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27-10-2011 - I wanna cry hurtingMy mood while writing this blog:

I am in so much pain. Yes, I have been in pain with contractions for last 2.5 weeks with no dialation so maybe I should be used to it but today I feel its so much worse. My whole belly feels really tight and crampy... and that is constant since 5am (its now almost 3pm). Then there are shooting pains that shoot from the top of my belly down to the bottom. I also have a constant lower back pain and the pelvic pressure. Changing possitions doesnt help, nothing has helped. I was able to nap a little but the pains would wake me up. I dont know what to do. I have gone in so much for false labor that I dont even know if I should call doc and complain about this. I really wish I had a crystal ball right now to know if this is real or fake again... I also wish my water would break so then at least I would know for sure I should go get checked out. I dont know how long I should be in this constant pain before I call doc again. I am in so much pain I keep crying. But I dont wanna go in just to be told its false again. I am the girl who cried labor at this point. Then again what do I do, wait until the head is popping out.

I love that I got pregnant, I love my son and want him healthy. but I am so done being pregnant if it means this much pain and doubt. If this is all fake again and he ends up being late and I have another 5-7 weeks before I deliver of this constant pain and doubt I really dont know if I will be sane by the end.

Thanks for letting me whine.

***3:40pm UPDATE: well I called doctor just in case. I had tried timing the sharp pains but they arent following a rhthym yet. So the doc office (not my usual doc but the one on duty), basically told me "oh you will know when its real because the pain will be very severe and timed". I swear I almost bitch slapped her over the phone for that comment. What does she think I am calling because I mistook a stubbed toe for possible contractions. And I know a few girls who didnt know they were in labor so I told her I just wanted to call and make sure since I know girls who had it happen a different way and she is like "yeah but that is rare. Call back if they are regular 10 minutes apart or if your water breaks.. and remember the pain will be severe". AUGH! This is severe pain, I am CRYING. She told me to take a bath, drink more water and take tylenol. I took bath, drank about 32 oz a water on hour for last couple hours and took tylenol and its still painful. Oh well. I guess I will wait it out and hope for best. I told hubby and said I am not saying I am in real labor but if I am and I end up delivering in our bed because the doctor told me to wait for them to get regular and my water to break before calling back I am gonna bitch slap her. ***okay so I will keep timing and see.... I will be okay if its not real, but I just want the pain to stop then. ***Oh and I love male OBs instead of females. In my experience the male ones actually hear my words that they are PAINFUL and the females poopoo it thinking I am just overreacting.

***Update 10/28/11 5:35pm - Well the pains went on until about 8-9pm last night then stopped. I went to bed and woke up the next morning to horrible pain again. But they never got regular and they would come for a couple hours and then stop for a couple then come on again. Augh.

11 Comments on I wanna cry

ready4mygirl - Tuesday, 1 Nov
I know how you feel. I went through the same thing with all 3 of my pregnancies. Getting ready to go into labor/early labor in alot of ways is worse than actual labor (not the pain of course) but you are MISERABLE and in pain. The waiting game sucks and not knowing if the contractions you are having is going to lead to actual labor. To top it all off the L&D nurses look at you like you are f#cking stupid when you are in pain or have concerns. I know what you are going through and it sucks!! You will have your baby boy before you know it.

happytimes1234 - Sunday, 30 Oct
jeez, sounds horrible how much pain you're in!! completley sympathise with u about the whole 'female docs', i went to the hospital a couple days ago becuase my pains felt like shooting sharp ones that were irregular but kept goin on all day so i got really scared. went to the hospital, all she did was say 'oh it's only coz ur 36 weeks pregnant, it will feel like this.' i was like, okay...cud u check to see if my blood pressure's okay and feel where about's the baby is please?' and she did that. Just felt so pissed off coz had been waiting for 4 hours to be seen an when I finally am, she jst went, 'oh it's coz ur pregnant.' Shit really?! I'm pregnant?! I never knew!!!!. Totally understand how you could be frustrated (even though I'm not in half the pain u are) but it's still scary nontheless for any first time mum. You sound really brave and u'll know what to do when the pains either come closer together or u feel diff. You know ur body and ur baby so tell the doc to shove it if they say stay at home and ur really worried :) x

