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18-3-2009 - USELESS NIGHT IN L&D!! FURIOUS & TICKED OFF!My mood while writing this blog:

I tried to write this blog last night. After halfway through the blog didn't save and I was too mad already to write it again. So after a nights rest Im attempting to write it again this morning. Some of my blog is wrote in my last blog but to I'm going to tell it again to bring you up to speed. So last tuesday I'm at my mom's job and Im making copies of some paperwork and as Im going to her desk I started having an out-of-body experience. I slowly started drifting off to the left and fell against the wall. The room was moving and I started really getting scared. I was mute and couldnt get my mom so I tried to manage to walk to her desk and then I started drifting off to the right and was able to fall into a chair. Once I sat down, the room was spinning out of control like I was really drunk. I got scared and started crying and begged my mom to help me. It really freaked me out b/c I had no control over my body's motions. Luckily I had to pick up my wic and I went to the local heath dept so they could check my blood pressure, sugar, & iron. My dr's office is 30 minutes away so we needed to try to see what was going on. My pressure was great, my iron was still low (even after having an iron infusion IV treatment a few weeks ago thats suppose to be good for a year) but they were worried about my sugar b/c it showed 79, and that was 30 minutes after eating. The health dept wouldnt allow me to leave and called my dr. He said to rush to the L&D. The nurse at the health dept wanted to call an ambulance b/c I couldnt leave. I didnt want to be a bother b/c I didnt think it was all that. Im like no thats ok. My mom will just take me. So I had to sign a release form saying that I wouldnt leave by ambulance to cover them, which is totally understandable. I actually end up NOT GOING> the more I thought about it. I just assumed it was really nothing that I couldnt handle. My mom was so furious that I wouldnt go but I convinced her that I was really fine. So I went home, relaxed in the cool air, and ate some fruit hoping that would make my sugar go up. I finally started feeling better by the next day after I rested. OK now that was last week, now the reason why Im venting right now. Last night! A week later! I started getting really sick again. Now I've been having lots of discomforts and pains that have gotten so bad that I can BARELY MOVE! It hurts so bad to walk, stand, or just breathe. I know it just has to be the baby dropping and its probably pregnancy pains. Well when I picked up the boys from school I started getting really really weak. Instead of going back to work like I normally do when I get them from school. I took a detour and went home.The entire way home I kept falling asleep at the wheel and get very dizzy spells and just really couldnt focus. Thank god I live 2 minutes from the school. I had to sit in my car for about 10 minutes trying to get energy to make myself walk in the house. I barely made it in the door and I just crashed on the couch. The next thing I remember is my mom calling me on the phone and she's asking me why did I sound so funny. I've been taking pain meds lately b/c of the dental work that I had done. So she asked if I just took a pain pill. Im like no, I haven't taken anything since last night. She wanted to know why did my tongue sound so heavy like I couldnt even talk. I started getting irritable b/c the only thing that I could think about was closing my eyes and resting. She kept asking me alot of questions that I really dont remember. I was so out of it, I was feeling so weak & tired and I just couldnt function. She kept telling me to call my dr, well Im going to see him thursday and I didnt want to make a fuss so Im thinking whats the use. Im fine, Im just really really tired. So she takes it upon her self to call my dr and talk to one of the nurses. After talking to one of the other dr's assistant in my dr's office she calls back and says get ready Im coming to get you. Apparently the nurse talked to one of the other dr's and said get her to L&D right now. Nurse said that I shouldnt be hurting so bad that I cant even walk and me feeling weak was NOT a good sign b/c of the low iron. Im like mom, no your not coming to get me, Im not going!!! So after arguing with a stubborn mule for over 10 minutes I finally gave in just to make her happy. She comes and picks up me & the boys and drops them off with my dad on our way to L&D. On the way to the hospital I started getting really sharp pains and then I kind of was actually glad for going b/c I've been in tremendous pain and I thought FINALLY I may get to find out what's happening with my body, or so I thought! It only took about 15 minutes to get signed in and get back to the room. I was barely able to walk down that long hallway to reach the nurse's station to give her my paperwork. This nurse (that I thought seemed nice) takes me to a room and starts asking me questions. Right away I knew this was not your average nurse intake.This is how our conversation went: She says, "And exactly why are you here?" I tell her my pains, my low iron & sugar that we were really worried about, and how I cant even walk. She says "And who told you to come?" I tell her that my mom talked to the dr's office and they said to. She says "oh you MUST have just talked to one of the staff" ummm no I believe the assistant asked one of the other dr's. Ok Im started to get aggravated but I let it go. We walk to the bed and she was VERY cold!! I proceeded to tell her what was going on with my body, that I know that I wasn't going into labor, that I thought the baby was dropping, that I've been losing my mucus plug, which she cuts me off and says that doesnt mean anything! Im like huh? I was just telling you whats been going on and just maybe Im dehydrated but im feeling weak like im about to pass out. She cuts me off in mid sentence, says "put on this gown and pee in a cup" Umm ok, so I come back out of the bathroom and she then asks If I've taken child birth classes. I tell her No but this is my 3rd child! She says "hymp, well how far are you dilated". I tell her "ummm I wouldnt know, I dont know how to check myself" Im thinking is this lady for real?!?! She says "Oh the dr hasnt checked you" I tell her NO they dont usually check you till the closer end of pregnancy" She says "oh yes they do!" Im really starting to wonder by now what has my mother gotten me into and I really didnt want to be there anymore. I also started thinking how soon was her shift over! Then she ask if the dr didnt check to see if I was dilated for the reason why I was there. I told her "no I havent seen the dr, I wont see him till thursday" Then says "oh so the dr didnt even see you? you must have just called him!" I said yes thats what I already told you. Then I proceeded to tell her that he wanted me to come in last week b/c of the dizzy spells and falling over and that I just decided to go home and wait it out. Then she says"that was a good idea that you stayed home" Im thinking OMG why is she being this way. So she tells me Im going to call the dr on call and see what she wants me to do with you b/c I really dont understand why your even here." I didnt want her to get the satifaction so I waited till she closed the door