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13-3-2009 - Where does the time go? BoredMy mood while writing this blog:

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE......you get the point! Well Ladies, I'm so back at work it's not even funny! It's been going really well though. No complaints yet. I had originally enrolled Brady in a nursery, but last minute a friend of mine offered to keep him. She's a stay at home mom to a 6 month old. It's been working out, but I think he'll go to the nursery soon though. It's a closer drive, and more dependable. She's an awesome sitter, but she got sick last week and it left me in a bind!

Brady will be 10 weeks this coming Tuesday. He has his 2 month visit on Monday (a little late)! He's getting his shots! He has gotten so big! He's still on the breast. I'm pumping at work and feeding him on the boob in the evening. I'm thankful breastfeeding worked for us. It was sooooo hard in the beginning but now it's so easy and cheap!! He's probably 13 lbs+ He's such a funny little guy and he's a joy to be around. He never fusses! He only fusses on the way home in stop and go traffic. He just does not cry which is awesome! He is still full of excitement though. He makes tons of expressions and he smiles all the time. He loves his mobiles, almost too much.

I can't believe that so much time has passed. I'm so blessed to have a good baby! My husband and I just got our approval letter to buy a house so we've been busy house hunting! We may make a bid at the end of this month. Kind of scarey with the economic crisis going on, but I feel confident this will work for us! I don't get on here too much anymore but I do check in from time to time. I hope all is well with everyone! Oh and last night as I was going to bed, I felt nauseated, the way I felt when I was first pregnant with Brady. I was hoping it was just too much sugar! I don't think I can do another pregnancy this soon. I did however start taking the birth control you can take while breast feeding, but I'm still scared!! Anyway....hope I don't show up in the pregnancy forums again...lol just not this soon!!

4 Comments on Where does the time go?

daniellelovesmesut - Wednesday, 18 Mar
I am soooo happy you guys are doing good!!!

Kara G. - Saturday, 14 Mar
Sounds just like us. Keira only fusses in the car and when she is really tired. But very rarely. She doesn't even fuss to eat. I actually just feed her when I think shes gone too long without eating. She is also such a good baby.

I am glad you guys are doing so well.

mysurprise - Friday, 13 Mar
Glad to hear he's doing so well...I'm dreading going back to work, I don't know how you do it!

momtotheo - Friday, 13 Mar
So thrilled that you and Brady are doing so well! Nice to hear from you. I don't get on here much either. Im jelous that nursing is going so well for you. Lilly has an extreme dairy allergy and couldn't take the dairy that came out of the breast milk. Oh well, if that's all I can complain about...it's a good thing! Take good care.
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