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20-11-2008 - Measurement confusedMy mood while writing this blog:

Ok... Has anyone's baby's head measured bigger than anything else? Well the hospital sent my Dr. a report saying that my baby had interuterine growth restriction. She said it was a ridiculous report and that it contradicted itself because if that were the case he wouldn't be as big as he is now. She said it's normal for a baby's head to measure big and infact good since it's the first part to come out. She said most babies have big heads when born. So it kind of freaked me out. She did make a good point though, if he did have that, then he wouldn't a lil above average in weight right now. I was just curious if anyone else's baby measured like that. She said his head has always measured a little bigger than the rest of his body. And from looking at all of my u/s pictures, he doesn't look any different from anyone else's that I've seen. God I hate Dr.s who don't know you or your history and then they try to tell your Dr. something "could" be wrong. Trust me my baby is not starved for nutrients, he packs some pretty good punches.... maybe he just has a big head like his dad! Anyway when you all go to bed tonight and say prayers for your little ones....send one up for baby Del just in case! Thanks ladies!!

6 Comments on Measurement

~amy~ - Friday, 21 Nov
My sister's future SIL just had her baby and they told her that the head was going to be huge (going by ultrasound) so they induced her a couple weeks early so she couldn't get any bigger.. well the baby came out with a little tiny head. I wouldnt' put too much stock in what the US tech says.. and if you dr isn't worried than I wouldn't be either! It'll be alright :)

Kara G. - Friday, 21 Nov
I haven't had an ultrasound since July. I should be having one coming up some time soon though. I just forget when. But, I had so many in the beginning since I had had two miscarriages. I'll let you know something after I have my next U/S. Take care for now.

momtotheo - Friday, 21 Nov
Interesting. When I was on bed rest last time they warned me this could happen. But, I had gestational hypertension and in the end Theo's head was not at all large -it was in proportion with the rest of his tiny 3.1 pound body!! If there is no issues with bp for you then, there is no way he's abnormal. You'll have a perfect baby.

mrswood - Friday, 21 Nov
Well, big head big brain! :)

Pregolicious - Friday, 21 Nov
I wouldn't worry if your doctor isn't concerned. My oldest son's head was 15 inches when he was born and they thought that was big but I don't know. Did they say if he had a big head you would have trouble delivery naturally? Maybe that is their concern, you are not a big person to begin with. I think if they were concerned you would have been in there today with them doing more measurements but I think it's probably nothing. You're in my prayers as always!!

Julianna - Thursday, 20 Nov
lol. some baby's just have big noggins. As far as the charts are concerned, Nicholas actually has measured lower in the percentage for his head than anything else, but that doesn't mean anything becuase he was a BIG baby :)
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