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23-6-2010 - 14 w 5 d Progress (LMP 13 w 6 d) HappyMy mood while writing this blog:

It seems that the 2nd trimester is really settling in. The morning sickness have all but left me. I still get a very mild case of it towards 21:00 at night before going to bed. The extend of this is a slight feeling of yuk and gagging once or twice before getting into bed, but that is it.

As I proudly discovered with my belly pic yesterday, it does seem that I am starting to develop a bit of a bump. I know that it is a whisper of a bump, but that was all I was asking for and there it is a week later. It has also finally brought me to understand how important it is to those that document the bump progress to have input and feedback. I never thought I would agonise over two photos, trying to see if there has been a change in the way my belly is shaped from one week to the next. Turns out, in the world of some expectant mommies, it is quite an important part of the process and I totally understand why. Thanks for all the comments. You are all too very sweet to agree with my perceived progress.

I am also now kitted in full maternity gear, thanks to some fruitful shopping with and by my mom. She is a true angel. Even though I can still get away with wearing my usual pants, the 2 maternity pants we found is just so much more comfortable. It was quite a mission to find some pants as they either don't make it in my size or when they do, it was still to big. The brand we have found now is a perfect fit and has room for growth. YAY! I only need a pair of jeans and I will be sorted until summer. My mom even found a maternity dress which works for my body shape and it was bought especially with my DH in mind. He has been talking about a maternity dress since I got pregnant and my mom could just not resist. Bless her!

Yesterday my doppler arrived from the US. Thank you SO much to my dear IAP friend that helped with this. You are so very kind and so very sweet for helping me. The gift you gave with it is so much appreciated. You know it means the world to me. Thanks my friend!

It is obvious to say that I have been eager for the doppler to arrive. However, once I learned that it was in the country some apprehension settled in that I might not find the HB. I have started settling into the 2nd trimester quite comfortable and I was worried that this new device will throw me off again. So, I did not have the guts to try until this morning and DH had to be right there next to me to keep me calm. I started the search for baby low down at the beginning of my pubic hairline, where the Dr did, and could only find a not so clear slow pulse of what I think was the placenta. I then slowly zig-zagged a bit up my belly and TADA there was baby's HB. Thankfully we have heard it twice before and could recognise it immediately. The HB was clear and strong. It was a little to the left and about a thumb's length up my belly. It took about a minute to find it and what a relief! Such a wonderful sound. I was so chuffed!

The flutters and bubbles from baby have been few and far between. I think it is because baby has now moved up and away from my pubic area where it was cramped and easier to feel. I was quite surprised at where baby was hovering around this morning and find it strange to think there is a little human floating around in that area of my belly.

So all and all there has been progress and I am feeling more relaxed and confident everyday. I am enjoying this a bit more everyday and as I relax and enjoy it more, the more real it becomes. This is such journey!

17 Comments on 14 w 5 d Progress (LMP 13 w 6 d)

cita71 - Tuesday, 29 Jun
Loved reading the blog! that is great news. I am happy for you :)

RainbowRach - Tuesday, 29 Jun
isnt it just the most amazing time? I am so pleased your are finally on this amazing journey. I think about you everyday and smile because I know how much you want this baby, how long you have been trying and how wonderful you will be at being a mommy (of course you are already a mommy to your angel babies but you know what I mean!) x x

ashley-blesseddaily - Friday, 25 Jun
So happy love, maternity clothes are great....I still wear my maternity pants (3months later, but I am not proud of that) lol The doppler is a true blessing, there will be days that you worry and once you grab the doppler and hear littl bits heartbeat...the worry goes out the window! ; )Have you guys decided if your going to find out the gender? So exciting!!! YAY!!!(((BIG HUG)))

pol - Friday, 25 Jun
So pleased to hear the MS is settling right down. 15 weeks already - time is flying! And I'm so happy you have your doppler and that you were able to find the little ones heart beat nice and easily. It must be great being able to listen in when ever you are feeling a bit wobbly! Have a lovely weekend.Pol x

Freespirit - Friday, 25 Jun
Yay for the bump developing and yay for the doppler arriving!!! I think the dopplers are such a relief to have. I pretty much used mine everyday until I felt Louby moving properly. I can't believe you are 15 weeks now! Time is going so fast! x

kaysfamily - Wednesday, 23 Jun
beauitful sounds of your baby's heatbeat eh! :) I know what you mean (about baby just floating around) it still gets to me how a baby can grow in my belly and how my son is here. It's an amazing exprience and you will love it! My maternity clothes fit righ ton or they were a bit big. Have fun enjoy them :) when i felt a little sick at night i had a cracker and some ginger ale too (like utopianite ) i'm soo happy for you! HUGS

mfbrown - Wednesday, 23 Jun
Dopplers are sanity savers I call them hehe :0) Glad that you have one! Enjoy! And once I got to try maternity clothes for the first time, I never wanted to go back! lol

firstlittleangel - Wednesday, 23 Jun
I couldn't of lived without my doppler when I was pregnant with Olivia...I feel bad but I have only used it once with Austin...guess Olivia doesn't give me much "me" time but I don't mind. I love her to bits and pieces and she is making the time fly by! I am so happy all is going well for you hun!

girlinterrupted - Wednesday, 23 Jun
I'm so glad it's going well :)I loved my doppler, I found it so reassuring. I also love maternity clothes! I will be quite sad to go back to normal jeans. Maternity ones are great if you are going out to eat - lots of room, lol xxx

Savvy - Wednesday, 23 Jun
So happy for u all. Keep up the nice thoughts and keep on growing. This is the only time we are "allowed" to gain weight and look cute with it. I am happy u are enjoying ur preg. u deserve it. Keep on praying to God.

steph mom of 3 beauties x - Wednesday, 23 Jun
Aww that's a lovely read, You made me feel all warm and fuzzy hehe! that's just how i feel it's an amazing feeling to have a little tiny person inside you, No-one could ever explain it to you, it's something you deffinatley have to experience! So pleased for you hun! x x x

utopianite - Wednesday, 23 Jun
Yay! I'm glad you're doing well!!! Have you tried eating a little snack at night a few minutes before you normally feel sick? Even if it's just some Ginger ale and crackers it might help to coat your tummy a little. :-) I feel worse at night than in the mornings too. Enjoy that doppler! It sounds like you'll have a lot of fun with it.

thinkpink2010 - Wednesday, 23 Jun
I loved my doppler with my first pregnancy. I think the HB of your baby is one of the most precious sounds you ever get to here... I am 30 weeks along with my second but still everytime I hear that little heartbeat I tear up!Also-- if you are looking for a good pair of materity jeans check out OldNavy.com. I found jeans there with the adjustable waist band.... I LOVE them and wear them all the time still.... 30 weeks in and they still fit. The ONLY negative about them is that the waistband can be a little uncomfortable if is is rubbing on your skin. I use "granny panties" on the days I wear those jeans so it doesn't bother me. LOL!

rubylove - Wednesday, 23 Jun
Awww I'm so happy for you babes :) so glad your M/S went away too u lucky duck!

pinkmama - Wednesday, 23 Jun
yay!!! so so soooo happy for you =o) i love reading such happy news =o) xoxo

Abigails Mommy - Wednesday, 23 Jun
I''m just beside myself happy for you young lady :-)

MrsStrickland74 - Wednesday, 23 Jun
Yay!!! The doppler will make life much easier especially for the next few weeks. Not much longer til your scan!!!
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