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09-2-2012 - Long time no talk excitedMy mood while writing this blog:

Oh wow, where to begin? Its been almost a year since I was on here.
This past July my family went through a very tough time. My parents lost their home to the flood waters her in Minot ND. They had worked so hard for that home and in a matter of hours, it was underwater. The water literally went up the gutters.They lived in a camper next to my sisters house for a few months. When it started getting too cold, they moved into her basement for a couple weeks. They are now in a FEMA trailer and looking at getting their new modular home set up in a few weeks. They are short some money to get water and sewer done but there is no way that Bob and I could lend them more money. My dad still owes us $1,800.00. We went over there last week to finish the foundation, and we had laughs, and fun. Luckily our home didnt get flooded. The waters got very close, maybe 100 yards away, but we were safe.
Molly is turning 5 in may and I am in utter disbelief. She is in preschool and is doing very well. We dont get to see her very often because Bobs work schedule and her school schedule clash. I cant wait for her summer vacation. We did get her for a week during christmas and it was lots of fun.

Logan is now 2 and a half, and a terror on two legs. I swear if that kid isnt over the top happy, he is screaming bloody murder. He is definately in his terrible twos. It has gotten to the point where I cant take him anywhere. He just screams, throws fits, doesnt listen. You know... the normal for a 2 year old. We have tried everything from spankings, to ignoring him, bribery, and nothing works. As of right now if I tell him to stop hitting his sister, and he hits her again, he goes in time out. If I tell him to get his shoes and he doesnt listen, I tell him again to make sure he heard me, and if he still doesnt listen he goes in time out. I can always tell if he cant hear me, or if he is just being stubborn because he will look at me with that "what you gonna do about it" look and cross his arms. He is still talking up a storm. He has a better vocabulary than other children his age. He loves babies, and what luck! My sister in law had my neice Isabel on December 3rd and my sister had my nephew Easton, 4 days later, on December 7th. My kids love to snuggle them, and help out wherever they can. I think we have decided that our 3 kids are enough :(

Alianna is now 1 and a half and is such a sweetheart/goofy/terror. She is a lover for sure, and super independent. She doesnt say much, but with the looks she gives you, she doesnt need to. She LOVES food, especially meat. She still likes to cuddle and I love the cuddle time. She is running around like crazy and doesnt know how to stop. She just goes and goes and goes. She likes to imitate her brother which gets her into trouble sometimes.

Bob and I are GREAT! We finally have decided to get married in Hawaii. We have a couple friends who moved down there last year and they know their island pretty well. Its looking like in the next few months that I will be a married lady. I am beyond thrilled. Bob still works for the oilfield. He is staying there as long as possible so that we can save up money to move next summer. We are planning on moving down to Illinois, where his family is. We love it there so much, but it will be hard to leave my family. We have a good chunk of money saved up already! I have started so many hobbies that it is hard to keep them straight, but I am pretty good at all of them. I am doing photography, crocheting (hats mostly), baking up a storm (cupcakes, cake pops, scones), creating jewelry. I think I love baking most of all. Its fun, and yummy! I am going to try to sell my items shortly. Hopefully I can contribute to our home fund with that.
All in all, life is going great! Moving forward everyday and I couldnt be happier. Thanks for catching up!

2 Comments on Long time no talk

nhowa9 - Monday, 20 Feb
Thats fantastic news, so happy to hear everything is going so well. :)

SuperHeroMom - Friday, 10 Feb
Glad to hear that you and your family are doing great!
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