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07-10-2008 - Finally the big scan!! Over the moon and backMy mood while writing this blog:
Over the moon and back

Yeah, yeah yeah, oh so happy.!!! So finally got to see the little one, after backpacking europe, biking, hiking, moving, swimming the works, we went for our 19-20wk anomoly scan!! And all is perfect!!!! Baby wasn't moving much, just laying there, but got some great pictures will put up soon! Saw the little hands and feet and knees and face! What a difference from the 13wk scan eh ladies!! Its our baby now! Was so worried about abnormalities cause my mom lost 3kids at 4, and 7mth pregnant due to spinabifida, so i've been freaking out, but got all my blood work back and i'm low risk for everything. Baby is developing great!!

I'm so happy! Think i'm finally starting to feel the little one as well. Finally!!! This site sucks for reading what other people are feeling, you just sit there sulking, thinking thats not fair! But i'm looking hugely pregnant, still feeling great, only complaint is restless legs and itchy feet, and only after 9pm at night!! so annoying cause that is the time i want to sit down and relax!!

hope you are all ok! We didnt' find out the sex, even though they asked, surprise surprise!

I now feel as though this is all happening, ....i am going to be delivering a baby in feb or early march. I just can't wait to see its face, got some really cute pics that i'll share with you soon!!!



4 Comments on Finally the big scan!!

gemzc - Tuesday, 7 Oct
That is great news that you got a clean bill of health!! I've got my scan on friday and am very excited. I'm impressed you resisted the urge to find out the sex. I on the other hand cannot wait to find out!!!! Like you I'm definately looking very preg these days!!

preggiebelly - Tuesday, 7 Oct
So glad that you didn't give in and find out the sex. I'm afraid that hubbie will give in at the last minute and want to find out.... and I won't be able to tell him no.
Only 6 more days!
And I'm so thankful that you're finally feeling movements. It's pretty incredible huh?
I hear that boy's skeletons develop a little slower than girls so girls can usually be felt sooner?? Who knows if there is any truth to that but if there is- maybe you're having a little boy and I'm having a girl!?
Either way... I'll be thrilled for us both! Keep in touch~ Jamie

prettypenny - Tuesday, 7 Oct
Wonderful news! Now that I know the sex of the baby is sort of ruins the suprise at the end. I think it is really neat when you can keep it a suprise. Medicine has come a long way since your mom lost those babies. Now they know about taking folic acid to pretty much erase most babies with spine bifida (although I still se a lot in my hospital). Horray for you!

i-am-finally-preggo - Tuesday, 7 Oct
Congratulations!! Seems like I'm going to be the last of the week 19ers to have a scan...mine isn't until the 17th. :(

Did you find out the sex?
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