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31-7-2009 - gemmas 1st holiday happy 2 be homeMy mood while writing this blog:
happy 2 be home


i just got back from holidays and must say i have missed each and everyone of u like absoloute crazy i just cant live with out my ladys :)so a few of u have been asking how my trip went so i thought id update u on how things went

well 80% of my trip was fantastic the views on the way to and from bairnsdale were breathtaking and it makes me feel really thankfull for my eyesight, there were some georgous creeks ,valleys and mountains with just the most amazing views, on the way up there i got a nice suprise to find out we were going over mt hotham which has snow on it this time of yr, now i know most of u out there are thinking wow snow big deal lol but it was for me i have always wanted to see the snow and feel it as we were getting closer to the mountains i was saying " wow its just beautifull" i was wiggling in my seat trying to get a better view lol i was like a child with my dream coming true

of course when we actually got into the snow i just had to get out and have my picture taken with some i thought wow this is a first for me and gemma so had to get some pics for her, garry was my main photographer snapping pics as we drove up the mountains :) we also took gemma to the beach she shared some hot chips with the seagulls but got scared when they flew away poor lil girl, it was a miserable cold and windy day so gemma wasnt in the best of moods she did however get some shell and have a quick play in the sand before we left


strollers and the beach dont mix u cant push on sand lmao we caught the bus to the beach and had her stroller so we were dragging it in the sand lol so not good i dont know how u lovely ladies do it i was carrying gemma while garry dragged it, it really drove me mad but i laugh at it now

i also was walking past a photographers who does the hand and feet casts in 18ct gold which also included a professinal photo shoot and it came framed with a plaque it was $350, i cant remember her hands as a baby so to have her hands and feet at 6 months of age that size forever is gonna be amazing and something i will surely treasure, the photgrapers all feel in love with gemma especially 1 who keeped picking her up saying "how are u my beautifull" and was always playing with her and making her laugh it was fantastic we spent 4 hours total in there, 2 days later i went in to pay for the hands and feet and out of the blur the gave us a free photo shoot of gemma in a winter wonderland WOW they are amazing ppl we are keeping in contact i think this is a start of a great friendship

i could talk about the trip forever ladys so i just broke it down for u, the other 20% of the trip breaks my heart just thinking of it so pls excuse me for not sharing atm

i will be doing another blog adding pics since the last time i tryed it i wiped all my writing out lol so pls feel free to have a look

thanks for reading hope all is well

tash and gemma xxxxxx

5 Comments on gemmas 1st holiday

vicki--mommy of 4 - Monday, 3 Aug
Glad you and gemma had a great trip, sorry about the other 20%

ready4mygirl - Friday, 31 Jul
Wow Tash your trip sounded absolutely amazing. I am glad that you had a great time. I would love to see pics. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Austraila. I am sure it is so beautiful there.

lemonysickness - Friday, 31 Jul
Wow never seen snow? And then in the same day going to the beach? Nice! My cousin lived in Florida his whole life and he came up for Christmas and as soon as he stepped out of the car for the first time he slipped on ice and landed on his bum. xD And Gemma letting a stranger hold her? My LO has horrible stranger anxiety and if someone she doesn't know even sits next to her while in my lap she will burst into tears lol. I'm glad your trip went well!

baby[bump]mama - Friday, 31 Jul
oh i would so do that hand and feet casting...i tried with riley and i failed at it. well he didn't wanna coperate! lol sounds like you had fun!

jenadamandbaby - Friday, 31 Jul
it sounds like such a great time!!! i can't wait to see pictures! i'm glad you took pictures with the snow and HOW COOL about the phootshoot and the gold casts...put up pictures of that too!!!! i want to see! :o)
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