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kirsty from aus*pink*
Age: 26
Country: Australia
Province/region: South Australia
City: Adelaide
Partner: Brenton
Children: Yes, 2
Pregnant: Not anymore
Occupation: catering assistant
Online: More than 3 months ago
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19-4-2009 - m/s, hiccups and headaches!! not bad!!My mood while writing this blog:
not bad!!

ok so all seems to be going good... im now 8 weeks!! yay, but oh it takes sooooo long. ive only known im pregnant for just over 3 weeks but it feels like ive known for about 6 months!!!

Yesterday i have my first spout of what i thought was morning sickness... i was soo hungry then i got the shakes and went all pale and thought i was gonna throw up or pass out... went and sat near the toilet for a minute then forced myself to eat a vegimite sandwhich just so i had something in my tummy! i felt better after that but later when i went to bed i felt a bit yuck again.. today i feel ok just not 100% and i have a headache and keep getting the hiccups but only for a little while but i get them about 5/6 times a day. Does anyone else get them alot???

I have my first appt on the 27th of april and im sooooooo excited.. i have no idea what to expect but apparently its the longest appt and i need to know alot about my medical history and my boyfriends aswell. (im taking my mum cos she knows all my history!!! is that sad??!!)

Hope everyone is doing well!!! talk soon

2 Comments on m/s, hiccups and headaches!!

baby bake oven - Wednesday, 22 Apr
I have to eat every couple hours or I feel awful. But I do tend to get the hiccups a lot! At my first appt I had a regular exam and an u/s to confirm the date of pregnancy. I had to go back a week later to do my history and it was not such a nice appt. I hope yours is better! She was rude, seemed annoyed andjust threw a whole bunch of paperwork at me with all these appointments I needed to make. Then gave me a "care package" and sent me on my way with my head spinning! Other than that all of my monthly appointments have been great though so I hope all of yours are pleasant!

mylittleworld - Monday, 20 Apr
Actually that's weird you mentioned the hiccups because i do get them a lot too..not five or six times a day but i would say atleast twice lol...i had my first apt. about two weeks ago and if its the same for you all they do is a lot of paperwork and ask what kinds of tests you want done and stuff like that..i also had some blood work done that day...well a couple days later i started bleeding not just a little but almost like a period and it really scared me...my ultrasound got bumped up to the day after to make sure everything was alright and trust me if you don't quite feel "pregnant" yet or it just seems so unreal...the very first time you see a little heart beating inside your belly its the most amazing thing...so turns out everything was fine and it could have been caused by a number of things...my next ultrasound is theis friday i'm so excited! Anyway sorry I'm rambling on but i hope your appointment goes well! :) let me know!
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