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hayley bubs
Age: 31
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30-8-2009 - in love with my baby boy happy and tired !! My mood while writing this blog:
happy and tired !!

hello there everyone !! well last time i wrote a blog brayden was still growing in my belly !! how mad is that ?? he is 2 months old now and weighs 13 pounds 6 my little darling
i still have to write my birth story , its quite a long one it ended up being a emergency c section but all is well

brayden thomas is absolutly gorgeous we love him so much , he is smiling so much and is trying to talk to us so hard bless him , he loves his baths and milk !! he is drinking between 7 to 8 oz every 3 hrs he drinks so much .
he fights his sleep so badly at night he screams and screams untill he finally gives in which is about half 9 half 10
then wakes between 6 or 7 but this morning he woke up at 4 i waited to see if would go off but no he was thirsty he he

he suffers so badly from wind and colic which this drops 11.99!! will hopefully help him poor little mite .

i tell you something routine is so important !! if you do something different then you have to start all over again with your baby lol and you have to be organised , im really the opposite to being organised but since having brayden i have learned that you really have to be because you wont get anywhere .
some mornings i cant even get out till gone midday , when he was first born it was so easy when they get older i have realised its more difficult but im getting there :)

hope your all well
love hayley and cuddles from brayden xxxxxx

p.s good luck to minkymoo !! you will be cuddling your baby so soon xxxxxx

1 Comments on in love with my baby boy

steph mom of 3 beauties x - Sunday, 30 Aug
Awww Hayley lovely to read a blog from you at last!! haha! if i hadn't of kept in the know with you on Facebook then i would of thought you dissapeared loool! Anyway i knnow exactly how you mean they are soo cute at this stage aren't they and they amaze you more and more each day!! Aww theres always something new its lovely! How they try and talk to you and giggle and smile all the time and the key is now they are soo nosey in the day wanting to explore with their eyes and wanna play with you! Danyal is fixated on the t.v bless him and loved the toys at the baby club the ither day bless him! i loved him as a newborn but he is much cuter and more interesting now if you know what i mean he surprises me every day! its soo cute!i know exactly what you mean about the routine gotta fiqure one fast for when my daughter goes back to school next week as i don't wanna be feeding him when its time to go out to take her to school! theres days when i can't get out the house until midday too and im checking and re-checking the nappy bag making sure ive got everything!! aww its wonderful though in a crazy way glad your soo happy though he sounds soo good! and putting on weight great! love steph xx
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