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21-7-2012 - Jaclyn Mei-Li is Here 7/12/12 5:52p Estatic/relievedMy mood while writing this blog:

Well first night home was up every hour on the hour. We cam e home last night and she weighed 4lbs 0.6oz at discharge. She went to the nicu for a lil while cause she swallowed lots of fluid. Since week 30 i had been going in weekly for doppler readings. The oxygen level was low or borderline is how they put it, from baby to placenta. Every 4 weeks i had a sono for measurements. At week 34, my belly measured 36 weeks and had sono at week 35 and she was measuring 32 weeks. So she had a slow growth somewhere. Monday I had my 36 week checkup and my dr was concerned about her growth and wanted me to see the perinatal specialist for a doppler which was scheduled weekly since week 30. She said to return to her office on Wednesday after i see specialist for a follow up and possible induction. At specialist they said all looked good just fluid was low, her heart never dropped. They said that if she wanted to induced cause her size they were fine with it. I got to my Dr at 11a and she got the results from the doppler at specialist and said that we should induce cause she was so tiny and stopped growing. There were 12 women waiting on a list for inductions so it could be Wednesday night or Thursday even Friday. So i said ok if that whats bet for my baby lets do it. I went home and got the call Thursday at 1130a to head to hospital. I got there at about 1230 and started Pitocin. I was 4cm dilated when i got there. They came in and said that i can get the epidural at 330p cause there were 5 Csections fixing to start and the Anisteilogist (sp?) would be a while to get to me and if i go to fast after water broke it would be to late. So i said ok. At about 430 i had finished my fluids and they came to give epi. I GOT STUCK 2x, darn trainees :( Nurse came in and broke my water and was told to lay on my side and it will speed things up. 20min later nurse came in and said she was on the phone with my dr and she wanted to do and emergency C Section cause my babys heartbeat had dropped more then 4 times since water broke in 20minutes and she was to tiny to tolerate it. So that was about 5p or so and she prepped me and wisked me off while my husband got dressed, My dr showed up in 10 min and it seemed like forever. I was awake and heard everything. I was able to see it all thru the reflection of the light above me. I heard 'OMG we got her out just in time look at that cord its so tight they are purple' I heard her first cry and my tears just came rolling down. I saw them rush her by me to the pedi team and heard them say shes 4lbs 5oz and swallowed lots of fluid she has to go to NICU for a lil while to get suctioned...I gone ahead and tied my tubes and by the time i go tout of surgery she was in the regular nursery crying up a storm...NO NICU STAY YAYAYAY!!! We came home last night and she was 4lbs 0.6oz and is going great...we have our days and nights mixed up but we will get pass it :) thx for all the congrats, ill post pics soon

2 Comments on Jaclyn Mei-Li is Here 7/12/12 5:52p

lizndavex3 - Tuesday, 31 Jul
Aww thank you...yea were having problem finding her clothes...shes so tiny...shes only gained 2oz in 2 and a half weeks :(

ryry ~pink~ - Tuesday, 24 Jul
Wow - she must be so tiny!!! I have so many newborn clothes I think I won't be able to use next week! Wish I could send them to you! I'm glad everything turned out okay and yay for you and your final addition!!!!
3d at 18w (2012, 03, 27)

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