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03-2-2012 - Midwifery ImprovingMy mood while writing this blog:

I wanted to write about my experience with a midwife clinic, in case anyone is considering a change. When I became pregnant this past October, I decided to move from my Ob/Gyn to a midwife practice (the clinic I chose has 4 midwives). My Ob/Gyn was very knowledgable, though she was very clinical and had very little extra time for questions. When I was pregnant with my DD, I literally had to chase her to get my questions answered. I was hoping for something a little more this time around. The midwives I chose deliver in the same hospital I delivered at before (which I loved)...they aren't the type of midwives that deliver at a birthing center or your home. The ladies are actually registered nurses and hold master's degrees in midwifery.

When I was told that my baby had holoprosencephaly and would not survive, the midwife (Lauren) was so patient and calming. She followed up with us each day after that, helped to get the appointment with the specialist the following day expidited, gave me her cell # in case I needed it (which I did call once), set everything up at the hospital for the delivery (including hand selecting the most awesome nurse to attend to me), and even wrote a horrible letter the hospital's ethics committee was requiring me to write before the delivery could be done. The day after the delivery, she came to my hospital room and chatted for almost an hour.

The day of the delivery, my midwife was Pam. Before any new procedure started, she asked me if I was ready. I usually needed a few minutes to prepare myself and she always told me she would start only when I was ready. I had a prayer service with the hospital chaplain before procedures started and Pam stayed to participate. For the delivery, Pam sat on my bed...with no protective gear other than gloves (I'm positive my Ob would have had the entire hazmat outfit on). After the baby was delivered, she not only stayed for the baptim, but she also participated.

I had a two-week follow-up visit yesterday at 4:30. Both Pam and Lauren came in to see me and spent almost two hours with me. We talked, we cried, we laughed. They are truly amazing people and I don't think I could have made it through this experience the way I did without their gentle spirits.

The reason to my ramblings is if you are considering a change, I would highly recommend it. I'm so, so happy I did! Everyone I know that's worked with midwives has always had such positive things to say.

4 Comments on Midwifery

dmayala - Friday, 30 Mar
hi i was reading your blog and I was wondering do midwives take high risk patients? and what hospital do your midwives deliver?

lil.pigz - Friday, 3 Feb
That is wonderful you had such awesome women to help you through this. I think a lot of Dr's and hospitals in general take these situations for granted and don't stop to realize the impact a caring soul has on a family during a loss. It makes all of the difference in the world. ((hugs))

damnkat - Friday, 3 Feb
Midwives are always much more understanding and personal than an ob/gyn. They are two people you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life xoxoxo

alicia-n-baby - Friday, 3 Feb
Jen – That is awesome! I am so glad they were there to help you every step of the way!
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