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21-3-2012 - Happy Joy Joy Again Elated... slightly tiredMy mood while writing this blog:
Elated... slightly tired

I've finally got back to being excited about the arrival of our son... today I booked in with a new ob and a different hospital. I feel soooo much better!

My doc rang me last night at 8pm and said that the wanted me to have an induction in the morning or the midwives at my local hospital didn't want me to have baby there.

I was in such a mess last night- I just want a safe place- physically, emorionally & mentally, to have my baby.

The doc wouldn't shift me from 42 weeks back to what the ultrasound says I am- 39 +1 and had been pressuring me to have an induction for the last month... to make things even more unpleasant he also calls my husband names and makes of fun of him- he does it jokingly but it's just really unpleasant to be in the same room as him when he's belittling my gorgeous man.

The midwives won't go against what the doc says, and there is such a b*tch*ness with them at the hospital- I think they are overworked, but that shouldn't be my problem... so they wanted to send me an hour away to another hospital (I usually rock up @ the hospital 5cm+ dialated and then have active labour for around an hour so this was a bit of a scary idea).

I took matters into my own hands and rang another hospital half an hour away and just poured it all out to the midwife there....and the midwives were so professional and understanding- they told me to just show up if I'm in labour and they're happy for me to birth there.

Meantime I've booked in to see one of their obs on Friday (if I make it that far- I was 4cm this time last week).

The obs at the new hospital don't even consider induction until after 42 weeks and even then they are happy to monitor me closely if I want to wait for labour to start naturally, all things going well.

I am soooooooo happy now. I'm just so relaxed about the whole situation, and really excited to be meeting our son soon.

It's brought back my peace and joy- I bet he'll come now that mumma feels safe, calm and happy. xx

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21-3-2012 - Happy Joy Joy Again


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