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Dirk - Friday, 5 December
Message to all: In the last 2 years you all posted 1.1 million photos to the site, and that needs a little maintenance. We are currently renaming all photos from the personal photobooks in order to speed up the site. Some, or all your photos may not show while we are working on the photobooks. You don't have to do anything. We hope to have all photos sorted in about 24 hours from now. You can upload new photos to your photobook while the computer is working on your other photos. Thanks for reading.

Laura Ward - Wednesday, 5 November
Message to all: Message to all: Because of the controversial opinions and thoughts, please do not continue to discuss politics on the site. This includes private or public messages, comments, quotes, etc on ALL pages of the site, whether it be a weekly or monthly forum, your personal page or a friends page. If you choose to continue posting once this message has been posted, your account will be deleted from the site. Please report any member that continues to post these messages. Thank you all for your cooperation and help keeping this site friendly for everyone!

*norma* - Sunday, 21 September

isabell21 - Wednesday, 10 September
Congratulations!!! I'm glad everyone is happy and healthy

JordanAndKarasMummy - Wednesday, 10 September
congrats on you little girl, xxx

Peanuts-Mom - Thursday, 4 September
just saw your message on the blog, i am so excited for you... i wanna be in your shoes too!!!Let me know if you continue to progress? Where are you feeling the contractions? and have you been having alot of cervix/pelvic pressure?

firsttimeprego922 - Wednesday, 3 September
Good for you babe!! Congrats!!!I went to the drs today and I am not dilated at all. but i went for an ultrasound and he is 7 lbs 2 ozs head down and measuring ahead pushing my due date up to the 19th. Hopefully he will be here soon. Im so happy for you. I will keep you in my prayers and be thinking of you. Cant wait to see your beautiful baby girl!!

firsttimeprego922 - Monday, 1 September
hey girlie.HAPPY LABOR DAY!! just checking on you!! I havent been on in a couple of days because we finally got moved. YEAH!!! I am soo tired today. Well drs appt tomorrow..hopefully ive made some progress. Hope you have a good holiday!

firsttimeprego922 - Thursday, 28 August
I cant believe we are moving this late in the game either but THANK GOD! We have been staying with my in laws till our house is done and they are driving me NUTS!(god love em) So as much as it sucks I am glad. Youre in week 37 now congrats! Gosh its getting sooo close. Ill keep ya posted on how the move goes and let me know if anything happens!

firsttimeprego922 - Thursday, 28 August
I am saving my cleaning frenzy for this weekend. We are going to be moving into our new house. I know Im gonna be going crazy because I cant stand boxes everywhere and to be unsettled. Maybe I will do the baby dance. LOL! I would walk everyday but I dont have anyone to go with me. I didnt try the primrose...Im just kinda nervous about it. Dont know if I asked you yet have you tried the red rasberry leaf tea? I cant find it anywhere!!! I know my appt seems so far away too but I will be soo dissapointed if I have not made any progress!!

firsttimeprego922 - Wednesday, 27 August
Yeah it is. Its from GNC its 500mg too. I dont know maybe I will try again. Me and my girlfriend( who is almost 39 wks) went for a long walk today hoping to get things moving along. Thanks good luck to u too. Yeah...hey you never know maybe we will go soon!!

firsttimeprego922 - Wednesday, 27 August
Oh! You can take that many per day? When you take them orally they dont make you feel funny? I just dont like the heart racing and headachy feeling I got from them. Im kinda scared to try them vaginally but I think i will. Im ready to have this little one and soo desperate. I wasnt dilated at my last visit but 50% effaced. My next appt is Tuesday also! Keep me updated and good luck!

Peanuts-Mom - Monday, 25 August
Hi hunny, well I am just getting more and more anxious as each day goes by, and I hate not knowing when it is the real thing. Yesturday I had these horrible shooting pains, that were conversation and walk stopping.... and last for over an hour every 4-5 mins... I thought it perhaps could have been contractions, as they were quite unusual to what I am accustomed to, but then, after about a 1 1/2 they died off, and I only had a couple more spaced out throughout the night. I feel like will I really know when I am gonna go into labour. Feels as though it is all just a dream, the whole pregnancy now, as I just dont know what my progress is at this stage, yet I feel it could be anyday now.
I am like you waiting.... and as you said the baba clearly is only gonna come when they ready... I wanna start drinking a lil red rasberry tea, but cant find any. You said you were taking evening primrose oil capsules right? You taking orally or vaginally?

nickee - Monday, 25 August
Hey Mamma
Just wanted to check and see how you are doing. Can you believe our little ones are going to be here so soon?

