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12-5-2009 - Miss my baby..... sadMy mood while writing this blog:

I found out I was pregnant and was totally shocked....not completly excited at first but grew to be VERY excited and loved the feeling of being pregnant. I didn't have any morning sickness or nausea, but just had sore bb's. Thought nothing of it because neither of my sisters had morning sickness. I was 8wks when I noticed very light spotting, brownish and no cramping so I didn't think anything of it, neither did my doctor. A week and a half later the spotting increased and had small clots, I went to Emerg. and had an u/s, they saw the heartbeat, all was good. 4 days later the cramps started and the bleeding increased again, went back to emerg that morning and got another u/s, saw the baby and heartbeat, all was good. The baby measure only 7w3d when I thought I should be 9w3d, but the nurse assured me that it was normal to be off. The doctor came in and told me that with the strong fetal heart, I only had 1% chance of having a m/c. When I got home that afternoon I got severe cramps and the bleeding turned red, I knew that something was not right at all. Back to emerg. This time the u/s didn't show a heartbeat. I can't belive how quick it goes from being fine to not being there at all. I wish the doctor hadn't got my hopes up by saying I had only 1% chance of miscarrying. My fiance and I were devastated. I felt so lonely , like a part of me was missing. My D&C isn't scheduled until one week after finding out the horrible news. I just want it over with so we can move on. I miss my baby.

3 Comments on Miss my baby.....

mandypoo - Wednesday, 8 Jul
i felt i had to leave you a message, i missed carried when i was 12 wks, this was quite a few yrs ago now but i was left to feel the same. when i woke in the morning i was on the maternity ward filled with crying babies,not good. its been 13 yrs now and i have 4 beautiful children but not a day goed by that i dont think of my baby.all i can say to you is this, with time and love it will get easier you will come through this. sending you lots of baby dust xx mandy

sarahann - Friday, 22 May
I just left you a message, then read this blog. I'm so very sorry to know that you are going through this, it is truly a horrible time. I had a missed miscarriage, and ended up having a D&C at 11 weeks in December last year. Losing the baby was painful beyond words, and more so knowing that I was still carrying around my dead baby inside, before I had the D&C. I hope you can move on after the D&C, it just takes time. It is very normal to miss your baby, make sure you take the time to grieve for it, and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. It is your baby that you already loved. I wish you all the best x

ImWaiting4Baby - Saturday, 16 May
So Sorry!
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