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03-8-2009 - I need some SERIOUS HELP EXHAUSTEDMy mood while writing this blog:

I've lost all hope of ever getting a good nights sleep again. When Brady slept long stretches, I was up all night checking on him and I didn't get much sleep at all. Now that I'm ready to sleep without being so paranoid, he fights his sleep when I try to put him down and he's up all throughout the night. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE! I'm totally at the end of my rope and need sleep. I'm not even on a functioning level, I could fall asleep at any time, I might just get a case of narcolepsy. I've tried feeding him a big bottle with cereal, for bed, it didn't work. I tried stuffing him with his dinner, didn't work. I tried keeping him up longer, playing harder, fewer naps during the day, didn't work. Crying it out method is the worse and I freaking hate the pacifier with a passion. This is why I was so against giving it to him in the beginning and now he's like addicted. If he wakes up and it's not in his mouth and he can't find it to put it back in, he freaks out crying like he needs it or something. I'm at a loss. He's never been a swaddler, he hates blankets or anything that touches his body when he sleeps. I've tried to lower the air and I've tried raise the air nothing works. I tried night pants on him and no he's still up!! So if anyone has some magic advice/ potion please please please share! I'm desperate for sleep even just a few hours uninterrupted! Michael gets up with him and feeds him or puts him back to sleep, but I still hear it all on the monitor and I can't sleep. And let's not even talk about how he wakes up at 3 am and thinks it's time to start the day!! UGH!!! Okay well I'm going to bed now in hopes he sleeps at least until midnight without waking up! Thanks in advance for your help!

11 Comments on I need some SERIOUS HELP

KatnMark3 - Saturday, 15 Aug
P.S. Every mother that has told me they have gone through the same things were also breastfeeding mothers. The bonding is great, and it will be better for them in the long run, but it seems to make the sleeping situation a bit more difficult.

KatnMark3 - Saturday, 15 Aug
My baby doesn't sleep either...but I have been able to do a few things that have made some improvements. First of all...I did everything the books said to do. Nothing worked, so don't feel bad. Anyway...here are a few things that worked. 1. I will not get him out of his crib when he cries. I rub his back and turn on music. Yes, the first few nights were rough, but now I usually only have to go in twice a night.2. I learned that filling him full of cereal didn't make him sleep better! It was worse!!! Its like it gives him a belly ache. Instead I give hom oatmeal at 7. It still holds him over through the night.3. We only half-way cry it out. I let him cry for 5 minutes periodically. I got a video monitor. Sometimes he is reallt still half asleep. If that is the case he is only crying bc he knows I will get him. 4. Make sure its not his teeth. Teething has disrupted our sleeping schedule. I started using teething tablets before bed, and we got back on schedule.5. If you must bring him back to bed, do not hold him. I got one of those square things u put in bed with you so you don't roll over on the baby. This helped the most initially. Every once in a while we have to do this, especially for the sake of not going insane! But by not holding him, he isn't getting the real feel for sleeping with us.I hope these help. I know it has been trial and error for us...not to mention I want to strangle people who brag that their baby slept at 4 weeks- no not really- but it is frustrating!

kara G. - Tuesday, 4 Aug
sweetie...I think it is just a developmental thing. Keira is not sleeping through the night either. She did for the better part of about two weeks when she was 3 mths old and only once in a while since then and very rarely. She wakes also around 4 am and wants to play. I just let daddy take her then. Thank goodness he is so good to help.

trying4babynum1 - Tuesday, 4 Aug
meecob-- those were some good tips..thanks.. do u mind if i post that for other ppl. cause evey1 seems to be having the same baby sleep issues.momm-- thanks for posting this blog! i am going through basically the same thing..my baby is about to be 1 mnth old

LGK616 - Tuesday, 4 Aug
Isabella co-sleeps with me and has from her 2nd month of life. She is 9 1/2 months now. She is breastfed so it was easier for me. She has NEVER slept longer than 3 hours at a time. I will be starting sleep training in September when we are back from our 2 week vacation at the end of the month. Her crib is also beside our bed so when she first goes to sleep at night, I put her in there. But when I go to bed and she wakes up, I take her with me and she's with me all night. She takes her morning nap in her crib but she sleeps with me in the afternoon as I take a nap with her too. I'm against the CIO method as well and my daughter has never taken a soother - she has hated them from day 1. I will be trying the "No Cry Sleep Solution" - the book is great if you can get your hands on it! xox

~amy~ - Tuesday, 4 Aug
I let Joel sleep in his crib beside my bed when he first goes to sleep. Then when he wakes up around midnight I put him in bed with me because he wakes up every two hours to feed or wanting his binky. It is the only way I am able to get ANY sleep at all. Yes it is very tiring waking up every two hours to feed still but at least I'm not having to get him out of bed and do it. I just pull him over and pop the boob in his mouth and I can fall back asleep while he is eating. When they are up so much you have to steal sleep when you can. My time to sleep is while he is eating. Hopefully he grows out of the every two hour thing but for now him sleeping with me is what works for us so I can function a bit during the day.

meecob - Tuesday, 4 Aug
Check out this website...it's got some good tips. http://www.askdrsears.com/html/7/T070300.asp

happyforest - Tuesday, 4 Aug
i also do what danielle does, but i didnt sugget it bc i doesnt sound like something you would do, but if it is, go for it!! i can almost GUARANTEE he will sleep better and so will you! plus who wouldnt like to cuddle with a cute little baby all night and then have to first thing you see when you wake up be a cute little smiling face :)

daniellelovesmesut - Tuesday, 4 Aug
I can already hear everybody telling me I am just asking for it with this but this is how my hubby and I have slept since she was born.... Let Brady sleep with you guys. Even if it is just one night! That way if he wakes up looking for the pacifier you are right there to quickly put it back in his mouth and you both go right back to sleep! Try feeeding him a bottle in the middle of the night... while he is in bed with you... again so you don't have to get up and go in his room. We would have the formula premeasured and a bottle of water and her bottle right by the bed so we would not even have to get up to fix her bottle! I KNOW most people are SOOOOOO against lettting them sleep with you. But even if it's just for one night. Or put his crib in your room for the night. Anything to make it easier on you for a night or two. lilly went thru those phases too. But she has always slept in our room! her bed is level with ours and is right next to our bed so we have our own space but she is right next to us. She crawls in bed with us most nights! LOL!! And for now it doesn't bother us at all. I love snuggling with her and then putting her right next to me. :) hope that helps. If you are so against having him in the bed I would still do it at least one night so you can at least get some sleep. Or you guys could turn off the monitor and take turns sleeping in a cot in his room so at least one of you gets sleep every other night. Just some suggestions! I remember how I was those first few months when I was breast feeding and she ate every 2 hours and would wake up in the middle of the night ready to play. UGH! I was miserable! Tired doesn't even describe the feeling! :) Goodluck sweetie!

cherrybeth - Monday, 3 Aug
I don't know if you would be up for try go with turning the monitor off...I know its hard but you hear every little noise on those things and that could keep you up. My boy is still waking up through out the night but I still hear him without the monitor.

happyforest - Monday, 3 Aug
do you rock him to sleep? rocking always helps forest sleep, the harder and longer i rock him, the better he sleeps
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