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23-5-2009 - Happy Birthday Sebastian... and Happy Six Weeks Pregnant to Me :) Happy!!My mood while writing this blog:

Hellooooo Lovely Ladies! Well, this time last year I was getting wheeled into the OR prep room for my C-Section. I would meet the little boy who would change my world at 9:07 AM Nfld time.

Natural delivery was not an option as I had a major back injury at the time that would not allow me to push. I must be one of the few pregnant women to have had an epidural in place for 76 days before her baby was born! lol... looking back now it's like a dream - all the bad memories of the hospital stay instantly went away the moment I saw his perfect face. Sebastian Gerald John made his stubborn side known right away in the NICU - pushing himself up on his left arm so that he could pull his feeding tube out with his right hand! He much preferred to be bottle fed what I had pumped for him... directly breast feeding was not an option as his lungs just were not up to the task of being disconnected from his oxygen supply long enough to latch and feed. He grew stronger everyday, and kept the wonderful NICU nurses rather busy when mommy/daddy were not able to be there...he liked to be cuddled quite a bit! Three long weeks later, our little man was allowed to come home - June 13, the second best day of my life, the day we began our life as a family in our own home.

FAST FORWARD to today. You would never say Sebastian had a rough start. He weighs a solid 25 pounds, He's 31 inches tall, and he has been walking for a month now. He's been chatty since six months, preferring to say da da, cat, look ('ook!') and mumma. He'll throw in a surprise new word from time to time... this week after making a mess in his diaper it was poooooo poooooooo... then as he was getting changed it was 'UCK'! ... I hope he was trying to say 'yuck' and nothing else!... but yes Sebastian, it was poo poo, and it was uck, but I'll clean it up without complaint! ;)

So as I type, little man has just gone down for his nap... I am happily brooding his little brother or sister, and thankfully I am 6 weeks along today. That feels like a major milestone for me, as so far, despite the odd way this pregnancy began, it has been going perfectly (knocking wood!). I have the standard symptoms of being tired and tender, and I can smell an odor a mile away... especially garlic! (UCK!) but other than that, I feel awesome! My next appointment and beta hCG test is June 8, and I will of course keep you all posted on how that goes :)

Last minute prep to do for Sebastian's Thomas The Train birthday BBQ party!!

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! Happy Memorial Day to my American friends, I wished it a week early last weekend - oops! - so I'll say it again!

LOADS of ~BABY DUST~ for my TTC friends, Cheers and tummy rubs to all the mom's to be, *Patience Dust* to any moms chasing toddlers at Wal-Mart today - they can make us crazy sometimes, but wow, how much we love them!!

Love, Diane, Sweet Pea and the BIRTHDAY BOY: SEBASTIAN! xo

16 Comments on Happy Birthday Sebastian... and Happy Six Weeks Pregnant to Me :)

LillBitt75 - Sunday, 24 May
Great post Diane, thanks for sharing! Hope your little guy has an awesome 1st birthday and here's to another 6 weeks to you to get you out of the that dreaded first trimester and on to the "honeymoon" trimester!!! :)

MrsMommy2 - Saturday, 23 May
Aww 1st birthdays are the best! Happy Birthday Sebastian!!! And congrats on being 6 weeks to you as well!

nursemommy3 - Saturday, 23 May
Happy Birthday Sebastian and happy 6wk birthday little pea! Have a great weekend guys

ink-a-belle - Saturday, 23 May
To Sebastian...

˜”*°•.˜”*°•. ˜”*°• ❤ •°*”˜ .•°*”˜.•°*”˜
.**♥******♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥******♥**.
.•°*”˜.•°*”˜.•°*”˜ ❤ ˜”*°•.˜”*°•.˜”*°•.

And congrats on your 6 weeks...heres to many more xxx

jaceyc7 - Saturday, 23 May
happy birthday little one!!!

*dcsfantasticfour - Saturday, 23 May
Major Congrats!!!

RNMom2010 - Saturday, 23 May
Congrats on both your major milestones! Please post birthday party pix!!

ttcbby1 - Saturday, 23 May
Happy 1st Birthday Sebastian! And Happy 6 weeks to yo! YAY! I hope his birthday is awesome filled with lots of laughter and fun (which of course it will be) Take care.. Diane!

kathy=^.^= - Saturday, 23 May
hope he has a good bday party.... and happy 6 weeks to you

momto4 littleangelsnlovinit - Saturday, 23 May
Happy First B/Day Sebastian and many more to come,hope this day brings you all the joy and happiness and don't forget presents that you deserve,congrats on 6 weeks and i hope you all have wonderful day and a terrific holiday weekend.

MummyYumYum - Saturday, 23 May
Happy Birthday Sebastian!!! Happy 6 weeks to you!! I hope you both have a great day!!! XXXXXX

maebeth - Saturday, 23 May
Hi. Happy Birthday to Sebastian. Sounds like a lovely party theme for him. Congrats on the 6 week mark. It always seems more real for me once I hit 6 to 8 week mark. Congrats!

ascurlock - Saturday, 23 May
Happy Birthday Sabastian!! We celebrated our sons 1st birthday on May 5th!!I It was such a fun day to celebrate! Have fun! And congrats on the 6 week mark!!

phoenix8098 - Saturday, 23 May
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SABASTIAN, may he have a WONDERFUL day surrounded with tons of love and happiness from friends and family! It’s amazing how quickly the first year passes, the day of my son’s first birthday I kept recalling what was going on at that certain time a year ago and looking at him trying to remember him so tiny. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones but I have the sudden urge to run into little mans room and scoop him up in a loving embrace but then I risk waking him up ;0).

To bad you don’t live close to PA, the Strasburg railroad has a day out with Thomas the Tank Engine a few times a year, the first event this year is in a couple weeks.

CONGRATS to you, at six weeks of pregnancy the chances of a miscarriage drop even more because little bean’s heart has begun to beat!!!! I’m so happy for you, I wish you nothing but luck and happiness in your belly journey ;0). We find out on Thursday if we’re having a little boy or girl, can’t wait to tell all my favorite ladies!


sarahchihuahua - Saturday, 23 May
Oh and happy 6 weeks pregnant to you too !!

sarahchihuahua - Saturday, 23 May
Happy Birthday Sebastian - Have a lovely day !!!!!!
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