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17-1-2013 - kids happyMy mood while writing this blog:

Well life seems to be perfect. the kids are growing so fast and there are new things happening everyday. Olivia is now 9 1/2 weeks old. we had a 2 month dr apt the other day she weighed 10lbs 10oz and is now 24 inches long. she is a very tall baby, already wearing 6 months cloths but luckily they are big on her! she is really advamced with her motor skills, from the begining she held up her head really well and started rolling over at 5 weeks, lately she has been trying to sit up by herself. definately something i am not ready for yet. charlie is now almost 26 months and everyday he talks more and more. we started talking to him about going to the bathroom on the potty. bought him some boy briefs and some boxer briefs so then he can decide what he prefers. it was super cute the other day we put a pair of briefs on him and he thought he was the coolest. he just ran around the house strutting his stuff. i just loved it. thought about just putting him in his new undies and just let him have acciednts one day till he figured out to tell us that he had to go. this potty training thing is so frustrating but i know it will get easier when we figure out what works best for him! i am loving my family. i could not have asked for better children and i am adoring my hubby (at the moment lol) sometimes i still think about the idea of another baby and hope that we could but with my hubby and his vasectomy i dont think that will happen. plus for us 2 kids work well. they both get their own room and we can still drive smaller vehicles. i just wish my little girl wasnt growing up as fast as she has been. i want to saver the baby moments and feel like i cant at the rate she is going.

a special thank to all the girls who were there for me during my very difficult pregnancy and previous to that the loss. i could not have gotten throught either of those without you ladies and i am so greatful that you were there for me throught those journeys!!

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weber3 - Wednesday, 23 Jan
I am going through the potty training with my 2 1/2 yr old right now. I put cloth training pants on and he hates being wet in them so it makes him very aware of his functions. I put him on the potty and let him sit, give him toys, let him watch t.v. even give him lollipops on the potty to help him relax. Then I just go about my thing. If he doesn't go I take him off for a break and then put him on again 5 min later. It is working so far for the pee at least but he sure doesn't tell me he has to go yet. just if he has an accident he walks in a squatting position cause he's so uncomfortable lol and says mommy change my diaper. My boy is 3 months now and I feel so lucky that he was 3 weeks early and didn't thrive for 2 so he's a bit behind so I get to enjoy the new baby stage extra long. He doesn't do anything yet but cry, sleep and smile.

Brittney loves her 4 kids - Thursday, 17 Jan
a vasectomy.... i think i had forgotten about that.. :/ well you still got to enjoy your babies now every moment of it... i treat joel like he is the last one all the time... (which is weird) today i picked him up out of the pack and play where he was falling asleep contently all by hmself and i rocked him to sleep. lol.
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Olivia (2012) Charlie (2010)

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