Peanuts-mom - Thursday, 21 August
Hi hun, well a little update on whats been going on with me. Tuesday Night around 9:00pm was by my momís house, went to pick up my nephew to come sleep over by me. When I got up from the couch, there was a big wet area marked out on the couch from where I was sitting. I was confused as I didnít feel anything, so I touched my pants and realized it was wet. From there of course I smelt the liquid, and sure enough it WAS NOT urine. At that point, hubby paged our doc to see what was the story, and what we should do. A couple days ago I did loose my mucus plug, or what I thought was my mucus plug. Anyhow, the doc said to go the hospital asap, and check in, she would meet us there in the morning, but for the mean while the hospital will run some tests to see what was happening, or to confirm if infact my water bag burst. Got to the hospital around 11ish, and checked into the room we had pre-booked for delivery. I was hooked up to the stress test to see how baba was doing, and that was administered for a half hour. Baba was good, and I was feeling fine, just real tired. Anyways, throughout the night I had a couple contractions here and there nothing major, but didnít sleep at all. Oh by the way throughout the night the nurses were checking the pad to see if I continued to leak fluid. It was very slight (the fluid) over night, with the exception of a lot of yellowish looking discharge. At 7:00am in the morning I was hooked back up to the stress test to do another monitor of the baba. Again all was ok. The nurse confirmed that he had dropped lower in my pelvis area though. So around 7:30am the doctor showed up, and proceeded to do a vaginal exam, and confirmed that I was not dilating nor had any effacement, however, depending on a swab test to determine what the fluid was, I may have to be induced later that day. She said we would need to do a scan to measure the fluid levels in my uterus, and based on that a decision would be made. So she did the scan and it confirmed that I had lost some water, but nothing significant. Basically I went from 86% water to 77%, which she felt was significant, and didnít need to encourage at this time induction. I guess long and short of it all ladies, I had a false alarm, but yet this alarm has me on alert at this stage, cuz anything could happen now yes. We are continuing tio monitior the fluid levels to ensue the baba safety, but at this time I think he justy wants out. Was discharged from the hospital, and since then have have some brown and see-throuygh discharge on pad. I will monitor that also, as well as the unending pelvic pressure I am experiencing. Hoping all of you are doing a lot better than me at this stage. Please give me an update, and also tell me what u think about this whole situation. Much love xoxox

JordanAndKarasMummy - Thursday, 21 August
i thought thats what it might have been, ive never heard of it being used for softening the cervix, ill have to give it a go, got loads in the medicine cabinet as i stoped taking it when i started taking my pre-natal vits.
thanks for getting back to me. xx

amber325 - Wednesday, 20 August
As of yesterday I was 1 cm. But I am trying the EPO starting tonight, so we will see! :0) I am also on bed rest starting tomorrow due to swelling. I am relieved, my job SUCKS! Hope all is well

Peanuts-Mom - Tuesday, 19 August
Hi hun, definately would love to keep in touch! Yeah I went to the doc last week wednesday as I was having alot of contractions and pelvic pressure, and my doc said that the baby was in fact engaged, head down, and my cervix was soft. She said that I was right on track... since wednesday though I feel I may have had some more progress in the cervix area, but not sure, just have had alot of pressure on the pelvis, almost to the point where i feel like my bones will break and the baby will drop out. What have you been feeling? I love being pregnant for many things you experience in pregnancy, but at this time I am ready to have my body somewhat back, and ofcourse meet the lil man I am carrying around inside. I just feel at this stage, ok, its been 35 1/2 weeks of this, I think I have had enough!!! You mentioned that your pregnancy was taking a toll on you, you wanna talk about it? As I said we will def. keep in touch, let me know whats happening with you... everyday!

JordanAndKarasMummy - Tuesday, 19 August
hey just wondering what EPO is?? x

amber325 - Tuesday, 19 August
thx for the help :) I have been drinking the tea so maybe this will help more :) Congratz! :)

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