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17-4-2014 - daughters birth story elatedMy mood while writing this blog:

Like my sons, my daughters story was also somehow deleted from my profile. so sorry for any inconvenience just want to make sure i have it while i remember the majority of it.

the morning i had my daughter i got so excited cuz i had my very first contraction. i had a dr apt that morning as well so i was excited to see if anything was really going on. well got there and nothing... she was still high, thick and tight and the nst didnt pick up any contractions.. talk about being ultra pissy leaving dr office.. over view, i was 4 days over due and just endured 9 months of vomiting every day, yup one of the lucky one who got hyperemisis gravidarum and boy was it a bitch, also got lucky and developed cysts in my vajayjay!! pregnancy for me is not a beautiful thing.... but would do it over and over again for both my kids. so i went home and my son was next door at daycare so i called and asked if i could pick him up after nap time cuz i needed to get some cleaning done.. we were going to go in and get induces on thursday if she didnt decide to come sooner and trying to keep your house clean with a 2 year old around yeah right. so iwas cleaning and getting contractions here and there, i was terrified to stop cleaning just incase they would stop!! so my hubby came home and we ate lunch and i told him i think we might get to meet her tonight very late or tomorrow sometime. he asked if i wanted him to stay home but said not to worry.. we were going to try and do the nasty to see if we could get things going he turned it down when i went to the bathroom and said i think i lost my mucus plug and had my bloody show!! he is one of the squeemish types. so he went back to work and i went back to cleaning!! not even a half hour later i got a call from my SIL and she asked about my contractions and how far apart they were, well i was never timing them cuz i was so comfortable and only noticing here and there. this was at 1, they were 4 minutes apart 1 min long each. she freaked out and told me i needed to get to the hospital. at this point i was excited but i didnt want to get my hopes up so i told her i was going to wait a little longer. well she showed up a half hour later and my contractions were now 2 min apart 1 min plus long. so we went to the hospital. i dont care what anyone says car rides suck when you are in labor. i was so comfy up until the car ride. when we got to the hospital at 2 my contractions were back to back. walk myself all the way up to the room, 2 flights of stairs and a lot of long hallways. the nurses were impressed but i wasnt going to leave and i wanted the baby out so bad so i was trying to stay as active as possible. they checked me and i was still really high and thick, and my bag was bulging so they couldnt tell wherer i was at. walked to hallway and sat on the ball. was very comfy and could talk to whole time. at 4 they checked me again and this time i was a 6!!! omg i was so excited i was like so i am not going home, the lady laughed and said we are slow and since you are overdue we werent going to send you home anyways, i told her she should have called me sooner. my hubby was still not at the hospital even tho i called him. then at 4:30 i had the nurse check me again and i was an 8, the nurse said this baby is going to come fast. so my hubbys mom called him and he finally showed up and i am putting myself in all sorts of positions to try ang get this little girl to drop. finally at 5 i was like no she is coming i have to push.. the dr came in and at 5:25 olivia was born, weighting 8lbs 6oz. 20inches long.. she was so beautiful. did the birth 100% nartural. i was so calm and comfy the whole time and had so much control it was amazing. i did have issues with walking after she was born with the arthritis in my hips but she never dropped while i was in labor i dialted all the way to 10cm but she still remained to float. they did keep a close eye on the monitors when i started to push but everything ended up going great. horrible pregnancy but amazing birth

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