and the tears started rolling down my face. I was so hurt and I cried! Never have I ever been treated so badly from ANYONE! As Im crying I started to hear my baby's heartbeat rising up on the monitior pounding louder and louder. I tried so hard to stop thinking about the words she said to me b/c I was afraid she would come back in and see how upset she made me. I waited for my mom to come in and I just tried to calm myself down. My mother walks in the room and I tried to hide it from her. B/C I knew once I started talking about it the tears wouldnt stop. So I tried to act like everything was fine and my mom says amber whats wrong? Im like nothing! She says Oh I know when something is wrong and when something is upsetting you. Now what is wrong? I tried telling her and she said just listened and we waited for the nurse to come back in. Later that night I found out from my mom that she thought that just maybe I was overreacting b/c of the hormones UNTIL she got to see it for herself. The nurse came back in, my mom just sat there quietly (believe it or not lol) and listened to what she had to say UNTIL she got through. The nurse proceeded to tell us that she talked to the dr (which isnt even my dr, its one of the others in his office) and that the dr had no idea why I was even in there. That she didnt know about me coming in and that her staff should have asked HER first if i should have went in. That I shouldnt even be at the L&D. My mom speaks up after being quiet for so long and says OK now right now I want you to test her iron and her sugar! The nurse says Oh by the way the dr doesnt even know about you having an iron infusion IV treatment and she didnt even know about you having a problem with your iron. So then I spoke up, Umm thats b/c she's not my dr, she wouldnt know. Then the nurse says well she's one of the dr's that you see. I proceeded to tell her, no you dont understand! I go to my dr ONLY when I go for my prenatal visits. I only seen her ONCE when I was in my first trimester and I had kidney stones. THE ONLY TIME!! So after all this time, I was quiet, I was patient (something I never am) and I took all the garbage she kept saying to me. What Im writing is EXACTLY how I acted. I was never rude to her or ugly whatsoever. As she proceeded to tell me about how she was going to have to ask my dr if they can do a iron & sugar test. The tears were running down my face and I couldnt hold them back any longer. Still I didnt say nothing more to her. I started taking the monitor off my belly (which other then peeing in a cup thats the only thing she did) and started taking off the cords off my body and I asked her to leave the room so I could get dressed. She says I need you to sign this release form. I told her that I would like for her leave so I could get dressed. She wouldnt so I took my clothes and went to the bathroom so I could have some privacy. While getting ready I could hear my mother barking all these questions at her. I couldnt really hear them b/c I was crying so hard. I walked back in the room, got my shoes on, and told my mother that I was ready to go. The nurse says you need to sign these papers. I looked at her and very proud of myself for not wanting to do what I been wanting to do for the 15 minutes that I was in that room (like slapping her) and told her "Im not signing anything!!" and I walked out and left my mom there so she could handle her and give a few of her thoughts. I stormed out of there, my sister and neice was in the waiting room and my sister gets up and is like what happened? I couldnt even speak, b/c I started hyperventiliating. I wanted to punch that nurse so bad but I just stepped in the elevator instead and walked out to cool off in the parking lot. Well after 20 minutes my mom finally comes out and says well I gave her my 50 cents. This is how their conversation went: The nurse tells my mom that I shouldnt have been so rude to her. My mom says "let me tell you something I was here, not once was my daughter EVER rude to you at any time, in fact you are the one that was so nasty to her. My daughter is hurting so bad, she's very weak and Im worried about her. AND ANOTHER THING I want your name (which was shelby) and if ANYTHING happens to my daughter or my grand daughter, you will be held accountable (she says OH NO I WONT) oh yes you will and another thing when my daughter goes into labor you better not be any where near her or my grandchild, dont go into the room, dont walk past her door, do not assist her in any way b/c I will be here that day and you will not come no where near her or my grand child." Then she says oh i wont! Then my mom says "do you not realize how hard it was to even get her down here to the hospital to get checked?" nurse says "oh yeah she told me that this was YOUR idea" and kind of chuckled about it. The nurse then tells my mom that there is nothing wrong with me and its perfectly normal to feel pain b/c its ONLY braxton hicks and that its perfectly normal to have low iron & sugar and that she should have never brought me down there. Well after talking to my sister, while I was in the room, she told me that before I came out that "TWO" women before me burst out of that door w/ smoke coming out of their ears and fired up mad. She told me both looked as if they were about to have a baby right then and there and apparently the nurses did them the same way that she did me. Well before my mom walked out, apparently that nurse's supervisor walks in the room and ask if there was a problem. The nurse perks up and says oh there is no problem I will tell you later about it. So i told my mom she should've said yes there is a problem and this is what happened. Well I really dont know what to do next. What ever happens now I will let my mother tell it. I THANK GOD that my mom was in there, for most of it as a witness, b/c if not, it would have been her word against mine. I told mom it would be better if she was the one to make the complaint b/c I would just look like the pregnant lady with hormones. So my mother is calling the risk management at the hosp and next she is going to go with me to my dr's appt to also tell him what happened and to find out what went on with this other dr and was it such a problem for me to be seen at the hosp. I left the hosp last night feeling worse then I went in and still dont know whats going on. Is it normal for a hosp to treat you this way? I would have been better off going to the ER (even though they would still just send me to the L&D) it wasnt just about the baby of why I went. I went b/c something is wrong with my body. Im very tired, weak, and drained. I have no energy and I cant even hardly stand more then 3-4 minutes w/o getting exhausted! I've been getting dizzy and fall over when I walk. I was going to a hospital to get myself checked out. They released me w/o even checking my stats. They had me pee in a cup (which she came back so fast im sure that didnt even get checked) and listened to the babys HB. THATS IT!!! Nothing for me. Im the one feeling this, not the baby. I bet anything they would have done more in the ER if I wasnt pregnant. So my confidence has been completely gone to our local hospital. I dont care if Im cut in half. I will not go to the hosp till my water is broke, contractions 2 min apart, and baby coming out, if he doesnt induce before then. I promise I will NOT return!!!

