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kirsty from aus*pink*
Age: 26
Country: Australia
Province/region: South Australia
City: Adelaide
Partner: Brenton
Children: Yes, 2
Pregnant: Not anymore
Occupation: catering assistant
Online: More than 3 months ago
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06-6-2009 - pissed off emotionalMy mood while writing this blog:

Im Gonna vent again... (its all i seem to be doing)

Today my parnter and i went to Ikea just to have a look around ( and i was hoping to convince him to let me buy some baby furniture like a wardrobe or a chest of drawers) I pointed out the type that i like and they were only about $500 for a wooden wardrobe and chest of drawer set which i think is really decent, and seeing as my mum is buying my pram and change table and my dad and step mum are buying my cot i dont really see $500 as much to spend. I mean after that all we have to get is a baby seat and the essentials (clothing blankets bottles pacifiers etc) and we will get alot of that at my baby shower. But no, Brenton says we dont need to buy any wardrobes cos we have an old one at home and we prob wont need a chest of drawers cos im sure "we can scrounge one up from somewhere"... it really upset me... Im already getting my baby clothes from other people who are no longer in need of them and i just feel like im not gonna get anything new for my baby.. and i really want to. and i know that there are so many other people out there who have nothing for their babies but i cant help but feel that im gonna have "a seconhand baby"

anyway 15 weeks today and i thought the emotions were supposed to level themselves out by noe... well guess what? they havent...ive been so up and down all day and i have to go to work tonight and pretend like im not even pregnant... luckily im a bigger girl so you cant see anything yet even though i wish you could see that im pregnant....grrr i really need to snap out this mood!! sorry ill stop now im probably depressing everyone who reads this.

4 Comments on pissed off

3blessings - Sunday, 7 Jun
Hi there! I kinda understand how you feel a little bit. With our 1st DD, my DH and I went all out with her room, furniture, etc. But since #2 is coming and our daughters will be sharing a room I feel like I am missing out on decorating another nursery and that Ryleigh will be getting all of Mackenzie's hand-me-down clothes. Kinda depressing, I know! But I did make DH buy the matching crib to the existing furniture set, which was $500, but ohh well. Since you are only 15 weeks do you think you could manage to save up the $500 between now and when baby comes? This way you can still get the crib you want! Not sure what your financial situation is, but it's worth a shot!

kirsty from aus*pink* - Sunday, 7 Jun
Thanks girls, you make me feel better already!!! I think i will have to have a proper sit down chat with him and just explain how i feel...Thanks again...xoxx

♥Always - Sunday, 7 Jun
Oh hun! From what i have heard the emotions will always be there! Men just don't think about things the way we do (which suxs at the best of times). It is hard to understand the whole nesting thing! Maybe just explain that this is just something that you need to do! LIke putting you final touches on things and making things perfect! Explain that this is your first baby and these are all normal things to want. Chin up! it will work out ;)

bluejeans - Sunday, 7 Jun
I am bigger too but out of nowhere at 7 months I popped out and wished I hadnt!
I brought a new tallboy each for my kids and some of my family members where telling me not to buy them. But I explained yeah I could find others ones but when you buy them new there last for so long maybe you could try that angle with your partner. Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy.
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