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26-5-2011 - BBBBFFFFPPPPPP!!!!! (plus a little history) EcstaticMy mood while writing this blog:

Last year my husband and I decided to try to get pregnant. After only 3 months off the pill, we found out that it had worked! We were so excited.

Then at the end of November, at 13wks pg, I began to cramp and bleed. We had lost the little one that we were so happy about. I didn't know then how I would ever go on. As soon as the Dr gave the ok, we began to try again. I was determined that I would be pregnant again in just a couple of months, but it was not to be. After those first few desperate cycles I began to relax and not let the pressure get to me, but I still really wanted to be pregnant by my little angel's due date.

As this past month went on, I became convinced that I was not pregnant. I was having some mild, very AF-like cramps and did not have the symptoms that I had last time. Sure, I was a little nauseated, but I attributed that to an ear infection and resigned myself to the fact that I would not conceive before that EDD.

And then this morning!! I took an internet cheapie hpt just to confirm for myself that AF was about to start... and there was a line. It was incredibly faint but definitely present. After work this afternoon I went to buy a FRER to take in the morning... and of course, could not wait and took one of the 2-pack this afternoon. AND THE LINE WAS DEF STILL THERE!!!

So 6 months after the loss of my first baby, I am now expecting another. I cannot describe the emotions that I am feeling... but surprisingly, anxiety is not one of them. Of course I don't want another miscarriage, and I don't want to get myself too excited, but I can't help it. I feel good about this one. We aren't telling anyone yet (other than my best friend) and I don't know when I will be ready to make that announcement.

God knows when to answer prayers... to all of my ladies out there still trying, it will happen for you too! Love and hugs to all of you.

17 Comments on BBBBFFFFPPPPPP!!!!! (plus a little history)

heathersFirst - Friday, 29 Jul
You are added to my daily thoughts and prayers for a healthy and happy pregnancy and baby!

mywitty1 - Monday, 30 May
Congrats! I pray that this is your rainbow!

HelluvaAngel - Saturday, 28 May
CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome news!

mom2fourgr8kids - Friday, 27 May
Big Congratulations!!! I'm super happy for you! Please keep us updated.

MarySto - Friday, 27 May

Tashwith3 - Friday, 27 May
Congratulations! :o)

belebr - Friday, 27 May
I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUR (TEAR)!!!!!!!! Best of luck to you!!! enjoy every minute!

blessedx5 - Friday, 27 May
such wonderful news!!!!!!! All the best!!

blessedx5 - Friday, 27 May
such wonderful news!!!!!!! All the best!!

kimkayb - Friday, 27 May
HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!! Plant got her BFP! Yes, you had your loss right before I had mine....maybe I'll be soon too!!! CONGRATS girl. WOOHOO!!!

lil.pigz - Friday, 27 May
OMG!! I miss one day of getting on here and YOU get a BFP!!! Congrats sweetie!!! Wishing you a happy, healthy stress free 9 months♄

babydoll76 - Friday, 27 May

daydreamer1802 - Friday, 27 May
Congrats!!! So happy for you!!! Hoping this is your sticky baby!! :-)

lilAussieChic - Thursday, 26 May
YAY PLANT!!! YAY, yay, YAY! So stoked for you, im glad you gave in and tested! lol. Much love and a healthy, uneventful 9mths to you. Xx Sara. :)

katiejl - Thursday, 26 May

wedward **PINK** - Thursday, 26 May
That fantastic! Congrats!

BethQ - Thursday, 26 May
Congratulations, that's wonderful! :)
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26-5-2011 - BBBBFFFFPPPPPP!!!!! (plus a little history)
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