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24-11-2008 - Baby Daddy excitedMy mood while writing this blog:

Or as I like to call him, My Husband. For as long as I can remember, each Monday I've been sending Michael the little excerpt from the top of each weeks forum. For example, today I sent him what it says at the top of week 35 so he too can know what baby is doing this week. I always send a little personalized letter to him from baby at the top of the email. "Dear Daddy-O, Can't wait to meet you....and so on..." Well Michael loves these emails and it melts my heart that he looks forward to them. He has saved them all. I think that is so sweet!

Last night, I wasn't talking to him because he made me upset, so he says, "you can't keep me from my son." and he grabs a book, lays in the bed and starts reading to the baby. Well the baby shifts all the way to the right, right next to Michael's cheek and proceeds to move upward towards his face and it literally felt and looked like he was trying to snuggle with his Dad. Michael was like did you feel that? And I couldn't stay mad after that. It was so precious. Even though it was probably the baby's butt....lol I think the baby was trying to get close to his dad's voice.

My Husband did all the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving yesterday because it's his big day and he does ALL the cooking! I'm so excited to have all that food! Feels like it's been forever. I need to come up with a good way to THANK him....any ideas....?!?!?!? I love my GUYS!!!

8 Comments on Baby Daddy

inspired - Wednesday, 26 Nov
How adorable!! You're lucky to have a husband that is that involved! Maybe for thanksgiving you can be his dessert as a little treat later that night. Im sure he would love that!

Hannibaby - Tuesday, 25 Nov
You seem to have a great husband! My heart melts! Maybe its just enough to let him know by words how much you appreciate him! I know that it is what my husband likes!
Wow week 35 you are getting there! How are you doing? Getting excited about meeting your little one?

daniellelovesmesut - Tuesday, 25 Nov
Sex always is a great way to say Thank you... it's free, it is something they always want, it is fun for you, and you don't have to worry about getting pregnant! :) Your story reminded me of when I was pregnant... my hubby would come home and lay his head on my belly and talk to Lilly. Well one day she kicked the crap out of him! It was sooo funny and he loved it! :)

mrswood - Monday, 24 Nov
That is so sweet and precious. Our sons love their Daddy's. My husband is now on his fourth book (Treasure Island) and every time he sits down to read to him he kicks and wiggles. We are lucky to have such good husbands. :)

mysurprise - Monday, 24 Nov
I'm sitting here laughing all by myself...that is the cutest thing I've heard in a long time! As far as a way to thank him...I'm clueless LOL He gave you the gift, you're carrying the gift, I'd say just call a truce (and enjoy your turkey dinner)

MaddoxAndAverysMama - Monday, 24 Nov
aww thats so sweet I wanna puke! but Jake has been doing the same thing... we get all worked up over something and he'll come tell Maddox to tell me he's sorry... then I cry, we hug and its all over.. lol.. men..

Julianna - Monday, 24 Nov
That is so sweet that he was reading to the baby & that they were "cheek to cheek" so to speak :) It must be amazing to have him share in the journey that way!

~amy~ - Monday, 24 Nov
aww that is too cute. My little guy hardly moves during the day and when daddy comes home from work he starts wiggling around and kicking. I think he hears his voice and wants to play!
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