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17-3-2009 - Ladies make way for a new mommy! My heart couldn\'t be any happierMy mood while writing this blog:
My heart couldn\'t be any happier

Ladies i'm here!!!! Oh my have i missed all of you so much, but damn NHS hospitals are not equipped with wireless!

I have briefly looked through your comments but honestly haven't had a second to myself, but thank you all for worrying about me!

So your all waiting and wondering....does it have a penis??

Will put up birth story later, as we just got out the hospital on sunday...but............

I had a wee I mean big BABY GIRL with dark mohawk hair!!!! Georgie Isla Leith was born on March 10th at 12:04pm weighing in at 8lbs 13ounces, after a 36 hour labour!

Girls its a story you don't want to miss!!!
I'll hopefully post it tomorrow!

Georgie is perfect and healthy and were all doing good!!
I'm sure you all know the feeling that i'm feeling, so happy no words can describe.
I can't believe she is here and she just fits i just can't imagine life existed without her!

Congrats to everyone who had there babies...to all the women in our week..was i actually the last one of the group?????? i knew i should of done a baby poll on who would go last, i would of won!!
So we need to work out who won the competition........ i'll get on it girls at some point!

Alrighty birth story will get posted soon ladies and i'll be back on soon!!
Nipple dust to all!


17 Comments on Ladies make way for a new mommy!

alisha2730 - Thursday, 19 Mar
Glad to hear your lil girl (yeah!) made it here. Cant wait to see pics and read the birth story.

daffy - Wednesday, 18 Mar
Congrats on your baby girl!!! Cant ait to see some pictures of her!

knocketup - Wednesday, 18 Mar
Welcome to the mommy club! Congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures! I had a 38 hour labor with my first born and ended up with a csec. I feel your pain! You must be exhausted!

elizabethw - Wednesday, 18 Mar
I'm so happy for you! girls are amazing and so much fun, now that I have two to play with! I hope you are feeling good, can't wait to see and hear details and pictures of your precious Georgie (love the name by the way!)

gemzc - Wednesday, 18 Mar
congrats x

tamara0209 - Wednesday, 18 Mar
Congrats girl i am so happy for you.

jambaby - Tuesday, 17 Mar
Thank goodness I was Super worried, so glad baby is well!

Lonnysgirl - Tuesday, 17 Mar
Congrats !!! So glad to hear you finally had a baby !! ... I was wondering what you had since you were the only one left with me at the end there that didn't know what baby was !! ... Hope she is everything you dreamed of and more and that she is taking it easy on you and letting you get some rest after that long labour !! ... Can't wait to hear the story !!

jimmysbabymama - Tuesday, 17 Mar
Oh congrats hunnie! I had my baby girl the day before you. I've definitely got you beat on size. My little BIG one was 9 lbs 14 oz. She is so perfect! I could never imagine loving anything or anyone more! Congrats again!

stargazer530 - Tuesday, 17 Mar
God it's good to hear from you! I think everyone was asking and worrying about you. COngratulations and I can't wait to see pics and read your story. :)

daffy - Tuesday, 17 Mar
Congrats on your baby girl!!! Cant wait to see the pics!

preggiebelly - Tuesday, 17 Mar
CONGRATULATIONS!! So excited for you! 8 pounds, 13 ounces huh? Wow.... lucky you considering she was so late.
My little Carter was 8 pounds 12 ounces and he was a full week early!
Rest up as much as you can..... this next month will be a bit crazy. Can't believe Carter will be a month old this Thursday and you were due the day after me and have just had your little one! My goodness.
Can't wait to see pictures and read the birth story.... take good care of yourself and Georgie! By the way~ I just adore her name. ~ Jamie

Bonbon81 - Tuesday, 17 Mar
Congrats girl!! We both thought we were having boys and we both had girls...with lots of hair!! I'm so excited for you. 36 hours of labor wow, mine couldnt have been any more perfect. See you in the 0 months forum!!

lilmamaaua - Tuesday, 17 Mar
Oh congrats!!!! A girl!!!!!! I was convinced you we\re having a boy and am usually right! How exciting you must be over the moon!!! Am so delighted that you are finally a Momma!!!!!! Can't wait for the birth story and piccies xxx

Miracle 3 - Tuesday, 17 Mar
Awesome!!! :-) can't wait to hear more...

fallintoautumn - Tuesday, 17 Mar
Congrats!!!!! newborns are precious so welcome to the club of sleepless mommies..soon to make way to where I am-the slightly older babies and part of the 'less' sleep but still not enough club of mommies-lol. Can't wait to read the birth story as I am sure it will be entertaining the way you write.

prettypenny - Tuesday, 17 Mar
Kano, Congrats on your little Georgie!!!! I love her name! Put up pics! Get plenty of rest when you can. We all missed you. I'm so happy that you finally popped. Are your wrists better?
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