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06-7-2009 - anxious happyMy mood while writing this blog:

So there is only 3 more days till my baby girl arrives, and I only have 1 more day of work! YAY! I cant wait to have 8 weeks off with my family, especially in the summer months! So, hubby told his mom not to come to the hospital until later in the morning so DH and I can have some alone and bonding time with our new baby. I asked if she was mad and he told me not to worry about it, so whatever that means! OH Well! If she is mad about it, then so be it, but she didnt help make the baby! lol

We had a super busy weekend. On friday, i got a manicure and pedicure, then DH and I took our boys to the zoo. They loved it! We were there 5 hrs, and usually it only takes about 2 if you dont ride rides, but it was sooo busy! i think everyone had the day off and had the same idea we did. The weather was perfect, at only 80 degrees and humidity low, so i wasnt suffering too much! Then we went to my parents house on Saturday, and it sprinkled all day. Not bad enough to keep us indoors though, and all the kids had a blast with their cousins. My baby will make the 8th grandchild, and out of 8 she is only going to be the 2nd girl! And all the boys are within 3yrs apart except one who is 11, but they all play rough and hard together! Then on Sunday, I went to the movies with 2 of my friends and saw the movie "The Proposal". It was a cute movie and i would recommend seeing it. Then I spent the rest of the day at home. I had to work today and I work tomorrow, then on Wednesday, I have a dr. appt and have to finish up some last minute things before baby arrives thurs. morning. so the next couple of days will go fast!

I will let everyone know how it went after baby arrives! Oh, I've kept a secret since March and I cant wait to reveal it to my mom on Thurs. We are using her middle name for our baby and she doesnt know it! Im super excited to see her reaction! Im not good at keeping secrets, so I'm proud of myself!

4 Comments on anxious

hayley-france - Monday, 6 Jul
Glad everything got sorted with the mother-in-law!

Three days, wow! You must be so excited...I have 8 left till my due date and I can't wait (even though I know I might go over!) Must be brilliant to KNOW that you only have 3 days left! :)

Don't know how you American ladies do it with the working till full term thing though! :o\ Here we get 52 weeks off work and can start maternity leave as early as week 30 if we want...I've been off work since week 24 because of complications with the pregnancy and, honestly, I'm SO glad of it...I couldn't bear to still be at work now!


AidensMom6176 - Monday, 6 Jul
i'm sure you are so excited!! my due date's the 23 and it's driving me crazy just waiting for her to get here!

mommylove09 - Monday, 6 Jul
Hi! You are so lucky - at the home stretch. I have 95 days to go - it seems like eternity. You are good - I told the whole world the sex the minute I found out. This is my first though.
I am taking a month off b4 the baby comes! I can't believe you are working so late in the pregnancy. You are a better woman than I am. =)
Good luck - what is the baby's name? Please keep us posted.

Diegirl - Monday, 6 Jul
You are so lucky. I still have 12 shifts left and 3 to 4 weeks until baby's arrival. I hope all goes well and can't wait to see pics!
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