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15-4-2010 - Back from Trip and PREGNANT! Incredicly, over the moon, happyMy mood while writing this blog:
Incredicly, over the moon, happy

Originally this blog would have been one filled with all the fabulous moments of our trip and what a trip it has been....we started in Dornbirn Austria, then Paris France, then Glasgow Scotland, then Cardiff Wales, London Britain and lastly Rome Italy. It was an amazing trip and worth every single cent we spent. I also had the privilege of meeting 2 of my long standing friends from IAP in person. It was so incredibly special to meet these two amazing woman I have shared such a close emotional journey with and off course their long and hard fought for babies. It doesn't get anymore special than that!

However, the trip is now overshadowed by the surprise of finding out that I am pregnant! Yes, Yes! I know! It happens often and so many told me it would happen. In all honesty though, I really did not think it would happen for us. I thought we would return as so many other couples do and say 'we went on a trip and it still did not happen.' I could not be more happy to be wrong! So instead of a blog filled with highlights from our trip, it will be a blog of how I found out I am pregnant.

Firstly I thought it won't happen because I got so many things wrong this cycle.
1) I did not take all my fertility meds. I thought I took all 5 and only figured out a few days later that I only took 4.
2) We start late with BDing. We stayed with friends at the start of my fertile period and I was just not comfortable trying under someone else's roof with them in the next room. However, over my most fertile period we were in Paris and Glasgow where this little miracle happened.
3) We were absolutely exhausted every night after a brim filled day of sight seeing (we walked everywhere for up to 10 hrs a day). In Glasgow it also included very late evenings with our friends. In the end we worked in some BDing (not even every other day but randomly) in the early mornings, the last being on my DHs birthday :-)
4) I started my progesterone 1 day late. By the time I remembered the day I had to start it, it was so late I thought 'I will start tomorrow'. That thought also included ' as it won't hurt because I am sure we missed the target'
5) I also forgot to take my folic acid on some days

On top of all of this I did not feel pregnant. There were signs but I could contribute all of them to the use of the progesterone. I even had implantation bleeding which is a first ever. With all the CM (thanks to the progesterone suppositories) it isn't difficult to miss when there is brown in the usually white discharge. I was convinced that AF was going to arrive early as I usually have a similar discharge before she arrives. I remember lying in bed that evening with my legs crossed as if to keep her away at least until we return to South Africa. When AF did not show the next day I wrote it off that I must have caused it when inserting the progesterone suppository.

On Tuesday this week we arrived back in SA, exactly on CD31, my day for testing. Our bags got stuck at customs in Johannesburg (we were in Cape Town already) due to a miscommunication with the check-in clerk in Rome and my progesterone suppositories were in there. When I got home the afternoon, I thought I would just do a HPT to confirm I am not pregnant then I don't have to worry about the progesterone suppository that I now don't have on hand and that I should have taken hours ago.

I grabbed a HPT from the bathroom and my DH immediately asked 'Are you 2 days late yet? The gyne said you should only test if you are 2 days late'. I mumbled under my breath about not knowing when exactly I am late due to the progesterone but that after the last 2 months day 31 is the day for testing. The next comment from DH 'Are you not suppose to test with FMU?'. Another mumble from me that I will test again if this is BFN, first thing in the morning. I POAS. I hardly had the cap on and already there were bright pink line forming. I thought it was the control line but when I had a close look it was both. Not faint, nope, but clearly BFP! I wiped and jumped up and ran to my DH (at that point also on the loo) shouting 'I AM PREGNANT! I AM PREGNANT!' He has never been so quick to get of the loo. He hugged me. I cried. I was crying from being so happy. I could not believe it!

The next morning I did blood work and a few hours later it was confirmed by the nurse from the Dr's office. She said the HCG count looks really good and that I am 4-5 weeks pregnant. Right on the money according to my cycle. She also said I must please book a scan within the next 2-3 weeks as Dr wants to confirm everything is in order. She ended by saying 'we are all so very happy for the 2 of you'.

I have told most of our close family and friends already. I have included them in all the other gory details of TTC on treatments and I am not holding back anything from them. I won't announce it on Facebook yet, but all the people that need to know knows. Everyone is off course so beyond happy and supportive, with everyone joining us in prayer and hope that we will meet our healthy baby by 22 December 2010.

How perfect is this? And one day, when our little one asks 'Mommy, where do babies come from?' I can truthfully and honestly say 'Paris or Glasgow'.

37 Comments on Back from Trip and PREGNANT!

wishing for a prince this time - Tuesday, 4 May
Congrats!! I been offline, but I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you!! Congrats & God bless!!!

cita71 - Wednesday, 28 Apr
Love reading your story! I dont know you but I am very happy for you. Someonein California is sending you lost of good wishes for you, your husband and the lil bean in you. Yupie!!

wilmie - Friday, 23 Apr
I haven't been on in ages but you were in my thoughts soooo much. I am incredibly happy for you and will be praying for this sweet miracle every night until he/she is in your arms. Lots ans lots and lots of hugs and kisses! ~W~

mom200520082010 - Thursday, 22 Apr
paris or glasglow thats cute congrats!

andriette and christians mummy liz - Saturday, 17 Apr
GELUKKKKKKKK!Eks so bly vir julle skattie.Ek huil skoon.Dis die beste nuus ooit!Hou ons updated asb:-D

habibi7689 - Friday, 16 Apr
Congrats i am so happy for you

brinagr - Thursday, 15 Apr
Congrats I am so happy 4 you that just lets me know it is gona happen 4 me one day God Bless!!

