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21-12-2008 - OWCH!!!!! SoreMy mood while writing this blog:

So I'm now 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant and as if that isn't uncomfortable enough and I dont have the thought of labour ahead of me to be nervous about but I've got what is known as a Batholin Gland Cyst and if you dont know what that is...then the best way I can explain it is that its like having something the size of a ping pong ball inside the lips of your vagina and its painful...sometimes its alright, but yesterday I could hardly walk. And then today I decided to do a bit of maintanance down stairs, so I put some hair removal creme (yes it was that bad i could actually use hair removal cream haha) Then I asked my dear boyfriend to shave the parts I missed. Unfortunately, men obviously know nothing about shaving coshe cut me down near where my cyst is which stings like a fucking bitch!!! (sorry for the language but god it hurts, everytime I pee its like toture!) So now I'm really scared about giving birth since it already hurts like hell down there right now I can't imagine the pain of a baby coming out!!! I thought I'd been pretty lucky with everything this pregnancy but now its like everythings going wrong in the last week!! I wish this stupid cyst would go away, it doesnt affect giving birth or anything it just hurts and she said it would most likely burst. I'm on antibiotics at the moment to try and make it go away I'm praying that it works soon or bursts! I looked at it in the mirror and its gotten pretty big :( I swear being pregnant has made me more susceptable to everything unpleasant downstairs....I can't wait to have my immune system back haha. I guess thats all I wanted to winge about....I'm feeling pretty much over EVERYTHING right now. I can't wait to meet my baby girl but I wish I didn't have so many problems down there. I guess a bit of extra pain isn't going to make a difference *sigh*


Hope u have a great Christmas!!!


4 Comments on OWCH!!!!!

annas-momma - Friday, 26 Dec
AH! OUCH! That really sounds like it hurts. And yes, labor will hurt more. But you know what? At least out of labor you get your BABY! What do you get from a vagina cyst and a boyfriend who can't shave your hoo-hoo? Just plain old pain. Hang in there! Not too much longer to go!!

riknlee - Monday, 22 Dec
After giving birth to a 3.99kg baby I can tell you it does hurt. I felt a ring of fire - just try whatever you do not to get stitches - if you think you are in pain now, try dealing with stitches healing. There is a lot of scar tissue and takes ages to heal. After my first when I had to have stitches, I vowed never again and I didnt have them. good luck with the birth, ps I am in Melbourne!!!!!!!!!!!

trixie369 - Monday, 22 Dec
OH, I was going to tell you how to get by with the stingy pee pee. The hospital gave me a squirt bottle to fill of cool or warm water to spray while I am taking a pee. Just go to the store and get a small bottle that that you can squeeze and spray. You know, an disposable enema or douche bottle should do the trick as well.

trixie369 - Monday, 22 Dec
OWWW! That really sucks. But don't fret because you won't be feeling or thinking about that when you are pushing your little angel out. I bet it will get better before you even go into labor. You look awesome though. Oh and I know about stingy pee pee! I'm having that problem at the moment. I am also still pissing myself everytime I take my panties off. It's like an immediet reaction. Yea, having your boyfriend try and shave you down there isn't the best idea. They are already nervous and don't really know which way the hair grows down there.
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