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kirsty from aus*pink*
Age: 26
Country: Australia
Province/region: South Australia
City: Adelaide
Partner: Brenton
Children: Yes, 2
Pregnant: Not anymore
Occupation: catering assistant
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14-6-2010 - its been soooo long happyMy mood while writing this blog:

SO!! i just thought i would check in with you all as its been about 7 months since my last blog!! OOOPS!!

Time sure does fly when your having fun... Max is now 7 months old. i cant believe it, it has gone way to fast.. it feels like it was only yesterday that i had him..

He is unbeliveable, he is sitting up all by himself and he is just such a contented baby. He bables to himself and all it takes for him to laugh is for someone to look at him.

We had some trouble in the begining as he wasnt gaining weight on my breast milk alone so we introduced formula and he took off. Now he cant get enough solids and loves trying new things. he has 3 meals a day and 3 bottles.

He got his first tooth (bottom right) at 5 months and it broke through on easter sunday so it was a nice surprise for us.. It also explains the MASSIVE temper tantrum and non stop crying for 3 hours the day before, and it didnt help that we were camping in a caravan park at the time so the whole park could hear him, luckily it was during the day. the second (bottom left) came through without too much hassle the following wee, altough he did get a cold during this time. His top right has only just broke the gums yesterday and he has been in a bit of of pain from the , but with the help of some baby panadole and bomjela we have been able to handle it pretty well, but again he has a horible cold with a nasty wheezy cough ( do i spot a trend happening? Teething = colds?)

He started rolling at 4 months and sitting at 6 so maybe we will have crawling by 8? lets hope so (or maybe he can take his time with the crawling)

Me on the other hand, i loooooooooove mother hood. i started back at work when max was 4 months just for 2 days a week. the hardest part was i didnt really want Max to go to child care both days so when Brentons mum offered to have him on the tuesday i took her up on it,. the only problem was she lives an hour away and i only work 5 mins away and start at 8 in the morning so the only real solution was to have him stay there on a monday night.. at first it broke my heart and i would cry the whole way home after dropping him, but now. after seeing how he reacts when he sees his granny when i drop him of and seeing how he reacts when he sees my face when i pick him up makes it all worth it.. i get most of the things i nee done on a tuesday when he is with her and granny gets her "granny time" and on monday nights Brenton and i can have our time and go and see a movie or have an uniteraupted dinner. Now im up to 3-4 1/2 days at work and max loves his 1/2 days at child care and they love him (he is the youngest there so the spoil him)

Ive decided im going to get back into the whole blogging and updating you all on our lives. only read if you want to and please feel free to comment and let me know what you think!!! sorry its so long and i want to let you all know that even though i havent commented or blogged in ages i do still read all your updates... love to you all!!

1 Comments on its been soooo long

♥Always - Monday, 14 Jun
So good to hear from you sweetie! xo! OMG 7 months already!!!!!Our babies are not going to be babies for much longer :-( Sounds like you and little Max are going great guns ;-) Good to have you back hun!
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