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16-8-2009 - Dear Fairy God Mother wishfullMy mood while writing this blog:

Dear Fairy God Mother

i am kinda new to this so ill start by indroducing myself well my name is tash and im in desperate need of a wish, can i start by saying how much of a good girl i have been the last few yrs and i do promise i will remain this way if my wish is granted ( and even if it isnt )

so im writing u this letter in hopes that u will be able to grant my wish of $4000 see dear godmother i would love a new well second hand car and i have found 1 i would like its a 2000 model holden commdore and its sporty and just GEORGOUS as well as safe and big enough for me to carry my daughter around with ease

i have given my daughter a genrous bank account which i do not want to touch and just for those who have been telling me to HELL NO so im asking for a little in return i promise i will pay u back as soon as i sell my other car and in fortnightly installments

pls godmother hear this wish and grant it

ummmm since im knew fairy god mother i would like to ask just a few more things, pls bless my dear friends with bfps and healthy babies. pls help infertile couples find easy and affordable ways to have a family of there own. pls also stop the war and feed the hungary pls heal the ppl who are hurting and send extra love to tose who need it

but if u can only do 1 of these things pls do the list as above and forget the car

forever gratefull


LADIES: u proberly think im a lil crazy but im not just hopefull and thought i would write it down cause u just neva know :)

have a great day xoxoxoxoxox

7 Comments on Dear Fairy God Mother

vicki--mommy of 4 - Tuesday, 18 Aug
I hope all your wishes and dreams come true hun! Sending up prayers that you get the car you want. Take care hun!

ready4mygirl - Monday, 17 Aug
I sure hope your wishes come true and if anyone deserves it ... you do Tash. You are a great person and friend!!! ((HUGS))

baby[bump]mama - Monday, 17 Aug
good luck...i hope your wishes come true.

sam-4-bob - Monday, 17 Aug
Your far from crazy hunni xx hope your wishes come thru for you and your family xxxx

helenwantsabub - Sunday, 16 Aug
lol, i hear you on that, plz fairy god mother, make all our wishes come true, for all of us whoa re trying and love to geta bfp and bless those who been having trouble for bfp, heal the world and make it a better place (lol, quote from mj song) for theres been enough teaqrs and blood shed and we need to see a fresh brighter look on the world but a car is something but everyone all needs a wish to come true...

JuggaletteMommy2anAngel - Sunday, 16 Aug
this is really cool...i thought about doing a blog with something like this in it but i thought people would think i am crazy lol....so pls fairy god mother or father or whom ever pls let gemmasmummy's wishes come true....but good luck and hope this works for all of us....ttyl

lemonysickness - Sunday, 16 Aug
I hope all your wishes come true!
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