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12-1-2009 - Need Some Help Pickey/ChoosyMy mood while writing this blog:

Ok guys i need some help, Eddie and I are having a hard time chhosing the babies name. I Have chosen Caiden Edward Brown, which gives the baby Daddy's initials. However he does not like Caiden. I have spoke to the baby using that name and the baby responds with strong kicks when i call his name and tell him goodnight and good morning. I feel the baby already knows his name and to change it just isnt fair. I guess i feel we have bonded with the name Caiden and he even responds to when jr calls him Caiden so i truly believe he knows what his name is. Anyways Eddie is gung Ho on Jaylin or Jayden. I like the names but the thought of him maybe discussing that name with his ex disgusts me and I just wont name my child after that. So keeping the Middle name Edward and the First name beginning with a C i need help choosing on some names he has somewhat agreed to......
Corey Edward Brown
***Caiden Edward Brown***
Caleb Edward Brown
I am hoping to get some help and insite on what others think. So thanks for the help...

10 Comments on Need Some Help

aidensmommy - Saturday, 7 Mar
I love the name! My son is Aiden Edward!lol! Great minds think alike! Congrats!

keaden - Friday, 16 Jan
Keep ur name gurl...I like it... tell daddy he's not the one who's carrying him wit all the things dat com along with pregnancy....lol...but I luv caiden....I was gonna name mi 1st baby keaden

Nmp - Tuesday, 13 Jan
We're going with Cortland. Just a thought?????

babyyags - Tuesday, 13 Jan
Carter, Coen, Collin, Cody

lil-lydz - Tuesday, 13 Jan
what about Corban? Or Connor or Carson :)

happyinvention - Tuesday, 13 Jan
Caylan would be a good middle-ground :)

and I am willing to bet your baby would be OK with the name change- it's usually us mummies that get attached to certain names. I called my little girl "Peach" for the first 20 weeks, but hubby absolutely could not bond at all with her when she had that name

after we chose a name we both enjoy he's been much more involved, and the baby seems much more real to him :) yay for that! good luck :) most women just hope their husbands magically pass out during the birth certificate thing :)

ajohnson904 - Monday, 12 Jan
I know how you feel. My baby boy's name is gonna be Caleb :-) and my boyfriend loves the name but he found out his cousin (who he never sees nor talks to) little boy's name is Caleb and I told him I wasn't changing the name, because like you I have already bonded with that name. It didn't take long to convince him not to change it because he was already in love with the name Caleb. But anyhow I really like the name Caiden and obviously I like the name Caleb as well! Those would be my picks!

prettyjojo - Monday, 12 Jan
What about Cameron Edward Brown ????? That has a nice ring to it???

momof3krzyboys - Monday, 12 Jan
i have a friend who just named her son Callan incase you needed more options. Otherwise I like Caleb.

pregolinz - Monday, 12 Jan
I like the name Caiden its to bad you two cant agree on it. I also like the name caleb every little boy I have ever seen with that name is the most adorable boy!!
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