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17-5-2012 - 10 Weeks OkMy mood while writing this blog:

Finally saw the doctor and the baby. So far so good although 2 things: 1) they found a sist on my right side. I dont think it was on the ovary though. They said sometimes you'll see it in fertility treatment patients so it may have just been my hormones at the time of conception that cause it. 2) i have scar tissue from the last D&C. These aparently are both not risky at the moment but they will keep an eye on them every time i ahve an ultrasound. I should only have about 4 more weeks left of work and then i will be off because of being high risk. a little anxious cause my replacement is not nearly ready to take over (i am a little bit of a control freak when it comes to my job).

Its weird though, its not that i am not happy, if anything i feel less pregnant now than ever. But i dont feel excited. I guess 2 pregnancies and no baby makes me scpetical that this one will actually work out.

I do the nt scan in 2 weeks and maybe then i will let myself be happy if it all turns out okay.

2 Comments on 10 Weeks

candila - Thursday, 17 May
ill probably still work (in secret) a bit but i can do a lot over the phone while i enjoy my pool and the summer heat!

Chriscadia - Thursday, 17 May
I think it'll sink more in when you start to feel the baby move. As for work wow another 4 weeks to go, you should be a little happy about that :) I know I can't wait for the end of the school year (work in a school). I'll be working just 10hrs this summer and I don't return in the fall. Happy to hear that your apt went well!
Cycle 7 BFP! (2012, 04, 02)

Theodore (2012)

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