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09-1-2009 - A night in Labor & Delivery ThankfulMy mood while writing this blog:

Well it all started Wednesday night. I was having severe chest pains that felt like a heart attack for bout 2 1/2 hours. I just assumed it was gas and just thought to myself to get over it. Then yesterday it came back again. And it started to get worse, especially every time I inhaled it felt like a knife cutting into me. After talking to several ppl, we all thought it to be just acid reflux. It eased up and started back again. It got really bad after I got into it with a retard customer of ours over the phone. This went on for hours, coming on and letting up. So after talking to my mother, she's like you know you really should talk to your doctor about this. I call my dr's nurse to see if they could just call in some meds b/c i just knew it was acid reflux. I was never really worried then she put me on hold, talked to the dr, got back online and told me to rush to labor & delivery. Im like why? Don't I need to take some rolaids or something. She says no, you need to get down there right now! Of course I'm still shocked, I'm asking her, Do you mean at the hospital. I just didn't think it could be that bad. I know I must have sounded so retarded to her. I was coming back from the grocery store so instead of alarming my husband (since this is my third child, and his first) I started out calmly telling him to help bring in the groceries. I put everything away and sat him down and said: honey we have to go to the hospital. WHAT!?!?!?! He started freaking out just like I knew he would. Well off we go rushing to the hospital. Dropping the boys off at my mothers, Aaron is doing 90 miles an hr getting there. I ask him was it really necessary for the speeding. Then he just looks at me like I'm foreign or something. I didn't know exactly what was wrong but I knew JoAnn was ok, b/c to assure me, she was just a kicking and moving around. The nurse checks me in and puts the monitor on my belly. There goes the heartbeat and I just smile b/c I knew my baby girl was ok. I forgot to mention another thing that was concerning the doctor was the pressure I was feeling and the constant pain & cramps I was having in my uterus. This is my 3rd baby so I knew what was happening. I started having braxton hicks and I wasn't worried b/c I know they usually start at 23 weeks to get your body ready for the baby. Well the Dr finally came in and checked me and THANK GOD I wasn't dilated. He starts pressing down on my chest and says well its not gas, and its not acid reflux. Now I start getting worried and think to myself, THEN WHAT IS IT? Apparently I have a pulled muscle around my heart. I'm like HUH?? Umm ok, and how does that happen? No I don't smoke (never did in my life) and no I haven't been coughing. Either way I have come to realize that when I was getting upset and start stressing out, it starts hurting really bad. So they gave me 2 Darvocets and I started to feel pretty good. Nice thing was when the nurse put that velcro strap around my belly she felt the baby kick her hand. Which was the first time anyone besides me felt her kick. So Doctors orders- got to get lots of rest. Which I'm trying to do but I have a job so that does interfere. In fact it's already started this morning, some stupid customer wanting to order gas but knowing good 'N well I'm not giving her any b/c she owes us money had me going this morning. Of course again my chest started hurting again b/c she was screaming getting me all worked up and I screamed right back. I'm at the point now, my child is too precious to deal with this drama so I just hang up in their face. That's what I had to do yesterday. It's rough working in a propane company and try to keep the accounts receivable down when these deadbeats don't want to pay but need gas! The boss says just to hang up but its a little hard when someone is cussing you out. I just get nasty right back b/c I'm not going to deal with it.

3 Comments on A night in Labor & Delivery

trinity - Saturday, 10 Jan
i am glad all was ok. did they say if they were worried about a blood clot in your lungs? being pregnant we are more prone to blood clots. well make sure you rest and take care of your little girl.

meathireland - Saturday, 10 Jan
Work would be soooo much easier if there were no customers hahaha. I know that pain you're feeling. I have had bronchitis for over 2 months now and with all the coughing I have pulled the muscles in my ribs just under my right boob. OOOHHH the pain!!!!!! Hope you feel better soon. xxx

anna28 - Saturday, 10 Jan
I was scared to read your post, i didnt want to read that something was going on with you or the baby, but thak God everything is fine!! You are carrying a precious little girl and theres not much time to go, so even if its hard, try to stay as calm as possible, dont let anything get to you so you dont feel those pains!!!!!!!
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