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hayley bubs
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22-1-2011 - Braydens eating habits frustratedMy mood while writing this blog:

Hi everyone , hope this message finds you all well

im needing some advice on for my 18 month old son Brayden , basically he is being a right pickle eating just before christmas he had a virus , he was poorly for 3 weeks not eating anything apart from yogurt and warm milk . when he got better he was eating brilliantly :

porridge for breakfast , oranges , blueberries , grapes , etc then he come down with chicken pox and now has yet another cold and has decided he does not want any of the food listed above , so many dinners im making im having to throw away , im getting so frustrated . he just will not eat ! im not giving into him and feeding him choc and crisps . he so far today has had half a banana and some crackers , and a slice of granary toast (well he ate half of it )

thing is what do i do when he point blank does not want his dinner ? send him to bed hungry?!! , i dont want to do this ? but neither do i want him to think its ok to throw my dinner mummy made me on the floor because she will make me something else , i dont want to let him think thats ok .

im really stuck here , please help xx

5 Comments on Braydens eating habits

katekins - Wednesday, 26 Jan
I had a couple of weeks after Aimee was poorly where food was an issue. I persisted with healthy meals, completely cut out treats and kept up the fluids. I increased milk as she needs some substance but i wouldnt give her any treats unless shed eaten some healthy food and i still dont. Try putting a really small amount of food and increasing it over time. Sometimes a large amount can seem daunting and when they are full food is just a play thing to them. Dont let it worry you too much, he will eat when hes hungry and at his age too he can afford to go without food a bit more than say a 3 month old. My doctor told me kids are like animals where food is concerned - they eat for necessity rather than enjoyment like adults do. Its suprising how little they actually need. Your doing the right thing persisting, all id suggest is stick to meal times so he doesnt think food will be offered whenever and i certainly wouldnt advise giving food at night as i think that would create more problems. Good luck with it hun x x

bumpalumpa (julie) - Saturday, 22 Jan
Hi. I have a 14 month old and she has been poorly with an ear infection on and off for the last 8 weeks. Shes been on antibiotics 3 times. She seems to improve then lapse, improve then lapse etc. She has always been a good eater but shes a bit off her food now. When we saw the doctor she told us concentrate on fluids. She will eat when she is hungry. Today all she has eaten is a bit of cereal for breakfast, a tiny crumb of malt loaf, a chicken finger and spoonful of mashed potato for dinner, less than half a slice of bread (cheese sandwich) for tea and about 3 spoons of porridge for supper then pushed it away. Shes in bed. Its not punishment - she doesnt want it and she understands that. If she wakes in the night i will take her some food. If not ill try again tomorrow to get her to eat. She will eat when she is hungry. If it goes on for too long theres something else going on. Just keep offering him things. I dont know about you but when ive been ill i dont eat properly straight away. It may just take a bit of time. good luck.

SkyeandNiallsMummy - Saturday, 22 Jan
they all do it skye did and it come to a point i forced it in her mouth and had to do so a few times b4 she realised she wasnt getting away with it, a bit harsh i no but i had to otherwise she wudnt eat x

CORMIER - Saturday, 22 Jan
Mackenzie is going through something similar. She has been getting her 'i" teeth and it seems the thing she might eat is junk food so I had to put an end to her being allowed to have anything remotely junky well trying to get her healthy eating again. We had to get some pediasure which she didn't like and gave her an extra multivitamin a day. She is eating again but not as well and we have to do what Hayley France suggested and just keep offering it. Sometimes she eats it sometimes she doesn't, if they are really hungry they are going to eat eventually.

hayley-france - Saturday, 22 Jan
Hi, I've just been through the same thing with Emma; she had flu a month ago and went from being a fantastic little eater to eating nothing but bananas, baked beans and chocolate. I decided to take the harsh approach; if she refused to eat I'd put the meal in the kitchen and let her out of her high chair. Then I'd try her with the same meal again in about half an hour, if she still refused the meal either went in the bin or in the fridge for later depending on what it was. I'd try her with either the same meal again or something else (not bananas, beans or chocolate though!) at the next meal time or after about an hour of her refusing to eat the second time if she really seemed hungry. Occasionally she'd eat and when she did we didn't make a huge fuss, just told her she was a good girl then gave her a banana or a piece of chocolate for desert. The battle continued for about two weeks and in the end she just realised there was nothing else avaliable until she'd eaten what was in front of her and she's back to eating everything again now. Good luck! xxx
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