UPDATE: I finally decided to call my doctor. After going to lunch I started getting these really severe pains in my side. The pains that Im feeling I remember them all too well earlier in this pregnancy and 2 years ago. The pain Im talking about is from kidney stones. Im writing on this blog hoping that my pain will subside with my mind off of it. It's going on 3 hrs now w/o stopping or letting up. OMG- I am hurting so bad. I really can't take the pain anymore. I called my dr's office and the poor nurse that answered understood half what I said. I was crying so hard and gritting my teeth from the severity of the pain. Well nurse just called back and said more then likely I do have a kidney stone but when they had me pee in a cup at the hosp they checked and said that I have ANOTHER really bad UTI (again!) so she's calling me in some loricets & some antibiotics for infection and wants me to push the fluids till she can get me into see a urologist to see if I do infact have a kidney stone. Now my mom just called and said the specialist's nurse called her back and said I need to get to L&D right away and have them do a CBC (i think thats what it is called to see what infections are going on with me) and that it seems to my specialist dr that I just might be about to have this baby. OH GOD! I hope not!! Im really getting scared. 3 nurses I talked to at my dr's and the specialist's nurse that my mom talked to ALL said to report this nurse up b/c she should have never treated or talked to me that way AND that she should have NEVER sent me home w/o doing more tests to see what was wrong with me!! I want to know why didnt they do anything for the UTI yesterday since there was supposely nothing wrong with me?!?!?! Well Im having my mom call the specialist back to see if I can just go to the lab corp and have them do the tests b/c I AM NOT going back to the L&D!