Free2bmom - Thursday, 15 Apr
Thats so awesome!!!! I'm really excited for you! I said in your blog before you left that a holiday was all you needed :) I'm so thrilled for you! Best of luck during your pregnancy, I'll pray for you that it's a sticky little bubble.

ashley-blesseddaily - Thursday, 15 Apr
Okay, I couldn't help myself! I had to read now.....I am so happy honey and def will keep you and baby in my thoughts!

sarahann - Thursday, 15 Apr
OMG!! I haven't been on this site in so long as I just don't have the time at the moment, and the first thing that got my attention is this!! Your blog! I am soo very happy for you... CONGRATULATIONS!!! You deserve this so much. I'm actually crying! Best wishes for the next 9 months and beyond. You will make the most wonderful family!

firstmommy08 - Thursday, 15 Apr
That's so sweet!! I guess you needed a little vacation to bring baby!! Congrats girlie!

mll28 - Thursday, 15 Apr
When I saw the blog title my heart skipped and I couldn't wait to read your story! I am sooooo happy for you love :)I know it would happen when you would least expect it.I love how your DH was telling you to use FMU hehehe made me giggle.

rooey - Thursday, 15 Apr

CANdiceHARDon - Thursday, 15 Apr
Wow what a wonderful gift for the most amazing woman I know. Love and hugs. xox

Savvy - Thursday, 15 Apr
Congrats, I am so happy for u. take care of urself and little peanut.

hannah01 - Thursday, 15 Apr
Omg congrats!! Yay im so happy for you :) !!

em2 stewarts wife - Thursday, 15 Apr
I AM SO PLEASED FOR YOU!!!!! What a wonderful trip and incredible surprise! Cant wait to follow your progress!!!!! Congrats!

Abigails Mommy - Thursday, 15 Apr
We missed you mama to be!!! As said in many places today *smile*, words cannot describe my happiness for you and J. I am so so very excited to share this journey with you my lovely friend. P.S. I love DH's instructions to you LOL

rubylove - Thursday, 15 Apr
When I saw the title of your blog, my mouth dropped and my eyes widened..I am SO HAPPY FOR U!!! I just knew the Clomid would work fast! You have the best TTC story ever now lol Luv u and again congrats :):)

kimkayb - Thursday, 15 Apr
OMG, I just loved your story, and read it out loud to my co-worker. It brought tears to my eyes. So happy for you and your husband. Makes me want to take a trip! CONGRATULATIONS!

mmyof3angels - Thursday, 15 Apr
OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! YOU DESERVE THIS!!!!!! I will continue my prayers for you!!!

sarahbeth13 - Thursday, 15 Apr
YIPPPEEEEE!!!! I am so incredibly happy for you!!

AMK1984 - Thursday, 15 Apr
SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!! :) Dec 22 is my bday!!! :) CONGRATS!!

MrsMommy2 - Thursday, 15 Apr
OMG im SOOOO Happy for you!!!! Yay!! And What a story!

julz - Thursday, 15 Apr
CONGRATS!!!! CONGRATS!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!! YAy I am soooooooooooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!

trying4thirdangel - Thursday, 15 Apr
That's it...you made a pregnant woman CRY!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy for you Liz and I am praying for you and your baby EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tassy - Thursday, 15 Apr
OMG wowwww wowwww and simply wowwwwww what amazing news Liz... congrats... i am sooo happy 4u girl

kaysfamily - Thursday, 15 Apr
YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I knew it!!!! beautiful!! congrads sweetie! omg omg omg omg woooo hooooooooooooooo this is grea news!!! How you feeling? ohh iam soo happy for you!! this is amazing hun! i'll be thinking of you everyday!!! I'm sooo happy for you!!! i got tears in my eyes i am just soo happy! i wish i could give you a big hug! Congrads once again!!! Can't wait to follow with you and your little one on this jorney

MrsStrickland74 - Thursday, 15 Apr
I am so happy for you! I have seen your blogs through out your journey. This is so exciting! You are due the day after my son's birthday. I have a feeling this is it for you. I have always heard when you aren't trying is when it happens and obviously it did! It happened the same way for me. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

pol - Thursday, 15 Apr
OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!! I'm trying not to scream in my office while reading this! I had my fingers crossed that your trip would help you relax and conceive - and it looks like it did. I'm having a stressful day at work, and your news has lightened my mood more than you can begin to imagine. You are going to have the most amazing Xmas! xxxxx Here to a happy healthy blooming exciting amazing 9 months xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

firstlittleangel - Thursday, 15 Apr
OMG this is SOOOOO excting, I don't know why my profile didn't show you had a new blog but I am so excited to see that you are pregnant!! I can't wait!! that is so awesome!! congrats hun and big hug!!

**MOLAR**SURVIVOR!! - Thursday, 15 Apr
OH MY Goodness!! YIPPEEEEEE I LOVE the 2 DARK pink lines!! I am so excited to hear about your ultrasound. Take care of that little baby and again, I am so thrilled for you =)

240310 - Thursday, 15 Apr
AHHHHHHH Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! I am SO happy for you both!!!!! x x x x

girlinterrupted - Thursday, 15 Apr
I am so, so happy for you hun. Amazing news :)I really hope all works out for you this time - you so deserve it.Congratulations xxxx

DiandClover - Thursday, 15 Apr
Hun, you know how thrilled I am for you!! You add more inspiration to fuel my TTC fires!!! ((HUGS AND MUCH LOVE MOMMA!))

herby5308 - Thursday, 15 Apr
congrats on your becoming pregnant :) thats excellent news. your story is similar to mine hehe but i found out i was pregnant the day before i went on holidays. again congrats

Freespirit - Thursday, 15 Apr
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