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05-4-2010 - Update (with pictures) relaxedMy mood while writing this blog:

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a very HAPPY EASTER :) and didn't eat too many eggs like I did!

I thought since I hadn't really done much of an update that I would use this spare time I have to say what has been happening and add a few pictures :)

Well I am currently 6 weeks into Semester 1 of University, so far it has been going okay, I have been pretty flat out and exhausted though to be honest, and since I have another 9 weeks to go in total, I wont be getting much rest before the second baby arrives :(

Bonnie has settled into childcare really well, it took about 5 weeks before she finally didn't cry when I left her. Infact, she doesnt even seem to care when I drop her off, so I'm guessing she is loving it. She has done several paitings for me lately which has been very cute. I'm so glad she is having fun!

Here is the first ever painting she did :)

I know I'm biased, but I think she is very talented :)

Bonnie is 15 months now and time has just flown by. I feel sad because I really want to enjoy the time I have with her before the baby comes but since I have university, I get even less time with her than I ever have before. But I try and make the most of it.

We went to the Beach last weekend, since even though it's the middle of Autumn the weather is still hot sometimes and it was perfect Beach weather. Bonnie has only ever been to the beach once at about 7 months but she wasn't crawling and just ate the sand and didnt seemed very impressed. This time she seems a little more into, didnt like the water much but loved her bucket and spade set I brought for her.

Pictures from Coogee Beach

<3 She adores her Dad

This weekend has been good because Chris had Friday and Monday off work, so we had 4 days together as a family and it was nice to not have an other commitments. Although I'm not the biggest fan on weekends with Chris's family, I made the most of the time with Bonnie. She ate a few chocolate eggs but I wasnt really keen on her having too much since she doesn't need to. I hid eggs around the house and also brought her a pram for her dolly which she loves! I have a video of her with her dolly which I will add in this blog :)

Video of Bonnie and her Dolly

Photos from Easter Long Weekend

Hope this wasn't too long and boring for everyone :) It has been such a long time since I've added a few pictures of my family and I that I wanted to make sure I included everything haha

Hope all the mums, bubs and bumps are going well :)

3 Comments on Update (with pictures)

Hippie Mama - Monday, 5 Apr
Kinta- your pics are beautiful, you have a beautiful family!! The beach look gorgous..... and I love Bonnie's art!!

6willbefun - Monday, 5 Apr
U guys r so sweet! what a beautifull family!

annie40 - Monday, 5 Apr
haha great kinta! i love that we just scoot between internet sites, nice story though i really liked it, your still studying nursing? is that right? good on you, i have friends finishing off their uni degrees as young mums but they do it online by distance ed. uni of south oz i think, take care honey xxx anne
Bonnie is almost 18 months and Ollie is 13 days (2010, 06, 23) getting dressed by dad (2009, 04, 30) What do you want? (2009, 04, 30) Another bad photo of me (2009, 04, 30) all of us (2009, 04, 30) Mullet child :P  (2009, 04, 30) 9 weeks, big smiles for mum (2009, 03, 23) 3 weeks old! (2009, 01, 29) Bonnie (left) and my partner Chris as a baby (right) (2009, 02, 03) LOL (2009, 02, 03)  (2009, 02, 03)  (2009, 02, 03) 39 weeks (2008, 12, 21) 38weeks3days (2008, 12, 16) 38 weeks (2008, 12, 13) 38 weeks (front view) (2008, 12, 13) 37 weeks (2008, 12, 10) Click here to see all kinta`s photos

Bonnie-Geddes-Cannon (2009) Ollie-Geddes-Cannon (2010)

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