Now my mom just talked to the specialist doctor herself and he says it will take a while for my iron to go up and work through my system so by the time I deliver it should be a 11. But he said that if my urine shows up bacteria it didnt have anything to do with the iron (which I knew) and that it will make me feel very weak, tired, no energy, and very very sick and hurt very bad. I've had UTI's all through out this pregnancy and none of them ever got this bad so im pretty sure that its a kidney stone. My mom says honey this baby is going to be so worth it by the time you have her for everything you've went through with this pregnancy. I swear every week its a new symptom going on with my body. Im hurting so bad!

14 Comments on USELESS NIGHT IN L&D!!

oopspregnantagain - Thursday, 19 Mar
She will be Well worth it when it over with :)

hbankich - Thursday, 19 Mar
OMG that nurse was a biotch. Report her, that is no way to treat someone. I hate when you go to the hospital when you are pregnant. They think that everything that is wrong is because you are pregnant. Having sharppains, oh, that is ligament stretching. I am thinkink, how do you know for sure. I have battled UTI this whole pregnancy. It must be a girl thing. I have never hade this problem when I was pregnant with my son. Well keep us posted on what happens.

Mrs T - Wednesday, 18 Mar
It has taken me ages to read all of that! phew but worth it. I had a bad day at the dr's yesterday too. Yours is much worse. I would of slapped that nurse too. Dead set get them to throw the book at her. I hope you get your sugar checked again too. Sounds to me like your sugar may play a big part in making you weak. Don't drive your kids when you feel like that. I know your probably like me and will push yourself just to get home -like me- but as the pot calling the kettle black here its better to pull over and take a nap then push through the traffic and go off the road - even if its only 2mins away I just hope you can try and remember you can't control the uncontrolable. Just try and divert your pain to anxiety of meeting your lil girl. Bub will be fine to deliver anytime soon just focus on getting yourself better and let your mum take over.
It sounds like you have a great mum who is reallly there for you. Your very lucky. Sometimes we have to let our mums do the doing and talking for us to get things moving and done.
Your like me. Stubborn and like to do things your way without bothering anyone in the process. but turns out you really need the help here and mum to the rescue Your so lucky to have her.
I hope all goes better in the next few days and you get the answers you need and medication to make this pregnancy easier. If having bub now is the answer then don't stress she'll be fine and you'll be able to get better quicker too.
Take care!

hmm923 - Wednesday, 18 Mar
I've had kidney infections - when severe UTIs climb up the system. They are really painful, exhausting and miserable. They are also, however, easily treated with antibiotics - although they often want to give you the first dose through IV to help it. The best way to test for a kidney stone is through ultrasound. L&D really is the best way to get that checked. My sister has had kidney stones and said it was more painful than childbirth, so I really hope that isn't what it is.

