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19-9-2009 - Pregnancy Journal TiredMy mood while writing this blog:

Week 8-9

i am amazed how different this pregnancy feels from my prior one. I don't know why I just expected it would be the same. I am also amazed how many of the tiny details I have already forgotten from my last pregnancy already so I am determined to do a better job documenting the pregnancy this time around.

Feeling pretty good. I have not gotten the bad headaches I got with brayden. This time I have much stronger cravings and have to start thinking hours in advance about what i want to eat. MS has been on and off not that bad but over this week has started to get a bit worse. I get sick more at night then I do in the morning and have had really bad cramps esp around dinner time. The last pregnancy I just felt different right away and found out at 3 weeks this time I felt different too but I thought I had an ucler it never crossed my mind that I may be pregnant. I didn't find out until 6 weeks or so. I have already started to show a bit which is much sooner than my last pregnancy but it is odd cause my belly seems to come and go. I will have a big belly and then hours later....its gone. I am tired but not as tired as I remember being last time however, this week i have started to feel quite a bit more worn out.

it is a raining day today and i spent most of the morning in bed then went to se elmo live with my family and am now back in bed. my body just really needs rest and i am lucky to have such a supportive husband. i just had one of my favs pancakes with choc chips..yum. i have so many things on my to do list but snce i found out i am expecting again have really put everything on hold and on the weekends just really try to relax so that I can make it through the week at work.

i thought brayden was a girl so with this one don't have any hunches yet. I would be thrilled with two boys to take care of mom and be best buds but I would love a little girly girl as well.

with my last pregnancy the early days crept by so slowley this time - it is flying because i have so many things on my plate. at times I forget i am pregnant while the last time around it was ALL i could think about non-stop.

3 Comments on Pregnancy Journal

jenee-n-angelina - Wednesday, 23 Sep
wait your pregnant agian too? im 6 weeks we were pregnant together last time

TaniamommyX3 - Sunday, 20 Sep
That's great that you are feeling good for the most part! It's so crazy how diffrent this one is from our last, isn't it?! I'm glad we will be doing this together again! How exciting!!! :-)

agummybear - Sunday, 20 Sep
Hi girl!Did you have your first u/s yet? Isn't it crazy how fast time goes. Before you know it you'll be in week 23! :)xo,Amy
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