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13-1-2009 - 22 weeks 4 days illMy mood while writing this blog:


I was silly to think I could go this whole pregnancy without getting a cold. I�m so bummed I woke up a few days ago with a very sore throat and dry cough and I was completely fine the night before. Every time I cough I feel like someone is whacking my head lol I can�t wait for it to pass. It doesn�t seem to be getting any better or any worse, I�m just waiting for it to get really bad so then it can get better. I got some Vicks for my chest and this crappy herbal cough medicine that does nothing and tastes like leaves yuk!

I must say I�m disappointed with week 22 I thought I would be feeling him move more but I�m not if anything I�m feeling him move less. He will have random active days and then be lazy again. All I can say is thank God for my Doppler otherwise I think I would�ve gone mad lol.

This week I noticed something new � the fine hairs on my tummy have gone darker ew! And there are two random hairs which are really dark and thick; I plucked them out as soon as I saw them. I was wondering can you bleach your tummy hair whilst being pregnant. Ah another joy of pregnancy I already have to put up with the hairs on my legs growing back after an hour lol! I can�t wax anymore because my skin has become really sensitive and a get a ton of ingrown hairs which never happened before. I feel like a gorilla honestly ok I know I�m exaggerating.

I�ve been more moody lately, my husband really does irritate me it�s everything he says and does grr! I know I complain a lot to him but he really doesn�t hep me. If I say I�m tired he�s like well your always tired and I�m like yeah because I�m always pregnant. Oh and he has a new video game which he is obsessed with so he spends a lot of time on that and neglects me lol boys and their toys eh. Oh dear lord a mosquito just flew into my eye haha the poor thing died.

My bump is doing well I think, my belly button is almost all out. I�m getting really bad back pain already, if I sit/stand in the same position for more then 5 minutes it starts to ache like crazy. I make hubby give me loads of massages so he is good for something lol. My bras have become super tight I need some new ones I�m a 34c uk now so what size should I get. I don�t think I need a whole cup bigger, maybe just a 36c. I will post a belly pic tomorrow if I get the chance. I know I�m always on lol but I�m usually connected from my phone so I can�t upload pics and I�m too lazy to take one now. He�s moving loads now aww I think he knows I�m talking about him lol.

I have become so lazy so the other day I got the dvd yoga mama, it�s great it�s not too vigorous it�s just right and the woman on it is pregnant too so if she can do it so can I!

What else is new? Hmm.. oh my parents in-law have been away for last month they came back Sunday. I was a bit annoyed with my mother in-law she got all 3 of her sons amazing expensive gifts and didn�t bother getting anything for the baby. My mum has brought tons already! I know I�m probably being a brat but even something small would�ve sufficed; I mean it�s the thought that counts. It would be nice to know she was thinking of him too lol. Oh well I know she will get us a lot for my baby shower, well she better lol only kidding.

Omg hubby was just peeking over at the screen I hope he didn�t see anything oops!

I think I rambled on a bit sorry! I hope you�re all doing good, I love reading your blogs and seeing your pics sorry if I don�t comment like I said I�m usually using my phone and It�s a mission to leave messages. So don�t think just because I�m online that I�ve ignored your blogs.

He is moving like crazy after barely moving all day yay! Ok I�m going.. And I take back the mean things I said about hubby he just made me a fruit salad lol I wonder if he saw what I wrote about his mum. Ok bye lovely ladies! x

Me and hubby pre-pregnancy



10 Comments on 22 weeks 4 days

bellababys - Thursday, 15 Jan
i am just getting over a cold myself not fun at all especially since its summer my lil one feels like shes trying to quick through my tummy lol i love horses you get mood swings sometimes upset over the smallest things take care xox

ajohnson904 - Wednesday, 14 Jan
I feel like a gorilla too! My hairy belly is so gross! EW! And I am totally the same way with the baby moving like crazy one day and then not so much the next, except I don't have a dopplar so I DO go crazy! And my man is always playing his video games which used to drive me crazy, but I discovered that Will & Grace is great show to keep me occupied! Well hope you get to feeling better!

