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16-3-2009 - my weekend okayMy mood while writing this blog:

So this is how my weekend went.

Saturday -

Busy Busy Busy, We went shopping for Darrius' room, FINALLY!! We have everything, well almost, to do his room this weekend. I cant wait to see how it comes out. Im not going to go into detail you'll just have to wait till I get the pics up, But I know you ladies are going to love it!!! We made some last minute changes to our ideas that we thought were set in stone but its all for the better!! The room is going to look so different!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!! I had Josh laughing at me b/c first we went to Wal-mart and walked around forever!! So by the time we left there my feet hurt BAD!!! and were swollen, I swear they looked like the marshmellow mans feet!! and we still had 2 more stores to hit up!! So when we went to Target I walked my pregnant ass over to one of those lil scooter things and rode around the store in that!! It was really funny, I swear josh was messing with me b/c i would pass an asle up and he would turn around and go in that one so I would have to back up BEEP BEEP BEEP!! And it was soooo loud and then I would hit the shelves cause I couldnt turn all the way around to look behind me, they really need rearview mirrors!! LOL. But by the time we went to Home Depot I was all good again till we had to leave and my poor feet was swollen AGAIN!!

Sunday -

We woke up and went to church, which all was well. We tried out a new church closer to our house and Believe its what I've been looking for!! The only bad thing about it was MY FEET!! I cant fit any of my dress shoes, So the ones i did wear had my feet hurting bad and then you should have seen them when I took the shoes off, there was crazy designs all over!! But anyway, after church we went to the Fams house so I could talk to Josh lil sis Angel about my babyshower, Not that was an expierence, she is planning it with joshs cousins girlfriend Melissa. And I wanted Angel to plan it from the beginning but it kinda seems like Melissa is taking over so I'm gonna be sure to call her today to let her know that this is her "baby shower" and to do it her way!! So melissa brings Tausha, which is Joshs other cousins babies mother, who by the way is SUPER GHETTO!!! Have you ever went to a store with someone that is so ghetto that its embarrassing? Well I didn last night and she is this real big girl and she is trying to kick, yes kick, melissa in the head, While yelling yeah fat people is flexable too. and ladies let me tell you this went on the whole time we was at the store for like 20 mins. Me and angel just kinda grabbed each other and walked away like we dont know them!!!

As for Darrius, still being stubborn!! Auntie Angel was rubbing my belly trying to to feel him kick and he does on the other side, so she didnt get to feel him but she did see him!!! As you can see we decided not to name our son Josh Jr. Me and Josh decided on the name Darrius together!! but it seems like all of his family including his mom and dad are upset about him not being a Jr. His mom made a statement last night that since we have had 3 m/c in the past that she just knew this was a Jr. But now Josh is wanting to rethink the whole name thing, and I dont think its a big deal b/c it was never done in my family and its not like josh is a Jr. and we would be breaking the pattern or anything. And Im attached to the name Darrius It feels so RIGHT to me. I just dont know what to do, I DO NOT want to change his name but I feel bad at the same time cause Josh made the statement last night that what if our next child is a girl then he was cheated out of a Jr. Need some advice or words of encouragement here ladies!!


3 Comments on my weekend

lilmissk - Monday, 16 Mar
Wow, it sounds like you had lots of shopping adventures this weekend! LOL! As for the name, I hope you two can pick something that you both are happy with.

~Tarin~ - Monday, 16 Mar
Go with the name that feels right!!!! If he is being pressured by his family then it's the family picking the name and not him. Like you said, it's not like he was Jr. so why should it be important that Darrius is? Why not use Josh as the middle name, that way it is still apart of your sons name. Besides....Jr always makes a great nick name too.

JandMommy=PURE LOVE - Monday, 16 Mar
Its you and Joshs baby so you two make the decision and leave the fam out. If you two agree on a name then so be it!!! if they dont like it OH WELL!!! Its your son not theirs. Sorry thats just how I feel about it and they will love him either way!!!
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