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22-5-2009 - 4D ultrasound blessedMy mood while writing this blog:

Today I had my 4d u/s and it was fun seeing the baby, but i wasnt very happy with the u/s tech. First of all, it should have been for 30min and she only did it for like 20 min, then she just kept snapping pictures, which is fine, but she wouldn't hold the probe on my belly long enough to actually watch her move around, which she was doing a lot of at the time. Then the u/s tech asked if i was like 28 weeks along. i was like uh, no, im suppose to be 32 weeks tomorrow. She didnt say anything after that, so then i asked her why she asked that, and if the machine was only measuring me at 28 weeks. She said that they dont do measurements with the elective u/s. then i asked her why she said 28 weeks, and she said she just entered in the wrong date of my last menstrual period. Wouldnt they have all that info since ive been going there for how long now??? So that worried me, of course, because that is like 4 weeks less. So this afternoon i called the phone nurse and told her about it, and asked if i have been measuring right on time at my prenatal visits, and she said yes. She said actually at my 28 week appt. i was measuring 29 weeks. thank goodness! I just think the u/s tech didnt act very professional, and she seemed like she was rushing! At least i got some pics of my baby girl! Oh yea, she IS still a girl! lol

4 Comments on 4D ultrasound

Diegirl - Saturday, 23 May
I'm sorry to hear your u/s experience wasn't so great. When I had a bad tech at my 13 week u/s I mentioned it to my OB at my next appt. and she doesn't send me to that site anymore. Glad to hear she is still a girl!!!

hayley-france - Saturday, 23 May
:-z She sounds a bit "rubbish!" (Putting it politely) lol.

The one I had at my 28 week U/S was a bit like that, but other than that I've been lucky so far and had really nice friendly ones.. x

mommylove09 - Friday, 22 May
I am actually switching hospitals where I get my scans - the tech was so unprofessional, acting pissed off and yelling at my baby b/c she was not cooperating. She was jiggling my belly with the probe for an HOUR - I was like "hello, you are dealing with 2 living beings here - me and my baby - can you NOT keep jiggling?" Oh she was so bitchy and unprofessional. She is a 20 week old fetus - can you not yell at her. She almost had someone take over b/c she was so fed up. I have to go back in 4 weeks and i am going somewhere else b/c I don't want her.
Don't these techs realize they are dealing with fragile little beings and hopeful expectant mommies? Get a grip. Sorry for the rant - your blog just set me off again.....

AlisaB99 - Friday, 22 May
I HATE techs like that! The very first u/s I had done at the specialists office, the tech was the exact same. She hurried through, didn't really say much, and just not professional. Um, hello! This WAS an elective u/s for you, which means you are paying for it and deserve to have the best experience possible! It just sucks that you had to go through all that, but it's awsome that you got to see your little girl anyway.
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