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10-8-2010 - 22 w 1 d So Cool! (LMP 20 w 5 d) Happy! Happy! Happy!My mood while writing this blog:
Happy! Happy! Happy!

Lots of lessons learned, lots to be happy about and lots to still look forward too.

We have felt baby kick from the outside. Sunday night I felt a few strong kicks on the same spot and placed my hand there to feel. Thus far baby has stopped kicking if I do that or if DH puts his hand there. But Sunday night by the third kick I placed DH's hand on the spot and he was still a bit unsure after the first kick he felt but the next one he felt for sure and his face and reaction was priceless! He exclaimed 'That is so cool'. He promptly wanted baby to kick more which baby off course refused to do. LOL.

I am doing well and am really enjoying feeling kicks. It is so comforting and thus far every time I thought 'I have not felt him move in a while, maybe I should check with the doppler' I get a kick from baby. So sweet!

We have been busy bodies over the weekend. On Saturday we went through all our cupboards in the house to clear out all the redundant stuff and on Monday (was a public/bank holiday) we tackled the garage. We threw away about 3 large garbage bags of useless stuff but managed to set aside more than that for our church to sell in a jumble sale. I love clearing out clutter and am so happy we got this done. We do this every now and again, but I was surprised at how little there was to get rid off. It is so refreshing and fulfilling opening cupboards or walking in the garage and there is space.

I have been having to run to the loo a lot more recently. At one point yesterday it felt like I was going every 5 minutes. Needless to say I was getting complacent delaying to go to the loo and was like 'I am just going to take this washing out before .... ' wham I sneezed and leaked some urine. First time that has happened. Lesson: if there is a choice between going to loo for a wee or doing something else the wee takes priority.

I have also been hungry more often and had my first low blood sugar spell in the early hours of the morning. It was so weird and probably because of a combination of things: overdoing it a bit the previous day (walked the dogs for an hour and then went to my once a week gym for 20 minute cycling), then eating too little too early and then went to bed late without topping up. Lesson: walking the dogs and going to gym is doing too much, eat properly at night before going to bed and keep a snack next to the bed just in case.

We were surprised with some more baby stuff by a great aunt this weekend. So sweet of them to be so supportive of our little one. All this baby stuff is making me more and more excited to meet our little one.

Tomorrow is our anomaly scan. We are taking my MIL and great grandmother on DH's side along. My MIL has never had a scan herself or attended a scan. She is so excited! Unfortunately my mom cannot go with anymore, but it just means I can take her next time or the time after that (we have scans every 4 weeks). We are also planning on getting a DVD of the scan as it will be quite a long scan. I am excited about the scan, especially since we hope to confirm that we are indeed expecting a boy. We hope and pray that everything will be normal with him.

I will update again after the scan.

13 Comments on 22 w 1 d So Cool! (LMP 20 w 5 d)

firstmommy08 - Tuesday, 10 Aug
Awwwwwesom news Liz!! and looking forward to hearing from you tommorrow. FYI - Your before dinner snack: try eating something made w peanut butter. (Im diabetic) and I know that peanut butter is one of the only things that will "last you" through the night. Just a tid bit of info. ((Big Hugs))

kaysfamily - Tuesday, 10 Aug
yeahhh great for the kicks!! :) soo happy! i'm stuck on m&m peanut butters lol good luck tomorrow! thinking you both!! so exciting to know if it's a boy or a girl eh!! just knowing theres a baby in our bellies still get to me.

steph mom of 3 beauties x - Tuesday, 10 Aug
Aww hun all sound's wonderful! im so happy that your DH felt baby kick from the outside, im sure his face was such a picture! i remember my husband's face well when he finally felt our son's kicks for the first time it was wonderful such an amazing experience for you both! When he woke me up in the night with his kicks the really strong ones i used to cuddle up to my husband and press my tummy against his back and sure enough it would wake him up and we would both burst out laughing even though we was tired hehe!Anyway im sure all will be wonderful at your scan can't wait to hear all about it! And see piccie's speak soon x x x

firstlittleangel - Tuesday, 10 Aug
That is so exciting! I bet you love having scans so frequently!! I know in our last month having weekly scans were so wonderful! I am so excited for you hun!

240310 - Tuesday, 10 Aug
Ooo how exciting you're feeling your baby move now!! :) xx

freespirit - Tuesday, 10 Aug
You sound so happy! Yes, I am the same to you in regards to the peeing.... and the low sugar level thing! lol! Good luck at the scan and enjoy it... it will be so magical! xxx

Donna (Blue) - Tuesday, 10 Aug
Awwww im so pleased your hubby got to feel baby kick, my fella would say he can't feel it for ages and id be like huh you got rhino skin hands or something. lol when you got to pee YOU GOT TO PEE, so run and don't stop till your knickers are around your canckles lol. Hope you enjoy your scan and everything is just the news you want. Good luck. xx

utopianite - Tuesday, 10 Aug
Good luck tomorrow!!! I go this afternoon to find out when my scan will be. I'm so excited for you and your scan tomorrow! :-) Once you get a good look at his boy parts you can really get everything ready for his arrival. :-))

HootOwl - Tuesday, 10 Aug
Good luck for tomorrow!!!! If you run out of things to declutter in your house, please feel free to come do mine lol. My DF also felt our baby for the first time this week and had the same reaction your DH did!!! It is truly amazing. I shall keep an eye out for your blog tomorrow x

rubylove - Tuesday, 10 Aug
Liz, SO HAPPY to hear you're doing so good! Wee definitely takes priority and you wouldn't believe the # of times I leaked lol oh well, what can ya do! Let me know how the scan goes! Also, the whole decluttering is part f nesting, and I did it at around 22 weeks also lol I have been obsessively clean this pregnancy too, which is a welcome change hehe tc xx

mfbrown - Tuesday, 10 Aug
hehe wee sure does take priority!! :0D Towards the very end I remember not knowing if I leaked fluid or if it was just urine lol. It'll get tricky. :0) Thats great that she gets to attend! You will all love it!! :0D

MrsStrickland74 - Tuesday, 10 Aug
Just wait until he/she gets bigger and they move and press on the bladder at the same time! I also don't usually pass gas in front of anyone, even dh but one night at the dinner table with my grandparents my son kicked me in my guts and it happened of course when everyone was quiet! I was so embarrassed but all I could do it laugh! lol Pregnancy is so beautiful even through the not so pleasant stuff! GL tomorrow can't wait to see pics.

RainbowRach - Tuesday, 10 Aug
All the best for the scan tomorrow Liz, I am sure all will be well with your little one (I am still convinced they will say he is in fact a she! lol). I look forward to the update tomorrow. I am sure you will find this scan amazing, you will get to see so much detail - DH will certainly be asking alot of questions! lol. With the wee thing, yes defo a priority, not only from a leaking point of view but also from a UTI point of view *slap wrists* hehe x x x
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