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mandy irish mommy
mandy irish mommy has 77 days to go and is now in week 29
Age: 31
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15-5-2011 - Saoirse 6 weeks Mischa 2 yrs proudMy mood while writing this blog:

saoirse 6 weeks already,

cant believe its been 6 weeks aready, she is such a dote, were all so in love with her, im
always just watching her in awww. she is soo good, sleeping very well and never crys only when
its feeding time. She has slept from 11.30 to 7.00 or after for a full week now. so im getting
loads of sleep, its taking a while to get used of two children, its leaves you with very lttle
time and the day goes so fast.mischa loves her so much always wanting to hold her and kiss her,
and when she crys mischa run to her shouting 'im comming' its soo cute she puts the soother
back in her mouth. since her hosptial visit at 2 weeks old she has been perfectly fine, but
im alot more causious with her,checking on her all the time.

Brestfeeding isnt going as good as ive hoped, i brestfeed exclusively for the first 2 and 1/2 weeks than after the hospital visit i
got mastitas and had to get meds for it, when it was gone my milk was pretty much gone aswell.
and gradually ive had less and less milk each week, untill this week ive giving up. ive been giving
her formula since 2.1/2 weeks and now she getting 100% formula, i hate that i had to give up, but
it was very diffucult to brestfeed and have a toddler to be there for too.

we had saoirses christening and on the same day mischas birthday it was a brillent day, saoirse looked
adorable and was away during the cermony and didnt cry when the water was poured on her head. She
wasnt that quiet when i gave her a bath ha ha ha, after we all came back to the house and had mischas
birthday. i hired a huge bouncy castle and slide on it, mischa loved it, she got a swing set for her
birthday and got her bedrom done up( ill be posting her bedroom pics on the nerserys page soon)
we had loads of family,friends and food...great day.

Saoirse had her 6 week check up and she now weights 9 pound 7oz and 21 inches growing beautifully
the doc told me she had thrush in her mouth, so we had to get drops for it,and they were very sweet
ha ha you wanna see the face on her when we gave them to her..so cute, i dont know hoe lond she has
the thrush for as she is soo quiet,but at least were getting rid of it now. also she spits up alot just
like mischa did, were goning to the doc and might put her on soya milk or goats milk.

mischa is becoming such a smart girl. she has full blown talk now, she learns things so quickly
she is loving me being at home were having great fun. her favorite thing in the world is her
trampoline, shes really into adventure she does tumbles and big jumps, its a big 13ft trampoline and
she climbs in and out of it no prob, quiet handy tho. we got her a playhouse for outside too, so all we need is good weather.

think thats it for now, sorry about the long blog but havent done one in a while, ill update again
in 3 weeks as were going to london for a few days to my brothers babys christening, were going to
a big safari park and legoland. mischas gonna have a great time.

enjoy these pics from the last few weeks.

thats it, sorry its a big catch up

hope u enjoyed.

3 Comments on Saoirse 6 weeks Mischa 2 yrs

Mommy2KayleeAndKeira - Monday, 16 May
your girls are beautiful, I love Mischa's curly hair

240310 - Sunday, 15 May
Aww both your girls are gorgeous!! xx

nhowa9 - Sunday, 15 May
aww great photos! i love the one of the two girls together... and wholey moley to the castle...! it looks huge! haha did you get in there??? i went to a close freinds' daughters 5 year old party not long back. she had a jumping castle and i couldnt help myself... lol
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