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23-12-2010 - Just a family update hopefulMy mood while writing this blog:

Thought I would write a little update on how everything is going. We are still waiting for the Mayo Clinic to call us and tell us when Bobs appointment will be. They had said sometime in August of 2011, so we will see.

Logan is doing great. he is running everywhere and is my little shopper. Everytime we go to the store he pulls clothes that he likes into the cart. We went overboard on the kids for xmas. We spoil them as much as we can lol. He still loves his little sister and kisses her all the time. He now kisses with pursed lips instead of an open mouth, which I am thankful for. He could be across the room and I will say "give mommy a kiss" and he puckers and makes the mmmmm sound the whole way over to me, even if he falls he keeps saying mmmmm... lol. He now says done when he is done eating and his speech overall has slowed down. He has been way ahead of kids his age, now I think he has slowed to the point of average. He still says Dada, Bella, done, Grandma, Hi, Bye, bath, duck, dog, bark... and more that I cant think of right now. He is 28lbs and 30 inches tall. Such a busy boy. He is constantly climbing on anything he can, and trying to crawl into everything, even things he cant fit in. We tried breaking him of his nuk, but he will not sleep without it. We only give it to him at naptime and bedtime, but still. He throws it behind his crib and then cries until we come and give it back to him.

Alianna has started to giggle and coo at me. She is a mommys girl, which is nice, but at the same time, she wont let me put her down. I have stuff to do and whenever I put her down she just cries and cries. I thought she was starting to get colic, so we bought some Gripe water. Its smells horrible, but she likes it and it works! She is finally staying sleeping after I put her down. After Christmas we are going to switch her to her crib. Thats when we did it for logan and he sleeps so well now. He always has. We just put him in his crib and he goes to sleep. We are hoping it works the same for Anna. I am a bit sad thought. She is my last baby, and moving her away from me, is kind of sad. A couple weeks ago she weighed 10lbs and was 22 inches long. She is getting so big!!

Bob had a docs appointment and talked about his depression and his snip snip. The doctor refuses to give him pain meds for his condition, because he might get addicted to them. So he put him on steroids. Which at his age are dangerous. They might raise his blood pressure, and make him really sick. We are doing a little better, but he gets so darn neglectful. He forgets how mean he can get when in a bad mood. He still has to pay that extra $4000 for child support, then he can fight it later and possibly get it back.I think its a crock.

The holidays are here and we are thankful for what we do have. Our closet sprung a leak 2 nights ago, and above our bath is leaking into the bath. Thankfully its above the bathtub, but still. It just makes me wonder how much mold is up there. Frustrating that we are stuck here for a while.

Happy holidays to all of you! May 2011 top your 2010!

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