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Age: 26
Country: CA
Partner: kevin
Children: Yes, 2
Pregnant: Not anymore
Occupation: The best job I could ever ask for. Full time mommy!!
Online: More than 3 months ago
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Laura Ward - Sunday, 7 December
Message to all: This message is not intended for any one person, but a general statement to all members of the site. After hearing what you all think in regards to posting photos on the forums, we have modified the rules and ask that everyone familiarize yourself so that the site continues to remain friendly for everyone, including new members. In an effort to be respectful of all members of the site, we ask that members do not post more than ONE photo or video per person in the weekly, monthly and information forums. Your ONE picture should be small in size as well. Any large photos will be deleted. You are welcome to post as many pictures as you would like in the photo books, which were created for the purpose of sharing and viewing photos. You may also post as many blogs as you would like with photos in them. We understand that many members enjoy posting and viewing pictures on the forums, but this is not where they belong. We must keep the pictures on the boards to a minimum so that the written comments can continued to be written and read. Otherwise, the numerous amounts of large pictures squash the messages and they become missed. We ask that this modification be respected, therefore any member that continues to post numerous pictures a day will be deleted from the site. Thank you all for helping us keep the site friendly and welcoming for all members.

Dirk - Friday, 5 December
Message to all: In the last 2 years you all posted 1.1 million photos to the site, and that needs a little maintenance. We are currently renaming all photos from the personal photobooks in order to speed up the site. Some, or all your photos may not show while we are working on the photobooks. You don't have to do anything. We hope to have all photos sorted in about 24 hours from now. You can upload new photos to your photobook while the computer is working on your other photos. Thanks for reading.

Laura Ward - Wednesday, 5 November
Message to all: Message to all: Because of the controversial opinions and thoughts, please do not continue to discuss politics on the site. This includes private or public messages, comments, quotes, etc on ALL pages of the site, whether it be a weekly or monthly forum, your personal page or a friends page. If you choose to continue posting once this message has been posted, your account will be deleted from the site. Please report any member that continues to post these messages. Thank you all for your cooperation and help keeping this site friendly for everyone!

miniJK - Friday, 31 October
Hi! My boy is 19.7lbs and 30 inches (which I think is 8.94kg & 76.2cm) so they are pretty much the same size. The healthiest fat I've found so far is avocado. I'm going to try some with Jake this weekend. I don't think I am going to follow the doctor's advise with the "fried" foods but I will fatten up his mashed potatoes and start with some yogurt & cheese. Everything in moderation! Thanks very much for the post. I would love to keep up with your sons progress. Take care & Happy Halloween!

Laura Ward - Monday, 6 October
Message to all This may be interesting to some of you. Seema`s email is seema.modhvadia@rdftelevision.com

Hi there,

I work for a television production company based in the UK . We are currently making a documentary for ITV1 exploring the issues surrounding pregnancy and eating disorders. The film will be a thoughtful and insightful look into this extremely sensitive subject.

We’re in the research stage of our production and very keen to chat to women who are, or have been, pregnant whilst having an eating disorder.

If you’re interested in having a chat or finding out more about our documentary, it would be really great to hear from you. All communication would be in complete confidence.

You can contact me on: seema.modhvadia@rdftelevision.com


excited-1st-time-mom - Friday, 26 September
Hey how are you. Just coming through to encourage you and your partner to see the movie "FIREPROOF" It will bless your relationship and lives. Please tell others about it. Its only in select theaters.

The movie trailer is: www.fireproofthemovie.com

Take care and be blessed!!

newbiemama - Friday, 1 August
Hi, well the first time I had mastitis I didn't realize it and yes I got full blown flu symptoms i was on an IV for 5 days! Second time they caught it early but i took antibiotics becuase it was starting to inflame and give me trouble. Third time it was like the first full blown full sympoms. Don't wait for the flu symptoms see your doc it could also be Thrush if it's in the nipples. That has a burning sensation. They both basically suck. Don't be afarid of antibiotics they won't bother your baby or you. Baby "might" get a lil diareah (spelling). I heard that Lecthin is a good thing to take to prevent it. Or eat eggs and Soy products. ughhhh take care of you!

sandy127962 - Wednesday, 9 July
My daughter only weighed in at 16.5 pounds and my peds doc said it was fine. She is 29 inches long also. She said as long as she is steadily gaining then not to worry as some kids are at the middle or high end of the scale and some are at the low end. As long as she is gaining that is the important thing. Since birth she has steadily gained a pound a month and my doc said that she is just going to be petite. There are girls on the 10 month page that were advised by their docs with their older children to add butter and stuff to their foods to "fatten" them up and now they are struggling with being overweight. I think it was welchmomx5 but not too sure...

LJaysMaMa - Monday, 23 June
Thank you, I love that hoodie picture of her :)
I'm getting ready to post a few of her in this bandana thing, haha, it's funny looking.
Hope you had a good wknd! I swear the weekends are never long enough :)
Take Care!

LJaysMaMa - Tuesday, 17 June
Cute little boy :) !

kathleen - Tuesday, 17 June
thanks 4 the comment on the picci of my daughter teething zac is adorable x do u call him zac 4 short ? i nocticed he was born just b4 keanna, how is he getting on ? keanna is a nightmere lol she won't eat any soilds just a few finger foods, she still also wakes durning the night for a feed around 5ish and she just wants to be on the move all the time, she has started to comando crawl backwards which is pretty funny and she can pull herself up on to her knees. can u belive their 1st birthdays are lest then 4 months away !! it has gone far 2 fast

megnkwam - Sunday, 15 June
Automatic update: megnkwam added a new blog: june 15~Father\'s Day

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