my younger cousins daughter, i know that it made them both sad as when we found out she was expecting, my grams was doing great. It happened way too quick, and im still trying to process all of it... sorry for writing you a book, but know i am here for you and will pray for you and your family, and who knows... maybe our grandmas can sit down and show off all the beautiful babies from our families... :o) Take care fo yourself hun....
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