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19-11-2008 - update on fall OkMy mood while writing this blog:

update on my fall... I got a call back from my Dr. she made me go into Labor and Delivery. Of course they put me on the monitor...everything looked great for my boy and then my Dr. ordered an Ultrasound. So we waited and waited and finally went in for the u/s. The girl did an entire scan of my tummy and even of my cervix (which is closed and looks good...what she said..) then she leaves the room, after telling me my son's head was measuring big...so I'm like kind of freaking out...that turned out a false measurement because he was so low she couldn't get a good shot of it...anyway the Dr. comes in makes faces at the ultrasound and says 'stop wait...go back over it, yes I see it...' And the whole time I'm like okay somebody tell me what the hell is going on. Well the girl scanning thought she saw a tear in my placenta and he was coming in to confirm it. When he looked though it wasn't what she thought she saw and he said all looked fine to him. If something would be wrong with the placenta he would have been born today. So needless to say I was on edge...They even had to wheel me through the hospital in the bed to get my u/s. First time doing that! 5 hours later I was released. If I feel any pain whatsoever I need to go in right away. Hopefully we'll be fine. Did find out that my Boy is 5 lbs and 5ozs..... right on target!! Now I'm going take a bubble bath then going to bed. I have a Dr. appt. tomorrow and I'm asking her if I can quit working....lol

9 Comments on update on fall

AJCUK - Friday, 21 Nov
You have been through it! Try and take it easy, I know from experience that is harder than it sounds, but it has helped me and thankfully, the contractions are easing, so fingers crossed little man will stay in there a bit longer!

Kara G. - Thursday, 20 Nov
Guess it is a good thing you went in and your mind at peace. Glad to hear you are doing well and baby is weighing in at healthy weight. Take care, Kara

inspired - Thursday, 20 Nov
Thank goodness everything is ok. So scary though. I hate when the doctors and nurses talk about stuff and you are absolutely clueless, they shoudl know better than to do that to preggers.

melanie rae - Thursday, 20 Nov
OMG, I just read where you had fallen. Looks like from your story about the L&D everything seems to be ok. Thank Goodness. I fell down my back step outside early on during my pregnancy. I didn't hit my stomach but as I fell my back raked each part of the steps on the way down. It hurt pretty bad but I wasn't that far along to really be that concerned. It's scary though. I'm glad all is fine with you and the baby! Us preggo women have to be careful. I climb up and down stairs all day at work which is not good. Lately I've resorted to using the elevator more. Just don't want to take the risk and it also helps with the pressure on my feet. By the end of the day everyday, my feet are killing me anyways.

~amy~ - Thursday, 20 Nov
So glad to hear that everything is all right! I just went through a hospital scare and know how you feel!

mamabear0608 - Thursday, 20 Nov
oh my goodness! im so glad you and little babe are okay! Thats deff scary. I hate it when doctors talk in doctor talk. Keep smiling girlie you still have a couple weeks! :)

mrswood - Thursday, 20 Nov
Terribly scary! I hope you can quit working now. I thinks it's time. Also, glad you went in. Better safe then sorry. Hope you sleep well. xoxo

momtotheo - Thursday, 20 Nov
Oh that fall sounded scary!! So glad that you were smart to have everything checked on. The last thing you need is to be worrying about baby! So glad to hear he's just fine.

Mommy2Luke - Thursday, 20 Nov
so happy to hear everything is ok!
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