Again, sending prayers like crazy for you. Please take care.

dizzysue - Wednesday, 18 Mar
sue them!

hope things get better for you!!! i cant stand insensitive people!!!

debdaz85 - Wednesday, 18 Mar
OMG that lady needs a good slap in the face! i cant stand people who act like its an inconvenience just to do their job, its what they are paid for for gods sake.... its not she is there off her own back in her own time, she is getting paid to be there and she CHOSE that profession! i got so mad for you just reading the blog, you poor thing, i would definately follow thru with that complaint!

BBgirl1983 - Wednesday, 18 Mar
I would have slapped her ;)

LizDW - Wednesday, 18 Mar
Wow... I would definately file a formal complaint against her. She didn't even listen to your real symptoms and automatically chalked it up to braxton hicks. Does your dr only deliver at that hospital? I would rather drive 20 more minutes away when I'm in labor just to recieve better care... I hope you talk to your dr about it tomorrow and get stuff straightened out. Maybe your dr can help with the complaint too. Anyway, I hope all goes well from now on. Sorry you had to go through all of that.

hmm923 - Wednesday, 18 Mar
That is NOT how a nurse should treat you and I completely agree that a formal complaint must be filed. It's unbelievable. The mistake that was made from an administrative perspective is that no doctor warned L&D that you were coming - which usually kicks off the processes internally. I'm glad your mom will be with you at the next dr appt to give the office an earful as well. While there, ask for a copy of your latest blood test results - this way if you have to go to the hospital again, you have a piece if paper to throw in their faces.

I hope that today you are resting, eating regularly, and drinking plenty of fluids. Also, make sure you do your kick counts a few times a day. In addition to making you feel better that should provide the dr with useful information. Also, carry snacks with you at all times. if you are hypoglycemic then you need to eat something when you feel your blood sugar dropping.

Don't let this b**** put you off hospitals forever. Most nurses are caring professionals.

In addition to sending you prayers, I'm sending a big hug. Hang in there!

babyboybump - Wednesday, 18 Mar
my heart goes out to u pumpkin these bluddy nurses need a rite ear bashing i tell u, i was in hosp a while ago n da nite nurse was a total scallywag. no 1 deserves wht u went thru. make a formal complaint n get her ass busted xXxXoo hope ur ok now xX

tisha4unow - Wednesday, 18 Mar
wow! I think its a Georgia thing people here are so rude. I have a right to say that because I was born and raised here. I have traveled to many places and never have been treated bad like i have been in my own state. I hope you get justice. You and your mom handled it really well. My mother and I would have gotten arrested. I think you need to take it easy until your next appt. or call your doc.to see if they can see you early. I had a doc that was very rude to me he said I had so much flab on my stomach that he could not measure me. I told him thats strange because the other doc measured just fine maybe you need to go back to school and get more practice! Then I stormed out. I asked for another doc. now when he sees me coming down the hall he some how ducks out the way. which i think is funny. I hope that nurse gets what she deserves.

netties - Wednesday, 18 Mar
sounds like the way the nurses treated me 5 years ago with my first baby. My husband was there and and he didn't believe me about how mean they were to me at first. till he saw it with his own eyes. With my daughter we went to a birthing center for the pregnancy and delivered at the hospital, but my midwife stayed with me the entire time because of what i ent through. its not fair for nurses to treat people like that. you are sick and scared and that is no way to treat anybody. sorry you had such a rough night.

Ali*L - Wednesday, 18 Mar
Holy long blog, batman! That is horrible and I would file a complaint immediately. I cannot believe they would treat you like that...and on top of that, not even be professinal enough to check you out. It is a load of crap and it os great that you have you "non-hormonal" Mom to back you up. I hope you get some justice.

cottonmama - Wednesday, 18 Mar
Oh my gosh! What a horrific experience! That nurse should NOT be working there. People like that make me SO mad! They only care about themselves and it sounds like you are having some serious problems!
What a horrible woman. I really hope that her supervisor does something about it. I hope that you are doing okay.
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