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kirsty from aus*pink*
Age: 26
Country: Australia
Province/region: South Australia
City: Adelaide
Partner: Brenton
Children: Yes, 2
Pregnant: Not anymore
Occupation: catering assistant
Online: More than 3 months ago
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21-8-2011 - first hospital appt - 11 weeks goodMy mood while writing this blog:


Just wanted to let you know how my first hospital appt went this morning. The midwife was lovely, they told me they were putting me as "high risk" due to having pre-eclampsia and also being a bigger girl with a family history of diabetes. So they booked me in for my NT scan with bloodwork on monday at 2 (yay) then on the 5th of sept im having an early glucose tolerence test and then on the 14th sept i have a review of both with the hig risk doctors. they have also booked my morphology scan for 20 weeks on the 24th of october. so its all happening now!!

They gave me my "little orange book" which here in Aus, every one gets and it holds all your records for this pregnancy. they encourage you to carry it with you in your handbag for just in case something happens and you have to be taken to hospital s the docs that dont normally treat you have your records. It gets filled in every appt and has alot of little booklets of useful information.

They also gave me a "bounty bag" which has a few samples of things like baby bum cream, coco butter, dental floss and hair treatment. and lots of differnt coupons for baby like stuff. pretty much all the same from when i had my son.

so that was all really, apart from family medical history and how im feeling.

Hope your all feeling well. 11 weeks is so far treating me good. almost no symptoms apart from reflux and still really tired!

Good luck with all your scans and up coming appts to my preggo friends and to all my mummy friends, i hope your lil ones are doing well and behaving nicely!!

much love, Kirsty

7 Comments on first hospital appt - 11 weeks

damnkat - Monday, 22 Aug
Good to hear they are on top of everything. All the best for the remainder of your pregnancy xoxoxo

2ndComoBaby - Monday, 22 Aug
Glad everything is going well! =)

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - Monday, 22 Aug
Am really pleased everything went at your appointment. Getting to see our little ones on the ultrasound makes it all seem more real doesnt it! I too am being tested for the diabetes as I had it in my first pregnancy but i`m not being tested until 20wks. Lets keep our FX we havent got it! :o) xx

Katmoma - Monday, 22 Aug
in nsw wel in my town we get wat is called a antenatel card.. and its literaly a peice of card folded up with all your persoanl stuf on.. and yeah you gota keep it with you all the time just in case.. great news all so far is going great

kirsty from aus*pink* - Monday, 22 Aug
oh wow you get the orange books too!! in my bounty bag i got a thing for the shop baby buntings and i just have to take a little tiny form in and they give you a baby bunting bounty bag so im gonna do that tomorrow !!!! i love fre stuff!! i hope your appt goes well tomorrow sunflower, keep us inforfmed!!

kirsty from aus*pink* - Sunday, 21 Aug
Mummyteegs - maybe its only a South Aussie thing?? ive just had a look at it and on the back it says government of SA so it must be. i just assumed that it was a country wide thing.!!

mummyteegs - Sunday, 21 Aug
glad all is going well and that u are being looked after :) I'll have to ask about the orange folder as I've had 4 docs appointments while in this pregnancy and haven't Hurd of it :) I love the bounty bags. :) xo
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