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02-7-2009 - csection in 1 week scaredMy mood while writing this blog:

My csection is in 7 days, and i cant believe it! I am so scared though that something will happen b/c the last csection I had, I got some type of infection and had to stay in the hospital longer. Im afraid it will happen again or something worse. Im sure Im just worrying too much. Anyone else paranoid about their upcoming deliveries? I think what if I die? I know thats extreme.

Then, my MIL thinks she can be there for the entire time of them prepping me for my csection. We have to be there at 5:30am and csection is scheduled for 7:30am. I dont want her in my room when they are asking me personal questions, shaving me, putting in the iv's, etc. I'm not close to her and dont feel comfortable with her there. I think she is being nosy! I dont know how anyone else feels about their MIL's, but mine gets on my nerves! The funny thing is, we invited her to a 4D u/s we were going to do, and she wasnt sure if she wanted to come or not b/c she felt that it was an "intimate" thing. And having a baby isn't??? Also, she is way early for everything, so i can see her sitting in the parking lot waiting for hubby and i to arrive at the hospital! Ugh!

I work monday and tuesday next week and then im done! I cant wait! Hope everyone has a good weekend! Im getting a manicure and pedicure tomorrow. I havent had one in forever!

4 Comments on csection in 1 week

soon2bemamaof4 - Monday, 6 Jul
Wow--good luck! :o) I hope things go better for you this time. They probably will, just try to stay positive. As for the MIL, just tell her that you don't want her to take it the wrong way but you would prefer to just have you and hubby there for the birth. OR you could even ask the hospital to tell a fib for you and tell her they only allow one other person in the room during that time. Good luck and hope all goes well!!

Dana-Tx - Friday, 3 Jul
I am scared to death about how delivery will go for me too. I think it's normal to have those thoughts...just remember that the doctors/nurses are professionals with a ton of experience. Everything will be okay. I'm so happy for you and your family. That's awesome...only one more week! As far as the MIL situation goes, I know what you mean! You should just be honest with her and let her know that you really want to share this time with your husband, and just your husband. If she can't understand that, then she needs to grow up and doesn't deserve to share this experience with you anyway. You didn't marry her...sometimes MILs forget that! I wish you the best of luck. Looking forward to reading your birth story...and don't worry (easier said than done). Everything will be fine! =)

Diegirl - Thursday, 2 Jul
I am feeling the same away about my delivery. Scared of dying... I don't whats gotten into me. Enjoy your pedi and mani!

kylaleigh - Thursday, 2 Jul
I feel the same way about my c-section too and this is my 3rd also. I also will be telling the MIL that I really want some privacy when getting prepped bc i tend to get sick after the spinal! so I really hope she respects that and doesnt make me have to be rude LOl good luck girl! soooo exciting!
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