15yearsapart - Wednesday, 14 Jan
Ugh - being sick stinks. I had a cold for Christmas. Luckily it hit me hard and fast the first day, eased up on day 2 and was totally gone within a week. It was extra tough b/c the baby is up in my lungs! I took tons of vitamin C, so maybe that's why it went away fast. I hope you feel better soon.

Lorijs1 - Wednesday, 14 Jan
Hi yes my hubby does the same thing lol he tries and is usually really good but there is the ocassional "Oh are you still talking" comment that makes me want to hit him with something in the head.. i know i can whine but hey i deserve it my belly is the one taking the beating!! enjoy your day i hope you feel better..

Emilie - Wednesday, 14 Jan
oh gosh you make me smile with your rants, god bless you, you are funny.... the mosquito thing just craked me up lol XX

~:*Elena*:~ - Wednesday, 14 Jan
Haha I know what you mean about being angry with men! My 'other half' drives me nuts these days..he's soo lazy and does nothing to help me..he's probably a lot worse than yours though, I'd faint if he made me a fruit salad!! lol
I've also just recovered from a cold, it seems like everyone is getting it! oh and I was going to try the yoga thing too, sounds pretty good and I need to get more excercise too, I'm gaining too much weight now! xx

tabby-may09 - Wednesday, 14 Jan
ha! i thought the same as u that i could make it without a cold and i got my first one a couple weeks ago lol..i can totally relate on the tummy hair mine did the same thing and i also had 2 really bad ones that i plucked out lol..as for the bra.i agree i would go ahead and get a cup size bigger..ive already gone up a full cup and growing out of this one lol

happyinvention - Wednesday, 14 Jan
OH and my mother-in-law is being a stingy b*tch with our baby... she hasn't bought her ANYTHING! my mother is buying the 500$ crib that we dont even need for the first 8 months (we bought an amby bed we are planning on using) and sent us tons of $$ since my BFP... and his mother has yet to send us a dime, or a single gift.

she hates me, and i loathe her. maybe she's just trying to make my husband feel bad? at any rate, he called and asked AGAIN to see if she would purchase the monitor we want (200) and she shoved it off again.

*grumbles* i hate that woman, lol.

happyinvention - Wednesday, 14 Jan
try a humidifier in your room at night :D i get SERIOUS sore throats and stuffy noses at night (something about estrogen thickening mucous membranes) and the humidifer helps a lot. i live in HAWAII which is ULTRA humid, so i didn't think i would have any issues, lol!

my hubby likes to play his video game a lot as well. we ended up buying him a wireless controller so he can sit next to me on the couch while he plays... we get along a LOT better now, lol!

and i dunno about bleaching hair- but i shave pretty much everything. my tum, my arms, my legs, everything! and i have very light hair that doesn't usually grow thick.. im just neurotic about it, lol. i HAVE noticed that my hair grows faster throughout pregnancy though, woo.

oh, and i was remarking to my hubby just last night that i desperately wanted to go riding. we're from the country and are both used to being able to do it when we please, lol. gr.

babymomma67 - Wednesday, 14 Jan
im sorry about your cold!! I havent gotten a full cold yet, but I am stuffed up and I wake up to a sore throat, but it goes away later in the day. Oh and I know what you mean about the hair, its soo bad! My legs are surprisingly not that bad and I can go a few days with out shaving, but my tummy and my back are sooo gross lol!! I shave my belly all the time so my belly is super smooth now lol!!! One night Matt was rubbing my back and made a comment about the fur on my back and I was like what?!? what are you talking about?? So I go into the bathroom and position myself to look at it in the mirror and on my back below my neck and down to a little past my shoulder blades, I see this thick fuzzy dark brown hair. Now its not that bad really unless you look closes you don't even really see, its not like a mans hairy back or anything, but the fuzz that was there has now grown a little thicker and a little darker..so gross :( As for your bra, i would go ahead and get one cup size bigger, thats what I did. Because I have been growing all through the pregnancy and I am now like a cup and half bigger. Anyway hope your cold goes away!! Talk to you soon!! :)
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