Katmoma - Friday, 28 Oct
thts horrible your in so much pain hun.. i do see wat your saying about 'the girl who cried labour' but if in the next morn you still in agonising pains that are horrible to the point of crying then you need to go and be seen to... by the time ive commented on this it should of either settled a lil bit or go get checked.. pregnancy can suck and be painfull spes buy the end but the pain if it makes you cry then you need to go get checked...

kayh - Friday, 28 Oct
I'm so sorry that you're in pain! I wish your doctor could give you some kind of relief. Pregnancy can be a rough journey, and making it this far is a big deal! Hang in there! :)

babydoll76 - Friday, 28 Oct
ok i have to just say for me i was so done by the end i said i cant beleive women would do this more then once. however once you are holding that little baby in your arms you will forget all about this pain. and in a year you will want to do it all over again. as far as labor pain i didnt have "bad" pains i wasnt sure that i was even in labor but the one thing is that when i wwent pee i had a little blood and the pain was very consistand every 3-5 mintues it was like for about 30 to 45 min the same then got a little close then a little father apart but it was labor. by the time i got to the hospital i had a lot of lower pressure. i had that most of the pregnancy felt like the baby would just fall out. you will be fine hang in there its almost over and ur little boy will be here in no time.

.:M O N I C A:. - Thursday, 27 Oct
Reading your blogs remind me of my first pregnancy. Almost exactly!! Hope you get can rest tonight and feel better tomorrow! Good luck mama, your almost to the finish line! Xoxo

Mama of Baby Brown X2 - Thursday, 27 Oct
Sorry to hear you're in so much pain... That has got to be rough!! Hopefully it soon just turns into a pattern or your water breaks and you can go to the hospital to have your son. I never went through this (pains like this or labor pains since I had a schedule c-section before ever going into labor) and can't imagine if I had to. It's one thing to endure terrible pain knowing it's to deliver your baby, but when it's just painful for hours or days for no purpose that's misery. I remember that being one of the things our birthing class teacher said--at least with how bad labor pains are you KNOW that it will end (and roughly when--within 12/24 hours) and you can tell yourself you just have to get through that time period... I agree 100% about the male Dr. vs. female Dr. And sadly, I even think it about the women that usually work nursing/reception in their offices. I have had several GYNs over the years (male and female) and one OB/GYN (male) and at every office the women who worked there were less than pleasant and not very sympathetic EVER. I hope that everything is OK... And even if it's NOT labor and you're feeling this kind of pain it's perfectly fine to go to the ER. When it comes to pregnancy/babies better safe than sorry should always be followed. If they think you were silly for coming in then tell them to kiss off! Keep us posted! Wishing you a good nights rest!!!!

mummyteegs - Thursday, 27 Oct
The only comfort I could get in labour was to sit on a plastic chair under a hot strong shower. Not two much longer nowx

magnicity - Thursday, 27 Oct
Yeah.. The pain does suck : ( I was worried because I haven't had any posts from you lately! I know the last few weeks are horrible :( my baby dropped today, but no contractions or anything. We are almost done girl no worries : )

ellemonroe - Thursday, 27 Oct
aww... Honey i feel your pain... I have been to l&d so much... I don't think they want me to come back until the head is popping out.. lol but seriously that is what they are there for... if you went every day until you deliver then that is what you do... nobody is going to judge.. I sure ain't so hun I hope the pain goes away.... but it definitely is almost over.... GOD BLESS

xolilangel785 - Thursday, 27 Oct
Hun, if you are in this much pain you should definately call your doctor. That is what they are here for.. but it does sound like something is going on that you have so much pain. Give them a call and tell them exactly how you feel.. Good luck and let me know how it goes!!
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