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03-4-2009 - 36 week & Urologist Appt Excited about my progressMy mood while writing this blog:
Excited about my progress

Well I went to the urologist tues about having some possible kidney stones. I had them 2 yrs ago and at the earlier part of this pregnancy. According to him I may still have them since 1st trimester b/c when your pregnant your unable to pass them like you normally would b/c of the location of the baby on your bladder cutting off the tubes and how its only able to be dripped (or something like that). He thinks their just up there floating around and every now & then they may be getting inflammed or irritated so thats prob the reason I've had UTI's for entire "9" (yes i said 9) months, lol. So he is unable to do the necessary x-rays that are needed to get a better view of my kidneys b/c being pregnant. So he says in my case, Im lucky that Im far as long as I am b/c I wont have to wait much longer to have the x-rays b/c she is almost here. Thats what he thinks!! Im not lucky, I've been dealing with this pain for the last 4 months. ha! But they have me taking lorcet for the pain till I deliver. I dont want to over do it so I deal with the pain during the day as much as I can take it and I dont usually take a pain pill till that night to be able to get some rest. For some reason the pain is much more worse at night and I have NO IDEA why! It just is and I take one lorcet every night for the pain to be able to finally get some much needed rest. My mother was with me, (god forbid) and started questioning the dr about me taking these pain meds. I wanted to crawl in a hole and I reminded her that If I didnt take them (at least at night when the pain is the most severe) that I would prob go into preterm labor from the baby stressing due to the pain. THANKFULLY doc was there, listened to what I was telling her, and then confirmed how I WAS RIGHT!! Yeah doc and he was actually impressed that I limit my meds intake to try to make it better on baby but assured her & me that it was safe but at the same time my mom was right that it was going into her blood stream. Thanks alot DR! So then my mom was ok, I TOLD YOU SO! Errrr, so he tells me since i may know for sure when they are going to induce me (or when I find out when they will induce me) to stop taking all pain meds for 3 days before the induction so its completely out of baby's system. Apparently the pain meds will cause respiratory complications on her once she is born if its in her system. Something that i did not need to hear b/c that made matters worse thinking how terrible I am to take anything that can hurt her. He TRIED to assure me thats it ok for right now so now I need to tell the dr what the urologist said so he knows how important it is for me to know in advance when to be induced. Im telling you the pain is so bad & intense that I can barely walk now. I am so miserable and I feel so bad taking the pain meds but Im really trying really hard to ONLY take it when its absolutely nescessary. I take them only when im crying and screaming in pain and just cant deal with it anymore.

Now the 36 wks appt for the reason why Im excited with my progress. At 35 wks I was at a "1". So I went to the dr wednesday (36 wks) and he checked me and I was at a "2" with 50% effacement. He will deliver her (if all goes well) at 38 weeks when Im at a "3" with 75% effacement. So im still hoping the week after Easter. Im going to ask him if he can deliver her the saturday after Easter b/c he will be on call and I can actually use my work days leave with just my little girl and not go into labor using them. I lost a lb, thank god, so Im at a 17 lbs gain but dr says most of that is still in my feet b/c Im still so swelled. I just can't wait for my little girl to get here. We're almost through with her room and last night I ordered her changing table- Its a sleigh cherry colored table (exactly like her sleigh cherry color bed) I just hate that I wont get it till after next wednesday. So I have to wait a week, errrr! But Im praying it gets here before she is because I want her room to be completely done before she graces this world with her presence. Although she won't even be in her room for a while b/c little mama is going to be in a cradle beside mama's side of the bed for the first how ever many months, lol! But at least I can say her room is done and once she is here I am NOT going to want to do anything! Thats why today I been paying bills online all day to be a month ahead B/C I want everything to be done before she gets here. I will not be doing anything but sitting at the house staring in the face of my pretty girl and of course sharing her with her brothers and daddy. Daddy's job will be to take her brothers to school every morning and trying to steal her away from me during the day. I did inform him though when the boys are out of school in the evenings that it OUR time to be with THEM b/c I will not let them feel excluded! Im sure the newness of the baby sister they will want to spend their time with her and not us, lol!

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