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hayley bubs
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29-9-2010 - hosp appointment okMy mood while writing this blog:

hi everyone , been a little while since i spoke to you all so yesterday i had a appointment at the hospital concerning my umbillical hernia he felt it and confirmed that it was a hernia but not complicated , he said that i can have it corrected through surgery , i said to him that me ans my partner are ttc and he said well with everything in like there is always a risk . during pregnancy the hernia can become lager in size and painful and there is a risk of stranglation which would require emergency surgery .

so i said well at the time being i could be pregnant already , and wouldnt know and dont know till the middle ish of next month so if we are pregnant then to take the risk or not pregnant then to have the op which will be in 4 to 6 weeks time .

so now we are stopping ttc till after the op and if im pregnant already just got to hope for the best . as the doctor said you could be absolutly fine during the pregnancy but as always there is always a risk .

one thing i learnt in life since the loss of our 2nd baby is that your not in control , and if im meant to be pregnant now then i will go through with it, if im not meant to be pregant now then we will wait till after surgery .

which is also a 6 weeks recovery after the surgery , which im actully rather nervous about !

on another note my beautiful baby boy is 15 months and just wonderful he has swimming lessons each week and has learnt how to walk a couple of weeks back :)

love him so much

hope this blog finds you all well love hayley and braydenxx

6 Comments on hosp appointment

katekins - Sunday, 3 Oct
Good luck with the surgery hopefully it will all go smoothly and then you can look forward to ttc again x

Mummy-to-two-girls - Thursday, 30 Sep
Yah for brayden walking.. aww bless him. Well thats a pain that you cant really Ttc whilst your waiting for your op, because of the risks, but on the other hand if its whats best for you and the little one growing inside of you then im wishing you a very speedy recovery. Like steph said maybe your already pregnant. Well look after yourself and all the best for your op. Take care x x x x

bumpalumpa (julie) - Wednesday, 29 Sep
Hi. I hope everything works out for you. If you are already pregnant i wish you all the best but if not i hope you get your little one on the way as soon as your surgery/recovery is over. I fell pregnant (with IVF) one week after laparoscopic surgery when recovery should have been 6 weeks. I think its more for the patient rather than risk to baby or mother stating recovery times. Everyone is different.

steph mom of 3 beauties x - Wednesday, 29 Sep
Awww hun, what a pain! But i suppose your right it is best to wait i can see that, but it must be so frustrating! Im hoping your already pregnant secretly hehe! Anyway all the best, as you say if it's gonna happen it will happen when you least expect it! take care hun x x x

hayley-france - Wednesday, 29 Sep
Good luck! xx

1Day - Wednesday, 29 Sep
Hope everything turns out well.
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